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(Interlude: Jack/Will)

"Who is Nancy?" Will wanted to know, watching the man as he stopped rowing.

"Was, lad, was." Shaking his head, Jack looked around the passage, eyes resting on the skeleton that had a sword through its skull. "Nancy was the love of my life, the only woman I ever felt anything other than hot lust for. Then again, she was special, nothing like the other wenches I'd met. And I'm sure, I'm a hundred percent certain, that Anna is her daughter."

Horror was written on Will's face as he straightened in the painful rowboat. "You're not saying that you, that you are Anna's---?"

"No, my Nancy grew bored of my leaving her to go off to sea and when I came back I'd heard that she'd met some fancy well-to-do man and had married him." His face showed anger and resentment, but when he sighed it turned into defeat. "The next year I heard she was pregnant, and the next, when I returned to London for a business trip, I found out she'd died, having her daughter…Anna."

Putting the little information Anna's had given him about her mother, and what Jack was telling him, Will came to the startling conclusion that both Nancy's couldn't be different people. Yet that left him even more confused. "I don't get it. If Anna isn't your daughter then why would Barbossa want to specifically hurt her?"

"Barbossa would want her because she's Nancy's daughter." Anger once more grew in those eyes. "Barbossa lusted after my Nancy and I had never noticed it until the night that the scallywag showed his black heart and left me on that island. He always wanted Nancy, why not have her daughter?"

(Interlude: Elizabeth)

Being pushed into the cave's belly, Elizabeth's stomach went queasy when her eyes rested on the golden chest that rested in the middle of the cave. The pirates around her were laughing happily, throwing the gold and valuables that they'd been able to accumulate throughout their years as pirates, on the ground on the piles of gold and treasures. Some were even playing with some umbrellas, but they seemed the least offensive of the pirates, so she ignored them and looked around, trying to find a way of escape.

Giving a cry when Barbossa grabbed her wrist, pulling her up the mountain of gold up to the golden chest, she tried to fight, but he was stronger than her even in his immortal death. She lost a shoe as she tried digging in her heels to keep from moving, and the different trinkets of gold and silver bit at her bare foot.

Reaching the golden chest, Barbossa tightened his grip on her wrist and began a very long and boring speech that brought much 'ayes' from his followers, which she paid no attention to because she was desperately searching for a way of escape.

Pushing her down upon the chest of cursed doubloons, Barbossa grabbed for the golden knife as the pirates beneath them chanted for her death. Elizabeth looked from one face to the other, despising the fact that this would be the way she would die. She'd dreamt of a more exciting death.

"Begun by blood." His knife glistened in the lights of the torches. "By blood undone." Snatching the doubloon from her neck, he placed it in her palm, and with a swift motion he brought the knife across her palm, her blood running over the doubloon before falling, as if in slow motion, into the chest with its brothers.

Looking down at the doubloon covered in her blood, Elizabeth clutched at her bleeding palm, not noticing how the pirates had gone still, eyes closed, heads throw back, hands raised to the heavens. All they needed now was a 'hallelujah chorus' to have been in church.

Suddenly the moment was broken, and Barbossa opened his eyes.

"Did it work?" One asked.

"I don't feel no different." Another declared.

Still yet another looked around, obviously lost. "How do we tell?"

Rolling his eyes in an 'I'm surrounded by idiots' look, Barbossa pulled out his rifle and shot one of the pirates. As the smoke rose, the pirate looked at his shot heart, and smiled when someone mentioned that he was still alive, before frowning. "Hey—you shot me!"

Chaos broke forth as they realized that the curse was still upon them.

Barbossa turned on Elizabeth after examining his knife, her blood still staining it. "You, maid! Your father, what was his name?" Agitated by her rebellious silence, he shook her violently. "Was your father William Turner?"

"No." She spat out with as much hatred and scorn as she could, her palm still throbbing with pain, her blood still flowing.

"Where's his child that sailed from England eight years ago?" Barbossa growled reaching into the chest and pulling out the doubloon still stained with her blood, raising it to her face. "The child in whose veins flows the blood of William Turner? Where?" Her scornful silence angered him beyond words, and before she knew his intentions, he'd backhanded her, and the force threw her tumbling down the heap of gold and treasures, the medallion landing next to her.

Pain rent her head, as the pirates fought amongst themselves, trying to blame each other for this horrible mistake. Fear entered her soul, she knew that now she was of no use to them, and they would kill her before going on the search of Will. And what if, for some reason, they found Anna instead? What if, because of Will, they took Anna and killed her?

Forcing herself into a sitting position, she picked up the medallion and looked at it, scorning it, remembering how Anna had adored it, nearly worshipped it. Now, it would be her death.

Something in the water made her look up, and surprise filled her eyes as she noticed Captain Sparrow emerging from the surface. "Shh." He whispered, motioning for her to come with him.

A small smile appeared on her face as she dared not question his salvation, she took his hand and silently entered the water. Swimming as silently as she could, she allowed him to help her out of the water on the other side, and they hurried down the dark and damp pathway.

"Eunuch!" Sparrow hissed, and an annoyed Will appeared from the shadows. "Did you do away with the oars as I told you to?"

"Obviously." He then saw Elizabeth and smiled. "Miss Elizabeth! You are well, Anna will be so happy when she sees you on the boat."

"Enough chit chat and more scurrying." Jack ordered as they entered the rowboat and Will hurriedly began rowing them to safety.

Anna? Elizabeth frowned. "What boat is my sister in? Has father come to save me?"

Jack and Will exchanged looks.

Her frown continued to deepen as they broke out of the tunnel and into the open sea. "What is it that you fail to tell me? Is Anna well?"

"Ah, your strumpet of a sister is as fine and lovely as ever, more in my books." Jack announced as he took a seat next to her. Despite the danger they were still in, and her worry for her sister, Elizabeth couldn't help but think that he was the handsomest man she'd ever seen. "My dear Anna broke me out of prison, helped me steal the Interceptor—"

"Commandeer." Will interrupted.

"And she has gone with us to Tortuga and will probably make a wonderful pirate if this scallywag would let her."

Elizabeth's mouth fell open. Anna had done all of that?

"She'll be able to explain things better once we reach the Interceptor." Will announced, with a sheepish expression on his handsome face.

"And I thought I would be the one with the interesting story to tell." Leaning against the side of the rowboat, hand on her clenched fist, Elizabeth blinked. She'd need weeks to get this mess and confusion all sorted out!



"Oh Elizabeth, I cannot help but squeeze you just to make sure that you are really here!" Anna exclaimed as she hugged her sister once more. They'd set sail back to Tortuga, and now they sat below deck, she cleansing her sister's wound, and bandaging it.

"And I cannot believe that you are here, dressed as a pirate!" Elizabeth breathed, eyeing her sister. How much she'd changed in so little time! "I prayed every night that you were fine."

"And I you." Finished with Elizabeth's hand, Anna reached for the doubloon, the medallion, the thing she'd kept from Will all along. "You say that they want Will?"

"Yes. They are cursed, and only his blood can make them mortal once more. That's why they took me—they thought I was Will!"

"You were Wilhelmina now, were you?" Seeing the look her elder sister gave her, Anna sighed. "We have to destroy this medallion."

"You need to give it back to Will!"

"Never." Seeing the incredulous look sent her way, Anna looked away. "As long as this medallion exists they were search for Will, they will never let him live in peace. Maybe, if we destroy it—they will let him be free."

"Why don't you let me decide that, Anna?" A voice said from the stairways, and they both looked up to see Will watching them. He descended the stairs and took the medallion, looking at it, nostalgia in his eyes. "I thought I'd lost it the day they rescued me. It was a gift from my father, he sent it to me."

Elizabeth stood. "It was my idea to keep it. Anna just took it because if they'd found you with it you'd have been marked as a pirate and killed, and we didn't want that to happen."

"We wanted to give it back, yet there never was a chance." Anna whispered, gaze lowered.

"Never a chance? In eight years?" Will questioned harshly, looking into her eyes.


Throwing the medallion on the ground, he turned and climbed up the stairs, leaving the sisters alone.

Anna fell back into her seat, face in her hands. "He hates me."

"I doubt that." Elizabeth comforted her on her knees, patting her sister's back. "He's just very annoyed at the moment—he's a man they do that sometimes."

"No, I've seen him annoyed, especially with Jack, and this is not annoyed!" Wiping at a tear, Anna sighed down at Benji, who laid his head on her lap, whining softly. "I thought that we had made progress on this trip—he even called me Anna—yet this has ruined it all!"

"You know—many people in court said that your mother put a spell on father, maybe you should try the same." Elizabeth prompted.

Anna looked up at Elizabeth with incredulity. "I would never be able to do such a thing to Will." She protested. "I don't have the faintest idea as how to prepare a love potion!"

Elizabeth giggled. "This is the first time you don't say something discriminating against your mother. I'm rather proud." She admitted. "It's exciting to think that you had a gypsy princess as a mother."

"Not when you know that gypsies are hunted as animals and burnt at the stake as witches." Anna mumbled under her breath. "And I have nothing of my mother. She was beautiful."

"Oh stop with that nonsense!" Elizabeth hissed, standing. "You are beautiful! You just have never allowed yourself to believe it! And—just for the record, you have your mother's gifts, but you've always tried to hide them. What I wouldn't do to have the abilities you do!"

Anna felt as if she'd been slapped in her face. Elizabeth had promised that she'd never mention it again, and now she'd broken her promise! Couldn't she understand? After what had happened on that fateful she'd had no other choice but to scorn her mother's blood and it's abilities, to scorn her heritage, and to try and bury it away within her!

"Don't look at me like that." Elizabeth sighed. "It wasn't your fault that Emily died, you have to believe that. If you have your mother's abilities you will have to use them! You were born to use them! Why not enchant Will?"

"Because I wouldn't be able to live with him knowing that he only loves me because of a spell or potion." Anna whispered, standing. "I want him to love me because of me, like I do him. I never cared that he was the Blacksmith's apprentice, I just love him, and hoped that one day he could feel the same way for me."

Sitting down with a loud plop, Elizabeth sighed. "You're too good. If I had been given your abilities I'd have turned Gillette into a frog and Norrington into a slug."

A smirk appeared on Anna's pale face. "You know I can't do that."

"I bet you could if you'd just train!" Elizabeth countered.

Shaking her head with a small smile, Anna kissed Benji's nose and pulled him up into her lap, hugging him to her, never realizing that the object of her desires had been secretly listening in to their conversation.

It seemed like an eternity later, yet the Interceptor shook violently, and the crew was heard shouting worriedly. Elizabeth told Anna to stay while she went to go and see what was happening, that she would be there in some moments, yet a long time had passed and she was yet to appear. Instead, her voice was heard shouting orders on deck. The sounds of things being thrown into the water confused Anna, and she was about to climb up on deck when Elizabeth peered in and ordered her to stay where she was—that the Black Pearl was catching up on them, and that she'd be safer down there.

"But Eli--." Anna sighed as her sister disappeared and closed the door behind her. She looked down at a whining Benji. "I know how you feel."

Hearing the anchor being let down, Anna made a face and cried as she was thrown across the room as the Interceptor made a hard right. She reached for the medallion as it slid across the floor towards her, and she looked up with a scream as the wall exploded, the force sending the table flying towards her at a frightening speed. There was a moment of sheer pain as wood made contact with her head, and then everything went black.


(Interlude: Elizabeth)

The battle was fierce, and Elizabeth screamed orders as the two vessels met. Cannon balls flew from The Black Pearl, and whatever they had been able to salvage, knives, forks, whatever, were cannoned out of the Interceptor towards those on the Black pearl.

"We need more ideas lass!" Gibbs, whom she still couldn't understand what he was doing on the boat in the first place, exclaimed.

"I'm fresh out!" She screamed over the shouting. "What do we do?"

"Where's Anna?" Will asked worriedly, hurrying with his rifle.

Jack fired, not caring that he was in the open. "Aim for the people—not my boat!" he ordered his men.

"She's below." Elizabeth reassured Will. "I thought that she'd be safer down there."

He seemed torn before nodding, turning, and firing on the Black Pearl and all those on board.

Suddenly their mast broke in half and fell onto the Black Pearl, and in seconds the pirates found the Interceptor invaded by Barbossa's men.



"It's filling in with water down there." A rough voice growled.

"Get in there ye coward!" An angry voice commanded, and Anna groaned as she heard a thumping sound on the stairs.

"Raghetti!" The first voice exclaimed. "Look!"

"It cannot be."

Anna tried opening her eyes, yet she couldn't. She couldn't move her hands, couldn't move her feet, and there seemed to be something extremely heavy on top of her.

"It is Nancy." The one named Raghetti whispered. "Get the mutt off of her! We must take her to the captain at once!"

Yet Benji growled when the pirate came near.

"What do we do about the mutt?" The second voice asked.

There was a sound kick, and Benji whimpered, having been thrown from her by the force of the blow.

"No…" She whispered, barely about to move her lips enough to get the words out. Everything hurt, her body throbbed.

"She has the medallion!"

"Bring the dog." Raghetti ordered as he plucked the medallion from her hand and picked her up bridal style. "We need a rat catcher."

With that, Anna drifted back into the darkness of unconsciousness.


(Interlude: Elizabeth)

"No!" Elizabeth screamed as they were held against their will, watching as the Interceptor was blown to pieces. "Anna!" She fell to her knees, body weak. "ANNA!"

Will, who had been struggling at her side, froze in horror as he watched the explosion die away, and the little remains of the once grandest ship of the Caribbean were little pieces of wood. "No."

"You idiot!" Elizabeth screamed, standing to her feet, she would have thrown herself at Barbossa if she hadn't been held. "You've killed my sister! And you've destroyed the medallion!"

Horror filled those eyes as he turned to one of his men. "Did ye not say ye'd recovered the medallion?"

"Yes capt'n." The mate nodded. "And I believe we've found another treasure that ye may find important enough to merit with a reward."

Jack, having heard this, narrowed his eyes and struggled against the hands that held him.

"What would ye think is so important that I'd give ye a reward?" Barbossa asked, interest piqued.

"Bring 'er." Raghetti ordered.

The deck's door flew open and one of the stronger pirates hurried up the stairs, carrying Anna's weak figure in his arms.

Elizabeth gasped in horror as she saw the pale color, and the ugly cut on her forehead. What had happened? Had these pirates hurt her sister?

"Anna!" Will cried out, struggling even harder.

Reacting to his voice, Anna opened her eyes slowly, hand rising to her forehead, wincing in pain. "Will?" She whispered.

Yet it wasn't Will's voice who answered her. "It cannot be." Barbossa whispered in awe, coming towards her. "Nancy."



The face that had haunted her nightmares now stood before her, and Anna could only scream as he came towards her. She struggled in the other pirate's grip, and managed to drop to the ground, her body in agony.

"Ye'll be flooged fer that!" Barbossa promised the pirate before helping her to her feet. "Nancy, ye are as beautiful as ye were all those years ago, do me eyes betray me?"

"You knew my mother?" Anna asked, shrinking away from his touch, forcing her feet to keep her erect as to not need of his assistance.

"Yer mother?" Barbossa asked, before a smirk covered his face. "It would seem that destiny has shone her happy face on me today. Not only do I have the medallion back, but I also have Nancy returned to me."

"Returned to you?" Anna made a face of disgust and dodged his touch, looking around, finding Will in the sea of faces. "Will?"

Sending a glare in the younger man's direction, Barbossa reached for Anna's arm and jerked it, catching her attention. "What be thy name, daughter of Nancy?"

"Anna." She whispered.

"Would ye by any chance be the daughter of Jack Sparrow?"

"Captain Jack Sparrow." Jack mumbled inaudibly from where he stood.

"What?" She asked, eyes wide, turning to look at the man in question.

"No." Jack answered for her. "I learnt of her birth a long time after Nancy and I had parted our ways."

"Too bad then." Barbossa mused. "It might have been the only thing that kept ye alive."

" Then again, on the other hand…" Jack hurried on to say.

"Silence!" Barbossa commanded, grabbing hold of her chin and bringing her to face him. "Ye are lucky, me beauty, once we break the curse ye shall be the Queen of the Black Pearl, and me wife."


"Anna!" Elizabeth screamed.

"Let her go!" Will ordered, his fist meeting the jaw of the pirate holding him. With a couple of long strides he'd reached for a pistol and had stepped aboard the railing, placing the pistol to his throat. "If you hurt her I'll shoot myself and be lost in Davy Jones' locker!"

"Who are you?" Barbossa wanted to know.

"Don't be so daft you eunuch!" Jack shouted at him.

"My name is William Turner, I'm the son of Bootstrap Bill, his blood runs through my veins, and it is my blood you need!"

Jack sighed, shaking his head. "We're all doomed."

"Will." Anna whispered.

"What be yer terms, Mister Turner?" Barbossa asked, turning to Will yet still holding onto Anna tightly.

"Anna goes free." Will hurried to say, pistol still to his throat. "Elizabeth, Jack and the crew are not to be harmed either."

"Will don't!" Anna screamed, struggling against Barbossa.

Will was silent for a moment as his dark eyes met her lighter ones, and a million words passed between them. "I love you, Anna, I always have and I always will."

Tears stung her eyes and skidded down her cheeks. "I love you too, Will."


(Interlude: Will)

"Barbossa, you lying bastard! You swore she'd go free!" Will accused as he struggled against the tide of pirates. He'd watched helplessly as the crew of the Interceptor had been taken away to the dungeons of the vessel, and he'd watched as Elizabeth and Jack had been forced to walk the plank. A small island was visible close by, yet the sea was filled with sharks, and while Jack had been given his effects, Will doubted they could have survived the swim. And now, Barbossa had ordered a screaming Anna to be taken to his chambers.

"Don't dare impugn me honor, boy!" Barbossa snapped, turning to look at him with hatred and disgust. "I agreed she'd go free, but it was you who failed to specify when or where, so I left that to me better judgment. Now and me bed chambers seem the most logical to me."

The gag that was being placed around his mouth kept him from cursing the pirate to Davy Jones' locker.

Gloating at his victory, Barbossa turned to his men. "Set course for Isla de Muerta!"


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