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Ch. 3

Tohru crawled into her bed. She snuggled in and fell asleep. Roughly two minutes later, Tohru felt an odd sensation. It feels like there's a garden hose at the end of my bed…

"There's…som-some-thing in my b-bed…"

"AHH!" she squealed. Shigure, Kyo, Yuki all came rushing into her room.

"What's wrong, Tohru-kun?" asked Shigure with a gleam in his eye. "Where you hoping Yuki would join you?"

BAM! Two angry teenage boys stood over Shigure, who was on the floor out cold.

"There's…som-some-thing in my b-bed…" Yuki pulled up the covers.

"Ayame!" Tohru exclaimed. She blushed heavily and hairs stood up on end in random places.

POOF! Ayame, in all his all "natural" glory sat calmly on the end of the bed.

"Oh, hello to you too Tohru-san!" Poor Tohru threw the bed clothes on op of Ayame and face the wall.

"GET…OUT!" Ayame just smiled stupidly as Yuki and Kyo yelled at him.

"Fine…" he pouted. "I'll just have to stay with YUKI!"

"Isn't seeing you once a day enough?"

"JUST LEAVE THE HOUSE!" yelled Kyo. Ayame threw off the cover shamelessly and skipped out the door.



Koiun slid into bed next to Akito.

"What took you so long?" Akito asked. "You kept me waiting…"

"I had some… unfinished business to attend to…" Koiun replied, licking the blood out from underneath her fingernails. Akito shot a longing glare at Koiun and caressed her face gently. He switched off the bedside lamp. Darkness blanketed the scene unfolding.

End o' Chapter 3

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