Finn and Jim were hiding in the abandoned building for a long time. "Maybe we should go upstairs and see if we can see out a window" Jim said.

Finn nodded and they went upstairs to the third floor. Suddenly, they heard voicesand saw a fire light. Before they could run a way, somebody said, "hey, I've got a gun and you have to stop right there and come into the room."

They obeyed the man with the gun. And went into the room. There were 2 man sitting in the room. 'Hat are you doing ion our secret hideout/" one asked.

"Finn said, were hiding from the cops. There was just a bunch a shooting down the street and we was tryin to get away."

"OK, as long as you aint cops."


The other man stood up and said "We're street performers. We rap on the corners and people give us money. Or one of us raps and the other picks pockets. Hahhahaha!"

Finn thought that these were just the kind of people who would know where to look to find out who set up Jim. He said, "Maybe you can help us. We looking for dirt on a cupola cops that set ups m friend here and made him go to jail."

"Well help you. Cops are pigs. You can call me the Duke and this here is the King." He pointed at Finn and said "Don't tell us your real names it'll ne safer that way. You can be Tom and your friend can be Jim."

Jim twitched when they said his name but didn't say anything. Finn didn't say anyting either since he knew if Jim asked for a different code name the thugs might know that Jim was really his real name.

"So what cops are you looking for?"

"They're names are Watson and Thatcher. They work on the drug team her e in the Hood."

"Hey, King, I thknk we know them. They were telling us not to rap on the corners anymore the other day." They were real jerks.

Finn's ears perked up like an excited kitten. "Can we come with you when you go rapping tomorrow?"

"Sure, you can go through people's pockets and we'll do the rapping. Maybe we'll see the cops you're looking for."

They shhok hands and went to sleep on the floor in the room. There were still cops all over the place down the street so it wan't safe got Finn and Jim to go home.