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Valentine's Day

It would take Bonnie a while for her to feel ready to make her friendship with Ron public. Until then, she would treat him like before but less often. Sometimes, she felt like she was going too far making fun of him in front of others, and she was afraid she would lose him because of it. He always understood, and it made her apologies that much more passionate. She wasn't sure why; but every time he kissed her, all her problems just disappeared. And this was when he didn't love her, just liked her.

The brunette enjoyed teasing Ron, though she made sure it was always inconspicuous. Adding a bit more sway to her hips when only he could see it. Positioning herself so that he could see everything she wanted him to see when she stretched out before practice. Sometimes, she would be more brazen. When the squad went out to eat together, she would take a seat that allowed her to rub her foot along his leg under the table. Bonnie had even gotten the blonde to choke because of the way she was eating an ice cream cone in front of him. Ron would tease back when he could, though it wasn't often.

Some might call her a tease, but they both knew all Ron had to do was ask. It was only the blonde's integrity that kept anything from happening. This only made her like him more, and the only way she knew to express it was physically.

Even though she was getting to know Ron better, he could still surprise her. Valentine's Day was approaching, and she didn't expect anything from him. She tried to hide her disappointment by just enjoying her time with him. She figured she'd get some roses and cards from guys wanting her, but those didn't have any thought put in them.

Bonnie got to her locker to find her friend Tara adding a card to the other expected cards and roses taped to her locker. "Didn't get enough cards for yourself?" she joked.

The blonde cheerleader spun quickly and looked down in embarrassment. "I was afraid you wouldn't get any nice ones, so I made one for you."

The brunette looked at her friend compassionately before taking the card and giving her a hug. "You're the best, Tara."

She opened her locker to put the card away and found a picture in a simple wooden frame with a rose in front of it. The photo showed her laughing, cheek to cheek, as she hugged a grinning, black wolf. Written in opposite corners, it said, "To my beauty…From your beast." Bonnie laughed as she showed it to Tara.

The brunette cheerleader remembered when that picture was taken. Ron had been taking nature photos as part of his stealth training. She didn't know it at the time, but he still had some exposures left. When she had come out to meet up with him, she heard Ron and Shadow arguing. Well, Ron anyways. But Shadow was still talking back.

From what she could get from the one-sided argument, the wolf didn't think it was fair for the blonde to get all of her affections and wanted to fight for them. Ron started off trying to convince the animal it was always Bonnie's decision, so fighting wouldn't accomplish anything. Then they went into one-upping each other. Shadow said he was cute and cuddly, and Ron said he was the better kisser.

The brunette couldn't stop laughing as she broke the two up. She pacified the wolf by reminding him that Ron couldn't be available all the time, and she'd make an effort to spend more time with him. It was when she gave the happy animal a loving hug that the blonde boy immortalized the moment.

Tara handed the picture back, smiling. "It's the Bonnie charm. Looks to tame a wild beast. Do you know who it's from?"

"I think I do," she answered slyly as she put the rose in her hair. "I'll thank him later."

Tara tried to guess, but she wouldn't say. Tara was a good friend, but she wasn't ready to admit her feelings even to her. Through the day, she planned out how she would thank Ron. Sure, he'd given Kim a replica of that flower he'd gone to South America for, but she could show her appreciation with more than a hug. Fortunately, they were partners on an English assignment that was due in a few days.

When cheer practice ended, she reminded the blonde to come by her house in a few hours to work on their assignment. She hoped she sounded convincingly condescending since she was both nervous and excited by what she had planned. Telling everyone she was just going to go right to the gym, she got her stuff and went outside. Once everyone had gone to the locker rooms, she snuck back in and silently entered the guy's locker room.

Bonnie left her bag by the door and made her way farther in. She stopped when she heard the shower running. Part of her wanted to join him; the other wanted to respect his privacy. Moving to leave, the brunette felt a familiar pair of arms encircle her waist from behind. She twisted around in the embrace and laughed when she was face-to-muzzle with the Middleton Mad Dog.

She gave the mask a small peck. "I see the beast," she said as she removed the head. "But what of the man within."

Ron grinned at her. "Waiting for you."

She smiled as she leaned in for a long tender kiss. She could feel his hand slowly sliding up and down her back, sending shivers through her spine with the gentle touch. The girl was about to hint what else he could do with those hands when he slid one under her uniform skirt and gave her butt a loving squeeze. She gave a small giggle of delight; Ron was definitely learning.

Reluctantly, she broke the kiss. "I'd better get going. I still have to prepare my thank you for the Valentine's gift before you come over for the assignment."

"That wasn't for the gift?" he asked, confused.

Bonnie took a playful nip at his nose. "That was for being you. You'll get your thanks at my place." With that, she walked away, adding a suggestive sway to her hips.

The two teens silently worked on their parts of the assignment. They had to compare and contrast their impressions of a short story. Bonnie was jotting down her thoughts while Ron read the story.

When the brunette felt her companion's hands massaging her neck and shoulders, she relaxed into it with a contented moan. "Why don't we take a break for today and finish tomorrow?" he suggested.

Summoning all her willpower, she pushed his hands away. "Ron, if we'd done the assignment last week, this wouldn't be a problem," she admonished. "I've let you talk me into procrastinating too long as it is."

Ron was prevented from responding when Bonnie's sisters came in. "Looks like Bon-Bon finally worked her way to dating the loser population," insulted Connie.

"It's about time she found someone that's as worthless as she is," Lonnie added.

The brunette flushed with anger. "Ron is a great guy that makes me happy. And he's got the things that matter most in life. Like loyalty, integrity, humor, and…and…"

"Money?" Ron suggested.

"And money! Wait, what?"

The boy shrugged. "I can't touch it, but I still get royalty checks for the naco. I've even gotten offers from a bunch of cooking and business schools for a free ride."

Bonnie stared at him in wide-eyed shock. "And you never told me! That's an amazing opportunity. I'm not letting you slack off again. You're not getting any alone time again unless all your work is done."

The blonde's shoulders slumped in defeat, and he went back to work. Bonnie's sisters soon left since the brunette was now ignoring them in her enthusiasm to help Ron. A torturous time later, they were done; and she pulled him up into her room. Closing and locking the door, she motioned him to sit on her bed. "You ready for your Valentine's surprise?" she asked as she slid out of view behind her closet door.

"Bonnie, you don't have to get me anything. I get to have an amazing and beautiful woman as a friend. That's enough."

"You gave me something special, and I'd feel bad if I didn't do something special for you. I know you won't do anything sexual, and I'll respect that." She paused a moment. "OK. Close your eyes."

Dutifully submitting, he waited until she told him to look. What he saw made his jaw drop. Bonnie stood completely naked, fidgeting as she tried not to cover herself. She blushed deeply, laughing nervously. "Happy Valentine's Day?"

"Um, Bonnie…"

She covered her chest with her arms and stared at the floor. "I'm sorry. I went too far. I just wanted to be able to say you where my first something, even if only to myself."

"This just isn't what I was expecting. I'm honored you'd do this for me. Thanks."

She shyly looked at him through her bangs. "You're not upset I did it?"

"Of course not. It's your choice, and I'll respect that."

"And you don't think I'm fat or anything?"

Ron chuckled. "Bonnie, you have a body celebrities pay to have. I don't know how you could be any more beautiful or sexy."

The brunette sat in his lap and gave him a heartfelt kiss. When they separated for a moment, Bonnie leaned over and pulled a small stack of photos from the drawer of her nightstand. "Almost forgot about these. They're part of my gift so you'll have a keepsake."

The boy's eyes seemed to get wider with each picture. They were of Bonnie in tasteful poses and various states of undress. Most were of her nude, in her cheer uniform, or some bikinis. "Well, I guess it is possible for you to look even sexier."

She smiled seductively as she took the photos from him. Pushing him down on the bed, she kissed him hungrily. While she knew his clothes wouldn't be coming off tonight, that didn't mean she would necessarily be wearing hers again. The girl made sure he knew he was setting the limits of their play, but she hoped one day there wouldn't be any.