Awaking of darkness

Netto was tricked into using a dark synchro chip. When he cross fused with his navi, the darkness within both of them is awakened and takes over their body. Nobody will be spared by this new entity's wrath: Dark Rockman.

Chapter 3

At junk yard

After using the dark chip, a bight purple light engulfed Netto and blinded the members of Neo WWW for a while. As the light died down Netto was seen his Cross Fusion state.

But it wasn't his usual Cross Fusion. He had veins popping out at various places of his body and it was as if Netto was infected with some sort of poison. Various places of his body became fuzzy almost as if part of Rockman's data was deteriorating. Worst was some part of his body started to become gray as if it was decaying or something like in any sort of zombie movie.

What was worst was that Netto felt pain, the real meaning of it. It wasn't the pain of getting hit on the head by a girl, blasted by a navi's attack, or any one type of physical pain. It was also not the pain of being scolded for being late, getting a bad report card, nor any one type of mental pain.

This pain was pure torture of both physically and mentally at every centimeter of his body. It was like poison was running through every surface of his body and it was eating him alive from the inside.

"What did you do to me," uttered Netto even though it was really painful as if he had just gone to the dentist.

"Ho, ho, ho!" laughed Narcy.

"We can't ever beat you, so we're going to get rid of you," sneered Takeo.

"It's a perfect way for the ending of a hero," smirked Sunayama as he continued to film the scene.

"Battle Chip: Bug Fix, Slot-ugh!" cried out Netto as he collapsed down in pain. He had hoped that it would fix the damages done by the foreign chip but for some reason he wasn't able to use that chip. So he tried to use Battle Chip, Repair, too but it failed as well.

"Hikari, do not think that I forgot your knack of using chips. I have specified made sure that the chip would block your ability. Nothing will save you!" said Tesla

"If I go down, there are others who will stop you," pronounced Netto as started to feel dizzy.

"As if! The problem with other gangs is that they didn't get rid of the root of the problem and that is YOU. Plus if you mean the other Net Saviors, they far away from here doing their little petty deeds."

"No…" groaned Netto weakly.

"Oh yes! Finally world domination will happen! The film will break the office box records!" said Narcy.

"Even if I am gone-" Netto suddenly started to cough. Specks of blood landed on the ground before him.

"Blah ha! Your immune system is attacking yourself. Soon you'll die by your own defense!" shouted Tesla.

Netto tried to slot in a recovery chip as a last attempt but he failed. He started to feel very woozy and then he was kicked into the stomach by Tesla who shouted something about ruining her birthday.

Netto's vision started to blur and he soon no longer heard what the other members of Neo World Three were jeering about. Then he fell to the ground hearing the cheers of these criminals as the infection reached to his head.

There they left Netto to die alone after taking a picture of themselves onto the fallen hero.

One thing they didn't know about was the last thoughts of the fallen hero…

In the very depth of Netto's mind, there was an ongoing struggle between himself with Rockman and the darkness that was forcibly implanted.

"Rockbuster!" shouted Rockman as he fired upon a black mass-like creature with an evil grin and eyes.

But it had no affected on the creature of darkness as if the shots came from a BB gun. It was solid alright, but had a characteristic of a ghost since it hover midair. The creature grinned even wider and it started to advance on the boys. Somehow, by some really strange phenomenon, Rockman and Netto were able to see each other face to face once again like they did before they went to fight Alpha. But they had no time to enjoy their reunion.

Seeing they had no battle chips and that the buster was not working, they attempted to escape. But the creature of darkness was simply too fast for them. Netto was attacked first. The malice creature's razor sharp teeth bit hard into Netto's leg. Blood began to seep out between the creature's teeth. Netto screamed and fell down. The creature's touch was very cold as if he lost his leg to frostbites.

Rockman, seeing the terror in his brother, was enraged. He charged up his buster at the shadow creature.

"Charge Shot!" yelled Rockman as he fell backwards from the recoil of his buster. The color of the purple concentrated energy impacted onto the darkness. Rockman truly hoped that his shot would take that creature away to hell. For that second, it seemed to work since the creature didn't dodge and the shot impacted upon the creature. Rockman mentally cheered thinking that sucker was gone. But his victory was short lived after the smoke had cleared.

The creature was still there, but it seemed to be stiff; the charge shot had only momentary stunned it.

"No…" whispered out Rockman in expiration. What the heck can he do? That thing took his strongest attack at point blank. Hearing a whimper, he turned around. He had momentary forgotten about his brother. He had no idea how they were able to meet face to face. Maybe it had to do with Cross Fusion with that fraudulent chip. But then again, it could be when Netto fell unconscious in the real world. But there was no time to think! He had to get Netto somewhere safe, away from wherever they were.

Rockman grabbed the injured Netto and he tired to pull his operator away. But at that moment the creature broke free from its stun and gave a shrilling noise which shocked the boys to their heart.

Rockman tried to block out the din mentally but it was proven too difficult. It was the same for Netto. They felt this was something similar to Shademan's Noise Crush attack, but much worse. The blue bomber fired another Charged Shot at that creature, this time at its mouth, hoping to shut it up.

It definitely worked as the thing stopped screaming. But there was one problem. Its head wasn't blown off. The good thing was that it was stunned. The bad thing was that it's still alive and still standing.

Rockman was feeling exhausted and he started to pant as he stared at it. The reason was that every time he used his Rock Buster, especially the charge shot, it took a bit of energy out of him. The charged shot Rockman fired drained a lot of energy out of him, making him very tired. But the current situation was not the time for him to think about the fatigue. The creature was back up yet again as it shook from its dazzle.

Rockman was somewhat afraid. He would do whatever it took to protect his brother, even it cost his life.

As he waited in defiance for the creature that once again started to attack by gliding towards him, something unexpected happened.

"Rockbuster!" came a voice. Rockman turned to where the voice was and he watched as somebody fired an attack similar to his, but instead was a teal color. That energy shot went onto the creature and actually knock the creature into a wall, breaking it.

Rockman was stunned. Who else could be here?

He looked more intently at who just saved them. His eyes widen when he realized who the person could be. It was someone he never thought he would see in his life.

"Dark Rockman…"


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