"Yippee! Hooray!" a little 10 year old boy shouted as he jumped up and down his bed.

The boy's two goldfishes stared at him, their eyes following his movements.

"What's Timmy so excited about?" one of them, with pink eyes, said.

"I don't know" the other replied. Then, he gasped. "Maybe it's my birthday!" he exclaimed excitedly. "I gotta get ready!" he said then quickly entered their castle inside the fishbowl.

The first fish rolled her eyes and then turned into a fairy with pink hair.

"Mind filling us in in your excitement, Timmy?" she asked.

"It's…this…letter! She's…coming…home!" he responded as he jumped up and down. His next jump however was a little too high that he was about to hit the floor.

Raising her wand, Wanda hastily made a pillow appear for him to land on.

"She? Who's she?" she asked.

"My sister!" Timmy answered eagerly. "She's coming back!" he said as he let Wanda read the letter.

Then, Cosmo appeared out of nowhere wearing a birthday hat.

"Happy birthday to me!" he sang. "So, when's my party?"

Timmy raised an eyebrow. "Uh… Cosmo, it's not your birthday" he said.

"Oh" Cosmo replied as the hat disappeared. "Then, whose is it?"

"No one's" Timmy answered. "What makes you think there was a birthday?"

"You were jumping up and down your bed!"

"Cosmo, that's only because his elder sister is coming here tomorrow" Wanda said as she finished reading the letter.

Timmy went hyper again. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" he said speedily while jumping up and down… again.

"Timmy said a sister?" Cosmo said in surprise.

"Of course I do. She's been out of the country for five years! I can't wait to see her again! We'll spend so much time with each other! Just like old times" Timmy said.

"But Timmy, it says here in the letter that she's going to bring a special someone with her" Wanda said. "Who could that be?"

However, Timmy merely flicked a hand as if it was nothing. "It's probably some girl friend of hers who'll stay for a few days then leave."

"You don't think it's a boy?"

"Ha!" Timmy responded. "I'm the only boy in her life" he said confidently.

"I still like a party better" Cosmo murmured with his arms crossed.


"Come on, you know you're the only boy in my life" a girl said sweetly, tucking a few strands of her long brown hair behind her ears.

"I don't know. What if your parents don't like me?" a boy replied, scratching his black hair nervously.

"I'm positive they will" she replied, staring into his blue eyes with her own.

"But what about… who was it again? Timmy."

"He's my little brother. He'll embrace you with open arms, you'll see" she said as she inserted her arm to his.

The boy smiled. "Alright, I believe you" he said then both of them walked towards the airport.