The Zabini Twins?

Chapter 1: intro

Setting: Hogwarts, London, winter

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Chapter 1.

Hermione was walking down Diagon Alley to where else but Flourish and Blotts, then she ran into, who else but Draco Malfoy.

" Watch it Mud-Blood!" he spat at her.

"Calm down ferret-boy." Her response.

She paid no attention to Malfoy's insults anymore; they were as regular as Harry and Ron talking about Quiddich. The moment she sat down at the table when she got home, something was up she knew it.

" Hermione, we need to talk", the first thing to come out of Hellen Granger's mouth.

" Yeah Mom, what's up?" asked Hermione.

" Hermione, you're a Zabini."

" What the fuck, do you mean I'm a Zabini!"

" You are a pure-blood, and really the daughter of Zachary and Maylen Zabini."

" Mom are you kidding?" she asked hopefully.

" No, the Zabini's are a few pure-bloods who aren't in Voldemort's league. We were great friends with them and agreed to keep you until your final year at Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore suggested a disguising charm.

Tomorrow you will be going to Zabini Manor. That's final."

" Mom is this some sick practical joke?" she asked hopefully.

"No Hermione!"

Hermione stormed up stairs, and slammed her door.

Then she began to write in her journal:

Dear Journal,

I must have all the bad luck in the world; I mean I am a Zabini. I have a disguise charm on myself I wonder what I really look like? If it's anything like Blaise I can't look that bad I mean he is my brother. Wait if he's my brother then we are twins I am hot! Oh God what am I thinking? I am going to Zabini Manor tomorrow and I am going to look at the real me, I forgot I am being transferred to Slytherin also; can my life get any worse! I am also supposed to be head girl and Malfoy's head boy we share a dorm! But at least we are sharing a common room with the prefects and Blaise is a Slytherin prefect, so my brother will be there to protect me from Draco!





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