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Awaking of darkness

Netto gets a new synchro chip but it's not the usual synchro chip.

Chapter 1

At Neo World Three headquarters

In Tesla's office, there were all the operatives.

"Netto and Rockman have long enough annoyed our operation. We will get rid of them for once and for all," said Tesla in her chair.

"But how, they keep beating us all up!" exclaimed Narcy Hide, operator of Videoman.

"Our status looks won't get much rating," alleged Sunayama, operator of Desertman.

"We supposed to be the strongest!" said Takeo Inukai, operator of Beastman .

"Yet we have beaten," claimed Saiko Rei, operator of Flashman.

"I know but this time we will get rid both of them for once and for all," said Tesla as she motioned to her father, Gauss. He showed them a chip that was tinted black to all of them that was in a box. But this dark chip was not like the usual dark chip seen in the past. Instead of the usual yellow tint, it had a red tint at the middle of the chip.

"A dark chip? That might work against Rockman," assumed Saiko.

"Oh, no, no! I said we get rid BOTH the boy and the navi," said Tesla smugly.

"Excellent idea! Our prestige will go up for sure!" exclaimed Sunayama.

"I don't understand. Oh why couldn't it be a pink chip?" asked Narcy.

"You dolt, it's that cross fusion that the boy always does to beat us," said Takeo.

"That's correct! This dark chip I have is no ordinary dark chip. This is the Dark Synchro Chip. It is specifically for corrupting cross fusion. I know that my self since I have built these chips for my daughter to cross fuse," said Gauss.

"Yes, his guess should be accurate since he looked at the stolen designs of Hikari's original Syncho Chip," said Tesla.

"But how are going to convince him at use the chip?" asked Saiko.

"Don't worry I have a plan on how to do so," said Tesla as she told her plan to the others.

A few days later, Netto was in the library doing homework for the first time in his life. Then his PET rang.

"You got mail," said the navi, Rockman.

"Who is it from?" asked Netto.

"It's from our famous guy as usual. Maybe there's another mission?" answered Rockman.

"Opened it," ordered Netto.

So Rockman did and a visual picture came out of the PET to greet the operator.

"Hello Netto, we don't have a mission this time. But Sci Lab has built a new Synchro Chip," said Meijin.

"What's so great about this Synchro Chip?" asked Netto.

"This Synchro Chip will drain less energy from you than the recent Synchro Chip," replied Meijin.

"But why give this to me?" asked Netto.

"You have been in more battles than any other net saviors. Therefore you are first in priority," said Meijin.

"Ok if you say so. So when do I get the chip at Sci Lab?"

"You won't. You'll get it at a hidden location. The Synchro Chip cannot be fall onto Neo World Three's hand especially since their leader has the same ability as you. I'll give you the map where to find it. Come three hours from now.

"Understood Meijin-san," said Netto.

Then Meijin ended the communication which Rockman took noticed.

"Hey Netto, don't you think it's strange he didn't say 'San wa iranai'? inquired Rockman.

"Nah, maybe he gave up on it.," shrugged Netto. "Besides I got to finish the homework before I get there."

Rockman nodded but had a very weird feeling as if his gut was saying 'danger will be coming'.

Fortunately he was right but unfortunately he had no proof.

At Neo World Three headquarters

"Good job Videoman," praised Narcy.

"Of course, I am the best in cinematography," answered Videoman.

"Excellent, he didn't notice anything. Being phase two!" ordered Tesla.