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A/N: Elizabeth's spirit matched Jack better—so I made up my own character, her younger sister Anna Swan. This is Pirates of the Caribbean (with a twist) from her point of view. Hope you like it.


Aboard a magestic ship, surrounded by thick fog, two little girls stood looking out at the vast ocean before them. The eldest had dirty blonde ringlets and freckly skin; while the smallest one's brown hair was kept in a long ponytail. Both girls were traveling with their father from England to go live in Port Royal.

The eldest girl sang a pirate's song she had heard some sailors singing before boarding the ship. The song was quite catchy and she had been singing it to herself during the whole voyage.

While she was singing, a man in sailor's apparel came up from behind, placed his hand on her shoulder, causing her to gasp and turn to look at him in fright. "Quiet!" He looked ahead at the endless water before looking at her younger sister and then at her once more. "Cursed pirates sail these waters." Once more he looked out at the sea as if expecting the pirates to jump at him through the thick and chilly fog that had wrapped the boat in a cold blanket. "You don't want to bring them down on us do you?"

"Mr. Gibbs." Lieutenant Norrington announced from behind. Anna, the youngest girl, turned to look at the handsome young man, glad that someone was here to intervene. Lieutenant Norrington clasped his hands behind his back, looking disapprovingly at the sailor. "That will do."

Straightening, Gibbs looked back at the lieutenant. "She was singing about pirates." He accused, pointing a finger at her sister before taking some steps towards the lieutenant. "Bad luck to be singing about pirates with us mired in this unnatural fog. Mark my words."

"Consider them marked." Looking rather annoyed with his sailor, he sighed. "On your way."

"Ai lieutenant." Gibbs announced, walking past Norrington he mumbled: "Bad luck to have women on board too. Even if they are miniatures ones." Pulling out a flask, he took a swipe at the liquid inside.

Elizabeth, the eldest, raised her chin. "I think it would be exciting to meet a pirate."

Anna nodded, stepping up from behind her sister. "So do I."

Seeming amused by this, Norrington smirked. "Think again, ladies Swan." Still clasping his hands behind his back, he walked to the railing and looked at the vast expanse of sea. "Violent, dissident creatures the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate's flag or wears a pirate brand gets what he deserves." He turned to look into Anna's curious eyes. "A short drop and a sudden stop."

Rather confused, Anna eyes roamed over the ship and her eyes landed on Gibbs, who placed a rope around his neck and pulled on it, sticking out his tongue and doing his best impression of bulging eyes—which was a good enough to cause Anna to gasp and look away, fully understanding the lieutenant's meaning.

"Lieutenant Norrington, I appreciate your fervor but," Their father quickly intervened, giving both daughters a quick glance before returning his gaze on the young man. "I am concerned about the affect this subject will have upon my daughters."

"My apologies, Captain Swan." Norrington announced, walking back to his crew, leaving father with daughters.

Elizabeth stepped forwards. "Actually, we find it all fascinating."

"Yes." Her father nodded, looking at both daughters. "That's what concerns me."

Both daughters frowned and turned to watch their father walk away. Elizabeth, being the pig-headed of the two, stomped after her father, determinedly asking him what was so awful about finding pirates fascinating especially when she would never get the opportunity to ever meet one personally.

Anna, on the other hand, just sighed and turned her back on the spectacle that was causing amusement for the sailors and embarrassment for her father. Turning to look at the sea once more, her sea-colored eyes widened and a surprised smile touched her face as she saw a parasol floating in the water. Following the movement of the parasol on deck, the young girl leaned over the side of the boat to get a better look of it as it floated on by.

Turning her head in the direction that the parasol had appeared from, Anan's smile quickly disappeared as a raft came into sight. And onboard this raft she spotted a boy some years older than herself, lying lifelessly.

"Look!" She cried, turning back to see both Elizabeth and her father—along with the whole crew—turning their surprised attention on her. During the whole voyage she had been the silent sister, hardly ever speaking, and to now hear her crying this out had frightened them. "A boy!" She pointed eagerly in the direction of the raft. "There's a boy in the water!"

Norrington was the first to react to this and he rushed to the side of the boat and looked overboard. "MAN OVERBOARD!"

The men on the ship went into action, and Anna stepped out of the way, uncomfortable with this commotion. She saw the envious look Elizabeth gave her, realizing that her eldest sister was rather jealous at the fact that she had been the one to spot the boy instead of her. A soft smile appeared on her face as she thought this over, and realized that for once the tables were turned and Elizabeth wasn't the one who had caught everyone's attention.

Giving her elder sister one last glance, Anna looked overboard and watched as they pulled the boy onto the boat. They laid him on the ground and Norrington announced. "He's still breathing."

Gibbs leaned overboard, hand holding onto a rope as to not fall into the water himself. His eyes widen and his mouth fell open. "Mary mother of God."

Hearing this, Anna turned and felt Elizabeth rush in front of her to get a better look. There, she saw smoke bellowing from a burning ship, and goose bumps covered her body. She took a step backwards, not liking this at all.

Their father rushed to the side and looked at the ruins of a once glorious ship. "What happened here?"

She really didn't hear what Norrington answered, but she did hear what Gibbs answered to that. "A lot of good it did them." He mumbled in his usually sour manner. Seeing the look Norrington gave him he looked away. "Everyone's thinking it, I'm just saying it. Pirates."

Her father was stuttering some reply to that, and Elizabeth was demanding to know where the pirates where. Anna, on the other hand, had left them and was standing over the young boy. She vaguely heard Norrington ordering his crew to do something or the other, but she wasn't paying attention to him. She felt oddly protective of this boy, it must be because she had saved his life.

Anna did hear though when her father announced: "Elizabeth, I want you to accompany the boy. He'll be in your charge." There was silence for a moment. "Take care of him." He then turned to Anna. "Go with your sister."

Following her sister, Anna felt slightly rebuffed at the fact that her father had put Elizabeth in charge of taking care of the boy when she had been the one to spot him in the first place, but she didn't say this, and just mutely followed her sister.

When the crew left the still unconscious boy lying on a safer area on deck, the sister looked at him in silence before looking at each other, excitement and wonder in their eyes.

"Isn't this exciting?" Elizabeth announced as she looked at the boy as if he were a new specimen of animal. "Pirates and pirates raids." Her eyes grew wide. "Do you think we'll see one? In flesh?"

"I definitely hope not." Seeing the betrayed look on her sister's face, Anna hurried to explain. "If there are any pirates here Norrington will inflict on them what he believes the pirates deserves… 'A short fall and a sudden stop'."

Elizabeth paled at this and then nodded. "You are right, but I still wish that we could see a pirate."

Turning her attention back to the boy, Anna leaned over him and brushed away a wet lock of black hair away from his face. He then came awake suddenly and grabbed hold of her hand with such rapidness that Anna gasped in fright.

Elizabeth's eyes widened. "I must tell father that he is awake!" She then rushed out rapidly, holding the hems of her dress, dashing through the crowd of seamen in the unladylike manner that her father so terribly detested.

Anna's heart calmed and she panted slightly from aftershock, looking down into the boy's dark eyes. "It's okay." She swallowed since her throat had gone abnormally dry all of a sudden. "My name is Anna Swan."

He looked up foggily at her, panting for breath. "Will--Turner." He said between pants.

A soft smile appeared on her face and she dimpled. "I'm watching over you Will." He blinked twice before his eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted away. Anna's protective smile turned into a slight frown when she saw a golden chain around his neck. Reaching down she pulled it from under his shirt and held it in the palm of her hands, looking at the golden doubloon with a skull on its face. Her eyes widened. "Y-you're a pirate."

Norrington's voice was heard from behind her. "Has he said anything yet?"

Quickly remembering Norrington's policy when it came to pirates, the young girl swiftly jerked the chain off of Will's neck and hid it behind her as she twirled to meet Norrington's expectant gaze. "His name is Will Turner." She said rather shakily, seeing the curiosity in Elizabeth's face. "That's all I found out."

Seeming disappointed, Norrington turned and spoke to the sailor to his left. "Take him below." He then walked away in all his glory, with their father trailing right behind him.

When she was sure that no one was watching, Anna motioned with her chin for Elizabeth to follow her, and both walked as inconspicuously as possible towards the back of the ship. Then, looking around to make sure no one was looking, Anna opened her closed palm and showed a wide-eyed Elizabeth the doubloon.

Elizabeth touched the doubloon rather reverently, looking up into her younger sister's eyes and whispering: "Where did you get this? This is Pirate gold!"

"This is Will's. I took it off of him so that Norrington couldn't hang him." Anna announced in another whisper, smiling in awe at the doubloon, wondering if it were her idea or if it were tingling slightly in her small palm. Her eyes then rose to the sea and widened when they saw a ghostly ship with black sails disappear into the fog. But before it disappeared, her eyes rested on the flag and they widened even more when they saw the skull. "Did you just see that?"

Elizabeth was frozen besides her, an ecstatic look on her young freckly face. "That was a pirate ship."


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