Harry Potter and the Hunt for the Horcruxes


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Chapter Three

"Back already Mr Potter?" Tom asked, smiling.

"Sorry Tom, just to use your floo." He smiled back and the bartender continued to clean.

"Right here you go girl," Harry started, pulling out the map of where Godrics Hollow was, "I'll meet you here okay?" Hedwig hooted again and took off through the window.

Harry took the map to Tom, "Wheres the best Floo spot to get to here?"

Tom looked at the map, "You'll wanna go to Lapis Lair it's the pub here." he pointed to a spot just down the road from Godrics Hollow.

"Thanks Tom, see you soon!" He moved over to the grate threw in some Floo powder and with a shouted, "Lapis Lair" he was gone.

Harry stepped out of the floo and looked around, there were a few customers here and there, but not many. He spotted the door and began to head towards it when there was the sound of a dropped glass. Harry turned to it. There was an old lady, with wild grey hair sitting at a table, which he had just walked by.

"By the ghost!" she exclaimed, "I'm sorry young man, but you look just like some one I once knew."

Interested, Harry moved back towards her, "Did he live in these parts?"

The lady nodded, "Yes he did, with his wife, pretty little thing she was, but it was very bad business, they were killed you see by, by, he-who-must-not-be-named. Their son was pulled from the top floor by a giant, I saw it meself."

Harry grinned, he couldn't help it, the lady glared at him.

"What you smiling about? It was horrible! They say the son's at Hogwarts now, I don't know whats going on up there! and poor Dumbledore! I remember him from my school days, can't believe what happened, I didn't rightly believe it until the day of the Funeral, but they wouldn't let me in, said they were full. But still I came back here and held my own ceremony."

"I'm sure Dumbledore would have liked that, next time I'm at Hogwarts I'll let him know."

The old lady looked at him, "It is you! Young Harry! Blimey, my kids aren't going to believe this!"

Harry laughed and held out his hand, "Hi I'm Harry Potter, nice to meet you."

The lady shook it, "Floris Fortintude, I used to live next door to your parents."

"Ms Fortintude -" Harry began,

"Floris please."

"Floris, could you take me to Godrics Hollow please."

"Of course, dear, theres not much left of it though I'm afraid. Come on then, up you get." Floris stood and led Harry out of the pub. They turned left and headed down the cobbled street. Harry looked around, all the houses, were brick some even had thatched roofs, all the gardens were well looked after, but not as primly as the Dursely's was. They turned another corner and here the houses were more spread out, they had bigger gardens and more floors. At the end of the road was Godrics Hollow. Floris was right, there wasn't much left of it. The whole top floor had been reduced to rubble and wooden supports, but over the years they had disintergrated and it was obvious that the entire area would have to be stripped and started over again. Harry sighed, it was going to be a lot of work.

He turned to Floris, "Thank you, I expect I'll be seeing you alot, I'm planning to re-build it."

Floris' eyes lit up, "Really? Oh that would be lovely! I must have you round for tea!"

Harry laughed, "I'd like that," At that moment Hedwig flew down to him, and landed on his shoulder. "Hello girl, this is Floris Fortintude, she lives next door to our new home, but theres not much of it at the moment." Hedwig hooted a hello to Floris.

"Oh, she's beautiful!" Hedwig ruffled her wings and hooted softly at the compliment. "Harry dear would you and Hedwig like something too eat?" Hedwig hooted again and they both laughed.

"That would be nice, thank you."

They wondered into the house next to the remains of Godrics Hollow where Harry was then cooked so much food, it was like being at the Weasley's.

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