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So, let me talk about my stories to come. I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be doing a sequel on this fic. I can't think of a good enough plot. However, I did promise some of you a sequel to my KP fic, Mortal Enemies and to my second ADJL fic, Shocking Discoveries. Don't worry, I'll fulfill those promises, count on it. But it might take a while. I'm thinking of doing my second Mortal Enemies fic first, if you don't mind.

Allow me to remind you of my summary for my next KP fic,

Lexxy and Drake are together. They're finally going out, both on dates and on missions. But what'll happen if a new girl comes along? A really really pretty new girl that somehow captures Drake's heart? The new couple's love is going to be even more tested as they will also meet another guy. And just to add it all up, another villain is seeking revengeā€¦ and power.

Well, I hope I can post the first chapter soon. I also hope you guys will read it. Thanks again. See ya! ;)