This is a non-profit tribute to the works of JK Rowling who, together with her publishers and licensees, owns the characters and situations elaborated herein.

A/N This poem began as a review response to HiddenFlame42's "Dumbledore, Dumbledore" but I decided it made more sense to post it separately.

Dumbledore, Dumbledore, how dumb were you?
Could Snape regret James's death? Could you think that true?
Could that be your reason to trust him so greatly,
Or did you know all that he'd been up to lately?

'Twas strange that he made that Unbreakable Vow;
Was he bluffing the sisters, pretending to know?
Was it just an excuse to ask Draco's intention
Without getting loyalty called into question?

Did he know then, or later discover the victim?
Was that why you argued? Was it hard to convince him
That he'd have to kill you - appear double-faced,
Rather than jeopardise where he was placed -

And save Harry too? But by now that's a habit;
Whenever a chance to do that came he'd grab it,
And ne-er did he miss an occasion to teach him,
Though all Harry noticed was malice and screeching.

With time running out, you had so much to do,
You destroyed the ring Horcrux, employed Slughorn too,
Went memory-hunting, made quite a collection,
Took Harry with you for some Pensieve-inspection,

Told him about Horcruxes, parts of a soul -
Six separated, plus Tom, makes one whole -
Made him promise to follow your orders then took him
To that fateful cave, where doubt and pain shook him.

Swimming to shore and crossing the lake,
Though Inferi-infested, was easy to take,
But the toughest of trials was the poison-filled cup,
When you forced him to force you to drink it all up.

Draco was smarter than we'd ever seen him
His plan so well-hid even Snape couldn't beat him,
Until, at the last, his weakness undid him,
'Tis harder to kill face-to-face with one's victim.

Then with Death Eaters watching, in swept your man Snape,
All scowl and revulsion and billowing cape,
What were you pleading, had you mercy forbade him,
And so, with no choice, did he do as you bade him?

Dumbledore, Dumbledore,were you so dumb
Or else so clear-headed you knew what must come?
You named your successor and died for him too;
Will Harry be ever as clever as you?