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One More Step

"For the well organised mind, death is but the next big adventure." Dumbledore had said it with so much confidence then and yet staring at his marred body and wrinkled features…

Perhaps death was the end, the end of life with nothing to come after…but Dumbledore had never believed that. However Dumbledore would never hum jovially through the hallway, offer lemon drops to passer-bys, or even smooth his long white beard.

The stillness of death spread through the school like a vapour as if it seeped from the very stones themselves. However it bought only a fruitful mellowness, a calm serenity, a thoughtful tranquillity to all those who were touch by it.

The invisible spiral of fumes wrapped themselves around the most precious things that had dominated Dumbledore's life, his students…his children. Each and every one of them claimed a position in his heart, and him in theirs'.

Like a protective aura, the spirit of Dumbledore resides in the school, for he is too much apart of the essence what is Hogwarts to leave. He will be here in spirit if not person and as long as his memory is held dear to those who knew him, he will never leave. Like his predecessors before him, Dumbledore still walks the hallowed halls of learning in the next life. Humming like a bumblebee, singing like a phoenix.

The phoenix spirit that burst forth from his chest still circles the school grounds, watching over the people that Dumbledore devoted his life to; swooping through the halls, around the towers, above the quidditch pitch.

Death was simply one more step along the road of existence. Dumbledore, Emmeline Vance, Sirius, Cedric and many more others before had taken that step and now Harry was not afraid to do so as well.

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