Chapter Seven

Umatsu Uniform Shop, West Nerima;

Thanks again to Nabiki's connections; the entire upper floor of the Umatsu Uniform Shop had been closed off to the general public for the day; Nabiki and her newly formed team fitting themselves for the upcoming operation.
In the ladies section of the floor Nabiki selected several daring maids' outfits for those who would be working the crowds and daring was certainly an understatement. Presently; Shampoo, Konatsu, Akari, and Tsubasa stood fixing themselves in front of the standing mirrors dressed in the skimpy outfits sure too draw the urges and lust from many of the male guest. Each wore a short black skirt that barely covered their bottoms, a pannier of frilly lace beneath this; seductively tight waistbands and bodices, and puffed short sleeves to accent their figures. A broad rounded white collar accompanied the sexy short aprons worn over the skirts, alluring fishnet stockings graced their legs and high black spiked heels completed their attire.
"Humph," sounded Shampoo, fixing the frilly white bonnet on her head, "If Shampoo knew she have to look like sex toy, she not go along with Nabiki's mad plan"
"Aw, Shampoo," said Akari, "You look cute in that get up, don't you think guys"
Konatsu gave Shampoo a quick look, finishing his preparations. "Yes, I would say enticing, wouldn't you agree, Mousse"
Mousse, sitting across the room, could barely speak, fighting to keep his blood pressure down. "Uh, uh, uh… boy is this hard," he managed to say, glasses fogging up.
Ukyo; dressed in a more conventional black knee length skirt and blouse, helped Kodachi; dressed in slacks and pants, fixed up the bowtie around her neck.
"You all look nice," she said. "Let's just hope none of Maeda's men decide to investigate Konatsu and Tsubasa more closely or we're sunk." "I'm sure they will not question anyone," said Nabiki, waiting beside the door to the changing room. "Speaking of which, Ranma, I'm getting impatient out here"
"I'm coming, I'm coming!" replied a girl's high-pitched voice. Out came Ranko, Ranma's alter female ego, dressed like Shampoo and the others, red hair neatly combed back and made up into two long ponytails. Behind her, Akane stood giggling unable to control herself at Ranko's frustration.
"You know, Nabiki, you could have chosen more comfortable shoes to wear," complained Ranko, sitting on a nearby comfort stool to slip on the high heels in her hands.
"After a few hours you'll get used to them," said Nabiki.
"Pig-tailed girl?" Tatewaki suddenly said in amazement. "I did not know Nabiki had enlisted your aid in this"
Ukyo and Nabiki traded looks in disbelief. "He's never going to get that right, is he?" asked Ukyo.
"I try and try to explain it to him, but he still can't seem to understand," answered Nabiki.
Through the far door entered Ryoga dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt, matching pants and combat boots similar to the ones seen in his favorite movie.
"Okay!" he exclaimed walking towards them, "I'm ready to go. Let's get over to Maeda's and WOOHHHOHOHHHOAHHOOOO"
He stammered to a halt when he saw Akari and stood mesmerized by her appearance. She smiled, going into a seductive pose.
"You like?" she said, baring more of her legs for him to see.
"And that's exactly the reaction I want from all of the men at this party," declared Nabiki.
"In lust and drooling? Won't that make kind of a large mess, Nabiki?" asked Ukyo.
"Mesmerized and distracted is more the word. I want them totally ignorant of anything around them"
"What about any wives or girlfriends?" asked Tsubasa.
"What about them"
"I do not wish to get into any catfights, Nabiki"
"Even better. That should keep Maeda's goons inside on the floor to prevent any attacks"
"And the guards outside?" asked Akane.
"Knowing the male species, they'll probably be trying to sneak peeks through the windows"
"Diverting their attention from our entrance, brilliant!" said Ryoga. "I like this caper more and more"
"You just like the fact that it's the closest thing to that Mission Impossible stuff, that's all," commented Ranko.
"Alright, alright, lets not get started on that," Nabiki said. "Kasumi, are you ready"
Kasumi and Ono sat waiting for the others to finish dressing; Kasumi wearing her cooking dress holding several of her vaunted recipe cards in her hands.
"Point me to the kitchen and I'll have them eating out of your hand, Nabiki," she said.
"Good. Ono"
He held up a set of keys to their getaway van. "Ready as always," he said. "But I was wondering if I can get Kasumi one of those maids outfits too"
Kasumi swatted him on the arm with a giggle. "Oh you bad thing you," she told him, grinning from ear to ear.
I never should have shown you guys those pictures, muttered Nabiki. "Alright then, I'll lay out the final details of this operation so gather around," she said, laying out a floor plan of Maeda's estate.
"Did you hear her," said Ryoga, excitement dancing in his eyes, "she said 'Operation'. This is great"
"Control yourself, Hibiki," Nabiki said. She was about to continue then noticed that Hikaru was nowhere in sight. "Mousse, could you please pull Hikaru out of the corner"
Mousse flashed an okay, going over to Hikaru cowering in the corner across the room. "Hey, Hikaru! Nabiki is about to layout the plans"
Gosunkugi hesitantly turned his head around towards the group. His eyes fell upon the scantily clad legs of the maids and his whole body shook. "G-G-Go a-a-ahead and s-s-start w-w-ithout mmmmeee!" he said, facing the corner again.
"Come on, you virgin," said Mousse, yanking him along by the collar of his shirt. "Yeesh! You know once this is over we're going to fix your problem and get you laid"
Mousse guided Gosunkugi over to the group sitting him down. His hands remained over his face and Nabiki smirked.
"Hikaru, lower your hands please"
"I-I-I hear with my ears, n-n-ot my eyes, N-N-Nabiki. P-P-lease continue"
She rolled her eyes and went on.
"Okay, there will be two girls in each room. The main room is where a majority of the party will be. Konatsu, Tsubasa that's your responsibility. Kodachi, you're manning the bar. I want drinks to flow like water, but don't over do it. Keep these fools tipsy but not so drunk they can't see straight"
"Leave it too me"
"That's what I'm afraid of. Anyway, Shampoo you're covering the dining room with Akari; who will be bringing food in from the kitchen. Ranko, there's a walk-in closet in the foyer and past that is the front room. You will be working those areas and will also be watching the hall marking anyone going upstairs. Ukyo, you have to float between all the rooms and help intercept any problems that might arise"
"So where will I be?" asked Tatewaki.
"Kuno-baby, you need to stay in the main room where there will be lots of people. Maeda has a small den adjacent to it, and no doubt he will try to get you in there alone so he can coerce you into some sort of deal. Don't let him do this"
Nabiki looked to Tsubasa and Konatsu with a hard stare. "You two have to help me prevent that"
"Us?" questioned Kurenai.
"Yes, you. It would look suspicious to Maeda if I'm lingering around Tatewaki, so you guys have to keep him away from Tatewaki"
"Nabiki, you have doubts that I can resist Maeda's offers?" said Tatewaki.
"Sorry, hon," replied Nabiki, "but if Maeda has time to work on you, it and the Kuno Industries are all but gone"
Kodachi hit Tatewaki on the back of his head. "So stay where we can see you, brother-dear," she said to him.
"For once I can agree with you, Kodachi," said Nabiki. "Akane, Ryoga, I figure it will be close to forty-five minutes before things are in full swing. You two will have to make your way around the estate and climb up into the building. That means avoiding Okura's henchmen and climbing up three stories into his office on the North side of the estate. Think you can handle it"
"No sweat, right partner?" said Ryoga, giving Akane a friendly nudge.
"Just don't you go thinking you're James Bond or anything like that, Ryoga," said Akane. "I don't feel like getting shot or beat up, okay"
Ryoga shrugged. "Hey don't worry. I got your back"
Akane let out a low moan, holding her head.
"Are you sure we want to send him out there?" asked Ukyo.
"Too late to change things now," replied Nabiki. "Doctor Tofu, there's a small clearing just down the road from the grounds. Park there and then set up the antennas for Hikaru. Mousse, you watch for any sudden appearances by Maeda's goons. Hikaru, please concentrate and as soon as Akane gets those codes, find all of the electronic copies he has and wipe'em clean, understood"
Hikaru nodded.
"Okay. Let's try to get this over with in an hour. Once Akane signals that she has everything we are gone! Ukyo, you get an earpiece and keep me informed about our status. Akane you get one and so do you Ranko. Doctor Tofu, you get the last one. When Ukyo says we're ready, spare no speed getting to those gates"
"You're not wearing one?" said Akane.
"Maeda would notice. Anyone have any questions"
Akari raised her hand.
She peered down at the floor plan before speaking. "Nabiki, you have a slight problem here"
Nabiki made a light start. "I do?" she said.
"Yep. You said two girls in the rooms right"
"Well, if Tsubasa and Konatsu are in the main room, Shampoo and I are covering the dining room, that leaves Ranko in the front room by herself. If she's busy watching the hall and stairs, then there will be no one covering her area"
Akari sat back. "You're short a girl," she finished.
Everyone stared down at the floor plan mentally recounting Nabiki's instructions. A sudden gasp from Nabiki drew them all to the same conclusion that Akari was correct.
"Oh m'gosh!" exclaimed Nabiki, "and there's no time to find a replacement either"
"I can stay in there if you want, Nabiki," Ukyo said.
"You've got to help keep an eye on the other rooms and keep us informed on Akane's progress. No, this is going to be a real problem"
"Why not pull Kodachi from what she's doing and put Mousse or Ryoga in as bartender?" said Konatsu.
"Kodachi knows how to mix drinks, damn it all," replied Nabiki. She moaned, pulling at her hair. "How could I make such a mistake"
"You're not perfect, Nabiki," Akane said.
"Bite your tongue," snap Nabiki. "Oh, what am I going to—." She paused as her eyes suddenly fell on Mousse. "Do?" she finished as an idea came to mind.
Walking around, Nabiki stopped behind him rubbing her chin pondering her latest course of action. The others watched her looking Mousse over and soon several snickers followed as they realized what she was thinking.
"What, what?" said Mousse, ignorant to what was transpiring.
"Mousse," said Nabiki, tipping head from side to side as she looked him over. "What size shoe do you wear"
"Oh, close to a—." He abruptly stopped realizing then what was about to happen. Slowly, Mousse looked back over his shoulder and then stood up.
"No," he said, waving his hands. "No, no, no"
Ukyo got up, walking around to the other side of him. She gave him a quick once over then looked at Nabiki.
"Do-able?" said Nabiki.
"I think we can pull it off," she replied.
"What, am I mute here? I said no!" repeated Mousse.
Sensing Mousse's panic, the rest of the group got up and took strategic positions around the room to prevent him from running away.
"Oh c'mon, Mousse," pleaded Nabiki. "We need you"
"No, you need another girl, and that's not me"
"But you'd fit the part perfectly"
"Get Ryoga to do it"
Nabiki looked over at Ryoga and shook her head. "Nah, he's to manly looking to pass for a woman," she said.
"(Phphft!) What? Thanks a 'lot, Nabiki"
"Hey Mousse," said Tsubasa, "It's not that bad. If Konatsu and I can do it, you certainly shouldn't have any problems"
"And I haven't trained half my life as a cross-dresser either! No, Mousse does not wear dresses, and Mousse likes his arches just the way they are"
"So what size shoe do you wear, Mousse?" Ukyo asked.
"I'm not telling you"
"Twenty-five point four centimeter," Shampoo told them.
Mousse spun around in shock. "Shampoo! What are you doing?" he cried.
"Helping out, like we agree to help Nabiki Tendo," she said, giggling mischievously.
Ukyo reached out placing a hand on either side of Mousse's hips. He swatted them aside, backing away from her. "What are you doing?" he shouted.
"We need your hip size"
"No problem. Two size larger than Shampoo," Shampoo said.
"Will you stop helping them"
"Silly blind-boy going to look good in dress"
Nabiki put on her best pout. "Mousse, please," she said. "There's nobody else who can do this"
"You haven't tried Gosunkugi, or Doctor Tofu"
"Hikaru," said Kodachi, chortling in her deviant way as the suggestion.
"Doctor Tofu will be too tall," said Nabiki. "Mousse, please"
"No! No, I'm not doing it I'm not… hey, what's that"
"What's what?" said Nabiki, turning around in the direction Mousse pointed.
"Get him he's making a break for it"
A flurry of bodies scrambled after Mousse as he made a desperate attempt to reach the door and escape…

"So you see, Nabiki, me posing as a girl will just not work"
"Mm-Hmm," replied Nabiki while adjusting the tube of bright red lipstick in her hands.
"I can't wiggle my butt like you girls can, I certainly don't have the voice for it, and so that makes me ineligible for the job"
Yeah, right. Uh, Mousse, pucker your lips"
He did, Nabiki applying another coat of lipstick over his already colored lips. "There, now do this," she said, pressing her lips together. He did, and Nabiki stepped back looking over her work.
"What do think?" she said to Ukyo, standing beside her.
"A little more gloss should do it," answered Ukyo.
Nabiki applied a thin coat on Mousse's lips and nodded.
"There," she said.
Mousse licked his teeth tasting the flavor on them. "Mmm, cherry," he said and then went on with his banter. "So, now you understand why I cannot pass as a woman"
Laughs from the rest of the gang echoed around him holding their sides. Obviously in his distress and subsequent subjugation, Mousse still was not aware of what they had done to him. His wrist and ankles were tied securely to the arms and legs of a wooden chair, dressed from head to toe in the same maids outfits as the girls. Behind him, Shampoo brushed his long locks of hair out enjoying the new makeover they had given him. Nabiki told her to stop checking Mousse over one last time.
"So, are we ready to untie him?" she said.
"Might as well," answered Ukyo, "He's got too be let go sometime soon"
Shampoo and Akari undid the ropes trying to suppress their snickers as they did. "Okay, Mousse. Stand up please," Nabiki instructed, and he did wavering for a few seconds as his feet fought to adjust to the high pair of heels he wore.
"Whoa! For a moment there I felt dizzy," said Mousse. He took a couple of steps, staggering a few times before steadying himself. "Well. I am sure glad you guys have come to your senses. I would just die if anyone saw me in a dress. Really"
Nobody spoke, staring at Mousse's transformation. They all burst out laughing again and Mousse frowned. "Hey, what's so funny?" he asked, scratching his head.
His fingers touched the ribbon of lace securing his bonnet, and then Mousse paused feeling a new chilling sensation that flowed past his legs. It felt like air and he looked down starting slightly once he got a good look at the fishnet stockings covering his legs. Mousse raised his right leg, moving his foot up and down then his mind said, "Yes, that is your foot in that shoe, and that is your leg wrapped in black nylon. Feels good doesn't it"
Mousse's piercing cry split the air barely drowning out the continuing laughter from the others. He frantically patted his body, pulling on the fabric of the uniform trying to get it off.
"AH, AH! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!" he shouted.
"Calm down, Mousse," said Nabiki.
"Actually a skirt and you look really good in it too," Ukyo said.
He grabbed a handful of the front trying to rip it from his body, but Nabiki quickly grabbed his hands.
"No, Mousse, don't do that! It took a long time for us to get you looking just right," she told him.
Mousse jumped back, staggering for a second as he landed. "No way, Nabiki! I told you I'm not going anywhere looking like some drag queen! I'm getting out of this dress, you hear me? Out, out, OUT"
"No you're not," Ukyo said.
"Oh really? Well you just get ready to see me run out of here in my birthday suit, lady"
The chuckles from the others picked up angering Mousse even more. He pulled on the dress but strangely enough it refused to tear away from his body. Another desperate tug met with the same results.
"What, what's going on here?" he cried, tugging and yanking fitfully on the cloth.
"It's made out of stretch resistant nylon fiber, Mousse," explained Ukyo. "We are so lucky that this store caters to all styles of life"
"What!" Mousse staggered and he looked down at his feet. "You see? I almost killed myself walking on these so-called stilts you women call shoes!" He staggered again and shook his head. "OH no! I'm getting out of these torture devices and… HEY"
"Hey what?" asked Nabiki.
Mousse did not answer at first, holding his left ankle in one hand as he tried undoing the strap around it. "There's a padlock on this thing"
"There padlock on both shoes," said Shampoo.
"You've locked me into these shoes"
"And dress," she cheerfully answered.
Mousse gasped, reaching back feeling for the zipper. True to her word there was a small padlock attached to a thin leather yoke concealed neatly beneath the broad collar around his neck.
"I can't believe this. You guys have actually imprisoned me in a… in a... DRESS"
"We thought about crazy glue at first," said Kodachi. "Well, I did, but everyone decided against it. Something about pain which I explained is part of this type of lifestyle"
"This can't be happening!" Mousse moaned, dropping to his knees. He suddenly stopped and placed both hands to his breast. "And I've got breast," he said squeezing the unfamiliar mounds that should not be. "Shampoo-sized breast! Doctor Tofu, how could you"
"Not that it is not impossible, Mousse, but in such a short time, I don't think so," said Ono.
"Well, well if I'm changed up here… then…" His hands dropped further down.
"Mousse will you stop freaking out on us!" shouted Nabiki.
"You've castrated meeeee!" sobbed Mousse. "Shampoo! Shampoo, Nabiki's taken away our future offspring"
"We've done no such thing!" said Ukyo. "You're wearing a gaff. It'd be a bad thing if someone managed to catch a peek at your package, and in that getup there's a good chance that will happen"
"Is good package too," added Shampoo.
Mousse sighed relieved to hear things were still in place. He suddenly sprang to his feet, staggered around then said, "Okay, who's got the keys to these locks"
The angry look on his face made Nabiki take a few steps back. "I've got the keys, Mousse," she told him.
He took an unsteady step towards her. "Gimme those keys, Nabiki," demanded Mousse, holding out a hand.
"No! I need you like this, Mousse. Otherwise we could slip up and blow everything that's planned"
Shampoo stole up, gently placing her arms around Mousse's shoulders. There was a strange smile on her face noticed Mousse as she pressed her head against his. "Mousse, look really good as girl," she said. "Shampoo think you have bright future as phony-woman"
Mousse paused, cutting his eyes to her. "You think so"
She nodded. "And when we done with Nabiki's job, we come back to store. Selection of dress for men is very large here"
Mousse stared at Shampoo's smiling face for a moment. "Right," he finally said, looking back at Nabiki. "Gimme those keys, Nabiki"
"That did not help, Shampoo," said Nabiki taking another step back. "Mousse, you promised you would help me"
"But I did not say I'd wear a dress either"
"But I need you"
"And I need my pants too but you don't see them anywhere around now, do you"
Konatsu fought back his grin as he walked over to Mousse. Placing an arm around him, he tried to console Mousse. "Mousse, I know this is hard to accept"
"You better believe it"
"—but this is very important if we intend to rid Nabiki from her enslavement to Maeda"
"Her enslavement? What about me"
"You'll do fine, trust me. Tsubasa and I will give you some quick pointers on how to properly present yourself, and Ranma will be around so if you get into any trouble he can bail you out"
Mousse drew back staring at Konatsu. He looked over at Tsubasa who gave him a bright smile, then over at Ranko who could only giggle uncontrollably before staring back at Konatsu.
"You guys are crazy," he said.
"Well if you won't do it for Nabiki, then do it for yourself"
"Myself? How am I going to benefit from walking around in drag"
Shampoo slapped him across the back of his head.
"Silly blind-boy! If Nabiki fail, then Nerima become property of crime boss. That mean we have to deal with more trouble than worth"
Mousse paused to think. They were right about this he knew, plus the added benefit of not having to repay Nabiki made any objections he had small and trivial. So what was a few hours walking around in high-heels and frills anyway?
He dropped his head to his chest, sobbing for a short second then looked up. "Okay…(gasp)… okay… (gasp) (gasp)… okay, I'll do it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll do it"
Shampoo let out a cheer, hugging Mouse tight.
"Thank you, Mousse," said Nabiki. "You won't regret this, I promise"
"I'm already regretting it, Nabiki," sobbed Mousse. He gave Shampoo a quick look then whimpered lightly. "This is a hell of a way to find out my girlfriend is bisexual"
"Shampoo what?" said Shampoo as the others burst out laughing. "Shampoo not bi, bi… what that mean"
"It means Mousse is going to have to buy himself a whole new wardrobe," answered Ukyo, doubling over holding her stomach with joy.
Once their laughs died away, Nabiki gazed around at her team on last time. "So, are we all clear on what to do?" she asked.
Everyone nodded, and she smiled.
"Then let's go take down this asshole and get my life back…"