Harry Potter and the Hunt for the Horcruxes


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Chapter one

Harry arrived at Kings Cross Station later the next evening. The Hogwarts express had taken all the remaining students back to London. Word would be sent later concerning the state of the School and what the students were to do. Sighing heavily Harry dragged his trunk through the barrier separating the train platforms and navigated his way out of Kings Cross.

He walked until he was out of site then lifted his wand hand, his wand cleverly hidden inside his sleeve and waited for the arrival of the Night bus. It arrived in its usual fashion, appearing out of thin air with a loud bang.

The doors opened and no one got off to welcome him, with Stan Shunpike still in jail, it seemed no one had wanted to take his place. Harry dragged his trunk on the empty bus and walked down to where Ernie was sitting in the driver's seat.

"Privet Drive, please Ernie." Harry said to the old man. He nodded and Harry took a seat. The bus took off with another loud bang and then they were thundering down the road towards the park near where the Dursley's lived.

"What number?" Ernie asked from the front.

"Four please, how much do I owe you?"

Ernie looked at him in shock, as if no one had ever paid to ride his bus before.

"Er…" Harry stumbled, "It was 11 sickles last time wasn't it?" still Ernie didn't say anything, shrugging to himself Harry pulled out the appropriate amount from his leather pouch and handed it over. "Thanks, bye Ernie!" he called as his dragged his trunk back off the bus, it disappeared with another bang and Harry was left standing in front of the place he for some reason still called home.

"Only for another month or so" he muttered to himself as he walked to the door, dragging his trunk behind him. Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door. It was opened a few moments later by Uncle Vernon, who looked to be in a sour mood before he even registered it that it was Harry standing on his door step.

"What are you doing here?" Vernon grunted.

"My school closed early. Don't worry I'll be gone by the end of July." Harry replied. "Are you going to move away from the door so I can come in?" He asked after a moment of silence.

Vernon didn't reply, just grunted and moved back into the house. He could hear him explaining what had happened to his Aunt and Cousin in the Kitchen, ignoring them completely he began to pull his trunk up the stairs to his room.

Without bothering to unpack Harry shut the door and collapsed down onto his bed. Where he fell asleep immediately his mind racing with ideas and plans and theories, most of them all about the other four Horcruxes, but first he'd have to track down one person. R.A.B.