Title: My opinion of an Elf

Author: Dís Thráinsdotter

E-mail: I don't own either Middle Earth or any of its inhabitants, I merely borrow them.

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Rating: K

Summary: Balin sits in Thranduil´s dungeon thinking about the King.

He has just left me. He bursted out of my cell in such a hurry he forgot the lamp on the table. It's a good lamp, with oil enough to last a few hours, but I don't think I will be allowed to keep it that long. Sooner or later someone will come and see the lamp and take it from me, but at the moment I can take a look at the walls and the furniture. It isn't all that much; a bed, a stool to sit down on and a table but they are well made. There is a good mattress in the bed and the pillow and blankets are soft. Someone who knew what he was doing has smoothed the walls so this cell has been well made.

He was more angered than I have ever seen him before, not that I can claim that I know him all that well as I only met him … what is it, two weeks ago? Three weeks? More three weeks than two as it took Bilbo Baggins two weeks to find all our cells. Poor Bilbo, he sounded tired the first time I spoke with him. Thranduil came close to admit what I already know, that he has Thórin in his dungeons as well. "You're even more stubborn than …" and then he stopped and changed the words to "you're such a stubborn person". I knew he was almost saying "you're even more stubborn than Thórin Oakenshield" and that was as close as he has ever come to admitting it.

But no matter, I know anyway. Bilbo told me that he finally found Thórin in one of the lowest dungeons and had spoken with him a while. He had been relieved to hear that we are also here and gave Bilbo a message to give us, that he is also a prisoner in the Kings Castle and that no one is to tell the King about our quest unless he gives the word. Bilbo told me that Thórin had come close to telling the King, no doubt because he was so worried for us, but when he had told Thórin about how he had rescued us from the Spiders he had taken heart again. He is now determined not to ransom himself with any part of the treasure until all other hope has faded, until Mr. Invisible Baggins has failed to think out something clever.

I agree with him heartily, I am sure that Bilbo will think of something. In the meanwhile, all I have to do is to keep my knowledge from the King but I find that increasingly harder to do. He knows that I long to see my brother Dwalin, not to mention the others so he teases me with the tales, he tells me that I only need to tell him what he wants to know and we will all be released. But I don't trust him, I don't know if he would keep his word to me once I had told him what he wants me to tell him. So I make my decision, no matter what he says I will not tell him anything. I know for certain that Bilbo will find a way to rescue all of us, and I also know that neither the King nor any of his people knows that Bilbo is here. I will wait for him to come with the rescue.

The End.