Watching, Looking, Seeing

A little one shot that I thought up while I should have been doing other things. Enjoy!

April loved looking at them.

It was a secret of hers, a little embarrassing fascination that she hid from everyone around her. She could only imagine the utter humiliation that she would face if they found out. She'd never be able to watch them again without at least one of them noticing, and it would ruin absolutely everything.

She loved how they moved with the grace and ferocity of tigers, with the subtle self-confidence that was only achieved through years and years of training.

She watched as they practiced sometimes, and found that it was hard for her to keep her jaw from scraping the floor. They were four green blurs, rocketing from one end of the improvised dojo to the other, shouting out fierce cries as they honed their craft.

And none of them realized how utterly and completely beautiful they were in motion. She had tried complementing them in the past, but they had only laughed a little awkwardly and brushed the comments away. She knew what they were thinking. 'She's only saying stuff like that cause she thinks she has to.'

They were wrong.

She knew that all they saw when they looked in the mirror was something that was startlingly alien from the humans that populated their planet. They were turtles- obviously they had no place on this appearance-fixated culture, this world.

They didn't appreciate their wonderful, expressive eyes, their smooth skin, the way that their muscles moved under their skin… the fact that they were the nicest people that that she had ever met.

And that was a shame.

So she watched them, because they were too beautiful to not be watched.

If no one else would watch them, she would.

She would gladly.