Here it is- The last chapter to Watching, Looking, Seeing. Hope you all enjoy it! This marks an end to my very first multi-chaptered story! That's a big landmark, you know! Anyway, thanks to everyone who reviewed this fic!

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He's gettin' older. I mean, I kin deny it all I want, but the evidence is still starin' me in the face every damn day. His whiskers are gettin' grey, he's lettin' Leo lead more workouts, he spends most of the day sleepin'…

It's hard, y'know? Seein' yore dad gettin' older and greyer and knowin' that one day he's gonna die and you're just gonna have t' sit by an' watch helplessly?

I don't wanna have t' see that.

So I try t' ignore it, try t' pretend it ain't happnin', an' act the way that I've always acted. Piss off Leo, get drunk, piss off Leo, get in street fights, piss off Leo…

I don't spend much time at home anymore, at all. Soon as th' sun's down, man, I'm outta' that sewer like quickfire. Sometimes I go and hang wit' Casey, other times I just kinda' roam the rooftops, lookin' fer some punks that are just askin' fer trouble. Sometimes I even find 'em.

It's better t' be on the move then t' stay in one place an' risk thinkin', knowin'. 'Cause if I do stop movin', everythin' catches up to me.

I don't want that.

Yet with every day that passes, no matter how fast I run, no matter how little I manage to see, I know that someday I'm gonna have to deal without him bein' here, and I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do it.