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Robin & Starfire 4EVER! Beast Boy & Raven! Cyborg & Bumble Bee!

Chapter 6


"Your going to pay to what you did to your team including Starfire!" cried Static as he used his powers to separate Robin from Starfire. Robin stood up.

"I didn't do that to my team willingly!" cried Robin angrily as he took out his Bo staff and reflected Static's electricity blasts.

"Slade forced me to do all those terrible things, It was either that or HE murders Starfire! Slade wrote that note every word of it." replied Robin as he walked cautiously over to Starfire. Starfire was still unconscious as Robin picked Starfire up. Static lowered his hand as he stepped off his electric disk.

"Sides I wouldn't harm my friends on purpose even if I was paid $1,000!" replied Robin firmly as he stepped right in front of Static. Robin had a serious yet concerned face on.

"Alright…, I'll believe you. Is Starfire alright?" asked Static as he took out his shock box.

"Yes, I hope she will be alright. Slade turned her into a human being. I took this chip off her neck. She has her powers back hopefully. But she got really dizzy after I pulled this chip off her," replied Robin firmly and seriously as he showed the small chip that was his hand to Static.

"Okay, I'll contact Gear and tell him what's going on and to call off the investigation. Raven and Beast Boy contacted the Justice League. Now the League is after you. J'onn contacted me from the League HQ. Gear and I will call everything off and search for Slade after we convince the League that everything is all right now," replied Static as he took out his shock box.

"Thanks," replied Robin warily as he held Starfire securely in his arms.

"Richie, I found Robin and Starfire. Robin didn't harm the Titans on purpose. Slade forced him to. It was either harm the Titans or Starfire gets murdered by Slade. That note Robin had supposedly wrote, Slade wrote it every word," replied Static firmly

"All right Virgil, I'll contact the Titans and the league," replied Gear as he started typing on his computer in his room.

"Thanks man," said Static as he put his shock box back in his suit pocket.

"Now let's take you too home," said Static firmly.

"Yes HOME!" replied Robin thankfully as he held Starfire still securely in his arms.


"Dude I can't believe Slade forced you to do that to us," groaned Beast Boy on the medical bed.

"I can…," replied Robin bitterly as he walked over to Starfire's bed.

"Now Beast Boy here take this antidote you'll fell much better," said Superman as he handed Beast Boy pill and some water. Beast Boy gulped down the water.

"Hey! I feel better already!" laughed Beast Boy as he sat up in the bed.

"Yeah but you should stay in bed and rest for a couple days." Said Superman

"Don't worry about her I gave her an antidote she should be better in a few days," replied Batman as he and Superman walked over to Cyborg. Robin didn't say anything but he only held Starfire's hand in his.

"How's Sparky?" asked Bumble worriedly as she looked at Cyborg.

"I gave him a contour virus. It will help rebuild his immune system and destroy all viruses in him. H should stay in bed for about a week or two," replied Superman

"Oh Sparky…" whispered Bumble Bee sadly.

"Will I ever get my powers back? Asked Raven with a very worried voice.

"I found something Raven!" said Hawk Girl as she entered the room.

"What!" cried Raven excitedly as she sat stood next to Beast Boy's bed

"I found a spell that will return your powers. All you have to do is chant it and try to use your powers in the process." Replied Hawk Girl firmly.

"Okay, here it goes." Sighed Raven "Azarath METROIN ZINTHOS, the gem shall be reborn anew! He rises up and rises forth to conquer anew!" cried Raven.

"My powers they're back!" cried Raven happily as she hugged Beast Boy.

"We should get back to Metropolis." Replied Superman as he and the other heroes ran or flew out the door.

1 Week Later

"Man I feel so much better!" laughed Cyborg as he and Beast Boy versed each other on the Game station. Raven was on the couch reading How to Torture the One You Love.

"Me too!" cried Starfire happily as she sat next to Robin on the couch and next to Raven too.

"Star, I'm so glad you were not hurt by Slade," said Robin affectionately as he held Starfire's hand.

"Me too Robin, me too," replied Starfire just as affectionately as Robin as she stared into Robin's masked eyes. Robin and Starfire drew closer. Robin wrapped his arm around Starfire's waist and kissed her on the lips. Starfire kissed him back for what seemed a life time.

"I'm going to vomit!" thought Raven as she rolled her eyes.

"If only Beast Boy would kiss me like that like he did one week ago," thought Raven dreamily as she continued to read her book.

The End

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Robin & Starfire 4EVER! Beast Boy & Raven! Cyborg & Bumble Bee!


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