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Warning: Semi-explicit slash, Horatio/ Archie

Author's Note: Archie's PoV. This was inspired by a screencap of the scene in Retribution right before they jump off the cliff, and Horatio is totally sticking his arse in Archie's crotch. Seriously. Email me if you want the link for the picture.

On the Cliff Top

There is so little privacy in a life on board ship that the smallest of touches is thrilling. The heat of Horatio's arm beneath my hand as I help haul him out of the secret passage makes me want to pull his sweaty, powder-stained body close and kiss him senseless. However, the explosion of the fort behind us is a reminder of the danger of our situation. Horatio turns to look back, bending over slightly to catch his breath, and suddenly his shapely arse is pressed against my crotch and my breath is gone. It is only a split second of heady pressure, undoubtedly accidental, but I only want to prolong it, grab his hips and rub him through his breeches, rock against him and imagine the fiery heat of his body under the tropical sun. But we are running again, standing on the cliff top and seeing the Renown sailing away. I note that he is careful to place Mr. Bush between us, as if he, too, is afraid that any more contact between us could lead to a rash action. For a moment the desperation of being left behind overcomes my arousal, until Horatio looks down at the sparkling blue ocean, and then at me, grinning. Yes, submersion in cold water would do me a world of good right now, I reply, or words to that effect. As we strip off our jackets and belts, I can almost believe that my fantasy is coming true, that I will take Horatio on the dusty grass, burning to cinders with the heat in the sir and between our naked bodies. My body desperately wants to believe it, but my mind retains some trace of logic, and I grab Bush's arm and start to run again with the sound of the second explosion ringing in my ears. I catch a glimpse of Horatio's face as we go over the edge together, literally rather than metaphorically this time, and the dizzying, stomach-abandoning fall is almost like a climax. Then we hit the water.