"What the hell was that?"

Trina turned at her brother's outburst and smiled. "What?"

"The goddamned TV SHOW! The end is all fucked up."

Trina rose from where she was doing homework on the computer and walked over to lean over her brother Mika's shoulder. On screen Do As Infinity could be heard singing "The Song of Truth" and credits were rolling. "Ugh, were you watching that anime shit again?"

Mika glared. "Yeah, so?"

"It's just...so...soap opera-ish. If you wanted to watch people with big tits get it on with freaky no-chest-hair men, I'd watch One Life To Live."

Mika pouted. "Yeah, well...you're a bitch."

"Coming from the boy who just screamed like a girl at the TV."


Trina sighed. "That Eternal Love one?" Trina asked, already knowing the answer. Since the anime had started showing on the Cartoon Network Mika had been obsessed. Something about the story of Sesshomaru, a great demon warlord, and his love Kagome and the events leading up to one of the greatest battles of history had interested Mika, though Trina had no idea why. She was much more interested in things like real boys and making out under the boardwalk...but don't tell her grandmother that. Since moving in with Grandma Higurashi, Trina's life had become overprotected hell.

"Yeah...they just can't end it like that!"

Trina gracefully jumped over the couch and landed next to her younger brother. Patting his knee, she smiled sympathetically. "What happened, lil bro?"

"Okay, it was going great, right?" Mika waved his hands around in his exuberance, almost smacking Trina once but she forgave seeing as he was really het up about something. "And we're on the final epi...and Kagome has blown off Bankotsu and gone to help her man, right? And that's it. That's all they give us! HOW CAN THEY JUST LEAVE IT HANGIN'! We find out Kags is prego and suddenly we're finished! DID THEY SURVIVE? DID THEY TELL EACH OTHER THEY LOVED EACH OTHER! ARG!"

Trina looked at her red-faced brother who looked ready to chew glass. "Are you gay?"

Mika stared at her confused. "What?"

She put her hands up in the "I mean no harm" manner and smiled. "I mean, you're so interested in romance and intrigue. Not to mention the huge poster of Sesshomaru on your wall. So, it's a logical question. Are you?"


"Geez, just asking."

"Damn it, I just want to know what happened."

"I know what happened."

Mika looked at her skeptically. "How?"

Trina grinned evilly. "It's based on a true story, 'member? We covered it in History, and specifically this legend in Lit."

Mika smiled. "So you're gonna tell me, right?"

Trina rose and headed to the kitchen. "For a price."

"Oh, come on!" Mika said, following her. "I could just look it up myself, right now."

Trina got a soda out of the fridge and headed back into the living room. "You could, but Witch Hunter Robin is coming on in three minutes and by the time that's over it'll be bedtime, and you'll forget all about it by morning."

"Come on, Trina! Tell me!"

"On one condition."


"I got a date with Hojo this Friday. Cover for me with grandma."

"Eewww...that dude who's always bringing you stuff for like colds and stuff?"

Trina settled into the couch and was tempted to change the channel to MTV so that she could watch Laguna Beach but knew her hand would be bitten off if she did. "Yep...he finally wore me down."

"Okay, I'll cover. So tell me."

"They lived happily ever after."

Mika waited.

And waited.

"That's all?"

"All you're getting right now."

"Give me details!"

"Witch Hunter Robin is about to start."

"I don't care."

"Says the boy with an Amon poster on his wall...right next to his Sesshomaru one and his Spike one. Are you sure you're not gay?"


"Alright, fine!" Trina set her soda on the coffee table and turned to her brother. "They both survived...and had many children...and were very happy, though there was an incident when Sesshomaru got caught with his pants down with some chick, but Kagome, like, killed the chick and it was fine."

"I don't believe you."

Trina sighed. "Fine. Don't believe me. But you still have to cover for me."




"Quit being a child."

"I will you if you will."


"Hey, Mika? Amon's pretty hot, ain't he?"





Okay, that's the epilogue...I hope everyone enjoys it...I hope we liked the story...Yeah...I'M GOING TO MISS YOU GUYS! But right now, I'm going to start focusing on my Star Trek and X Men fics, so you know how it is...

A/N As a bit of an explanation for the epilogue, I just want to point out that I never do the things you expect...so I hope you enjoy my pointless and way out-of-the box epilogue...SMOOCHES!