Tears of a Fallen Angel

Chapter VI: Just the Girl

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A weary sigh escaped Kikyo's lips as she blinked in the pouring rain. It was just her luck to be stuck walking to school on such a dreary day. It was also her fortune to be doing so on one of the most chaotic days of the school year. Today was the first day of the new semester, and naturally, several students would be changing classes in the most obstreperous manner possible. Confusion and long hours of perplexed teachers awaited her and, she reluctantly realized, portentous hallways with tracks of water and mud coating the floors.

Deep mahogany eyes gazed dejectedly through the downpour, dreading the long, cold walk she would be forced to endure. Wordlessly, she began to walk, shivering as she took her first step. She could all but see the torrent of confused students, pushing and running so as to avoid any tardies. For a fraction of a second, she considered actually turning around and walking right back inside the old,debilitated house.

Immediately, she reconsidered, recalling that Naraku was staying there all day, due to one of his common hangovers. Kikyo was certain that she did not wish to spend the whole day ministering to his demands and more than likely endure several brutal blows. Slippery hallways and inconsiderate students were candies and lollipops in contrast to the dark severity of her home life.

Dejectedly, Kikyo sighed again. 'Well, might as well get it over with,' she thought glumly. She looked up to notice that the sky was clearing minutely, and the rain was slowing to a thin drizzle.

Perhaps the day would not turn out so badly...

A small squeal escaped the young female as an antiquated car sped by, sending a large spray of dirty water in her direction and soaking her straight through.

"Excuse me," An enfeebled man sporting thick-rimmed glasses stood before a small, but crowded room.

"While I do realize that this new semester brings about new and undeserved opportunities for the majority of you in here, and some of you are completely new to this class, I do expect that you all please refrain from making my first impression of this class as being a zoo rather than a history class," The aging teacher droned from the front of the classroom. His audience seemed to be unaffected by his rant, and scattered conversations occluded the limited expanse of the crowded room."Now, if all of you monkeys would assist me, I'd like to take roll and--"

His speech was cut abruptly short as the door swung open unceremoniously, revealing a completely drenched girl, who proceeded to storm in and search for a suitable seat in the small classroom.

"Excuse me, miss, but if you expect to be excused for your truancy, I will needto see atardy slip from the reception office." The bothersome teacher called out to Kikyo's retreating back. She merely turned her face to glare at him scathingly.

"I don't have one," her voice rang out clearly, as every pair of eyes in the room watched her with mild curiosity.

"Well, that's a shame isn't it? You're going to have to go get one."

Kikyo stared at the elderly man incredulously. He simply nodded and waved her off while turning his attention to the boisterous crowd once more. Angrily, Kikyo stormed off, ignoring the loud snickers issuing forth from behind her.

Silently, she walked past the teacher's desk and to the faded door. It creaked demurringly as she continued past, and strode down the empty hallway. On the way, Kikyo attempted to smooth out her water-logged, undecipherable hunk of hair; all the while trying to see clearly through the foggy remnants of the previous rainfall.

Her footsteps resounded noisily all through the sodden campus, lingering and echoing. Just as she reached the corner of one of the many buildings in this prison, she happened upon quite a familiar platinum-haired youkai. His amber eyes flickered in fugacious surprise as they met with equally surprised, deep ochre oculars.

"...Two eyes, and one connection..."

Kikyou's eyes filled with the slightest hint of remembrance; those golden orbs of his shining ever so exquisitely, paired brilliantly with lustrous, magenta imprints on the sides of his visage. He quickly collected himself, and apologetically began to steer away from the delicate, angelic maiden which he had nearly bumped into. His eyes appeared glued to her, even as he departed.

Impulsively, she grabbed his banded wrist, never losing conjointment with his incandescent orbs. She didn't want to forget. There was something about him that made her waver. But where had she seen him? Kikyou quickly endeavored to regain control of her tumultuous, scattered mind, recalling the reason of her presence.

"Tardy slip" she managed to say, barely coherent.

Sesshoumaru's head oscillated to face her, a bit curious.

"You have to get a tardy slip" she repeated, making sure to have an assertive tone of voice, "Or they won't let you in." Sesshoumaru smiled a bit and let go of her grasp.

"They can go ahead and try." he replied, smirking. His audacity took Kikyou aback, as she was obviously not expecting him to have been so confident and temerarious. She took a light step backwards, wondering whether she should join his insubordination, or even listen to such unreasonable enterprising. Still, he kept careful eyes on her, waiting for her response.

"Hm," she said finally,"Well then, I suppose you can do whatever you wish." She responded to his intrepid statement. "I, on the other hand, am off to get my tardy slip. That is unlessI intend to go back to that classroom without the requested- and essential- tardy slip, and be sent back once again to get one." She continued, her voice overflowing with obvious sarcasm.

This, now, was Sesshoumaru's turn to be in shock. His eyebrows knit together. She already recognized the fact that his surprise would be soon to fade, yet she enjoyed having been able to trigger a reaction in him.

Her chain of sporadic ideas was almost instantly cut short when she noticed him grinning again.

"What's your name?" he queried, or rather, stated. The utter unpredictability of his promiscuous interrogation caught her off guard. He seemed awfully amused, and this seemed to upset her further, for some reason.

"Wh-What? What does that have to do with anything?" She fired back, confused and, truth be told, inching towards vexation.

He snickered at her reaction. He liked the way her eyes grew wide and appeared flustered, or at the very least, disconcerted.

"What's your name?- I want to know." he explained again briefly, with an honest feel to his voice. Kikyou's steady eyes examined him. How had he gone from pigheaded and extremely confident, to inexplicably entrancing? Hurriedly, she hid the whirling sensation he was giving her, instead focusing on actually forming sentences.

"Hmph. Persistent, aren't we?" she murmured softly, "Well, since you're so intent on knowing, I go by Kikyou."

The paradisiacal youkai tilted his head, deep in thought. "Thats a beautiful name," he finally spoke. He stayed quiet for a while after that, silent and in the same, tilted position. Sesshoumaru made sure to keep that in mind. Meanwhile, Kikyou stared at him in return, admiring every detail about him, and finding that once again, she was becoming dizzy at the mere sight of him.

Just in the middle of her swooning, he twisted his neck to look at her directly, then at the intricate clock on his wrist.

"I'm sorry Miss Kikyou. I've been consuming your time, haven't I?" his words flew by, soft and delicate; melodical. The young priestess shook her head, waking herself from her scatterbrained trance. "And I haven't even told you my name yet." He mused, amazed that he still had the upperhand with such a mesmerizing being.

"Yes, it would seem so. On that matter, would you happen to know what time it is?" She said, knowing the answer. He, in turn, gazed at her with wary eyes; he looked down towards his clock once more, then smirked.

"It has been approximately fifteen minutes since the warning bell rang." he responded, diverting his gaze somewhere else while she stared at him in disbelief. She took her hand to her head and chastised herself innerly, hoping that she would somehow make it in at least a few minutes before the end of first period.

"My apologies, miss, I'll be on my way" the dazzling youkai had already begun walking away.

Her first thought was to run after him, but after imagining how that would look in her head, she reconsidered. In place of running, she called after him. "Wait, I didn't get your name!" she exclaimed, half angry at his sudden departure, and half relieved that she wouldn't have to say anything at all.

"I didn't give it." He called back, grinning, and still walking away. Kikyou clenched her fists in frustration. He couldn't have ended that rather spellbinding confrontation with a satisfying answer could he?

"That brat." she whispered, turning now, too.

On the way to the office, Kikyou passed a lovely garden of bright colored flowers, each getting pleasantly watered by the still trickling downpour. She smiled, looking down at them. Then, her eyes fell upon a different flower; a bellflower. A withering one.

She cringed painfully as she realized who had appeared in her mind first; who she had linked the death of that magnificent bellflower to. The mental image of her current paramour slowly transitioned to the many times she had had with him. Kikyou moved past the bellfower as quickly as possible, in truth, she all but leaped to another location in her attempt to flee from that spot.

Suddenly, she spotted wet footprints. This time, she could've sworn that she smiled as she realized that she had thought back to her previous conversation. That mystery man. These must be his, she convinced herself, seeing as how he had come form the opposite direction than her. She sighed, discontented, noting that she had never even figured out his name.

The rain had dwindled and was gradually fading into a cold mist, causing the fragile, argillaceous priestess to have to wrap her arms tight about herself as a weak response to the impetuous shift of temperature. Her long, tapered fingers danced back and forth against her damp, pale arms, desperately searching for friction or heat, an automatic reflex to the harsh cold. Unfortunately, she had not brought any jacket to emanate warmth, thus she had to resort to the mere warmth of her palms against her flesh.

'Ahh. If only that celestial fiend could still have been here.' Kikyou sighed,wishing upon any other source of warmth than this pathetic attempt. She didn't care to take notice that she was specifically wishing upon the manifestation of that youkai she had met earlier on.

As the front office loomed nearer, she put aside her freezing state of being and rushed towards it with all speed she could muster, while still maintaing a graceful appearance. When she walked in, she immediately felt the rush of warmth come back towards her.

"Thank God for heaters," she muttered, walking towards the desk nearest to her. She heard the murmur of voices but she was already too "truant" to even consider waiting patiently in one of the seats while the student and the counterperson quarreled. Alternatively, she strode up to the desk, and simply requested the tardy slip, trying to ignore the attendent's oblivious expression. The student stared oddly at her as well, but then walked away, seeing as how the receptionist was now tending to another student. Kikyou glanced at the clock in the middle of the room taking notice that, in reality, fifteen minutes had progressed to twenty five minutes.

'What the hell? Who actually takes ten minutes to walk to the registration office?' Kikyou sneered silently, realizing what this looked like.

Apparently, she wasn't the only one who thought so. "So what took you so long, dear?" The receptionist questioned, "You weren't ditching were you?"

Kikyou instantly answered, "No- I was late. That's why I need that slip."

The receptionist didn't seem convinced, but she didn't bother to continue interrogating. Kikyou didn't blame her, it wasn't worth arguing.

A lone figure walked languidly down a covered hallway. 'At least I'm dry here...' he thought to himself with a tinge of cynicism. He looked up in irritation as the bell rangscreechingly. Studentssimultaneously poured rapidly out of every classroom in hisproximity.

Sesshoumaru sneered as he realized that the possession of a tardy slip was truly as he had predicted; unbeneficial. As he headed towards his next class of the semester, his previous encounter remained fresh in his mind. Her dripping ebony locks and hazel eyes, drenched with annoyance. The aristocratic youkai laughed, his voice like velvet. His mind was relieved to have found that her alluring face wasn't blemished with that horrible bruise anymore.

He mused shortly for awhile, wondering the origin of that mortifying stain. Sesshoumaru sighed, hoping that his sence of prospicience was all wrong.

"Oh Kikyou,' he said in his head.

He thought back to her perfect, delicate face. And back to the first time he had seen her; the day he had found out she was attached to someone else. He sighed. If only she could see that anyone else was all wrong for her. Maybe he was just being arrogant and selfish, but he wanted her for himself. And he wanted her to think of him as "hers" as well.

"...But I can't Give up just Yet, because every Word she's ever said is still Ringing in my Head, still Ringing in my Head..."

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