This is a non-profit tribute to the works of JK Rowling who, together with her publishers and licensees, owns the characters and situations elaborated herein.

A/N: Spoilers. Thanks to all my reviewers.

Ginevra, oh what a go-getter were you,
With your serial boyfriends you seemed to go through,
With your Quidditch brooms pinched from the family shed
And your Bat-Bogey hexes that turned Slughorn's head.

You'd fallen for Harry before you first met him.
Then he'd saved you in first year, how could you forget him?
Through all of the years and the boyfriends you'd dated,
You'd waited for Harry – and waited - and waited

With hope in your heart but with time and chance fleeting,
For heroes have villains who need their defeating,
So you understood – and the thought made you grumpy -
That serial dumper would soon become dumpee.

Was it jealousy prompting your jeering at Fleur?
If you'd been a veela and lovely as her
He'd have noticed you sooner as more than Ron's sister
And kissed you as sweetly as brother Bill kissed her.

But kisses are kisses, so if not from Harry
You'd take them from boys you did not want to marry,
You'd seize the short day and make hay while sun shone.
As Hermione told you, life had to go on

And flirting was better than sitting alone
To wait for a day when he'd see on his own.
(You knew when she spoke that she had Ron in mind
For both of those boneheads were equally blind.)

Then Ron began meddling, he told George and Fred;
Praise Merlin that he didn't tell mum instead!
All brothers think sisters should do as they say,
A sister with boyfriends fills them with dismay.

When he started again you just blew up at him,
What right had a person so dense and so dim,
Who had no conception of what he was missing,
To say whom you could or could not end up kissing?

Dean didn't last; he was way too protective
Helped you through doors as if you were defective,
Couldn't he see you were brave, strong and tough?
The night Harry got lucky you'd just had enough.

The baby of seven, you'd learned very young
To stand up for yourself and to have a sharp tongue
And you'd learned from the twins how to make your own luck
And that risks are a way out when otherwise stuck.

You knew what you wanted, you found how to get it,
For nothing could hinder you unless you let it,
You taught Zacharias to watch what he said
Or you'd bring the roof down on top of his head.

You got mad when Hermione told Harry off,
When she tried to cite Quidditch you just had to scoff,
And with you as the seeker the team didn't miss
But the best part of winning was Harry's great kiss.

'Tis better to love and to lose than to never
Have loved, you'd have waited forever and ever
For Harry to see you and know you and want you,
So knowing he'd leave had no power to daunt you.

You always knew that your time would be short
You knew that he'd still choose to face Voldemort
And he'd want you behind him and not by his side
And his troubles and secrets he wouldn't confide.

Ginevra, oh what a go-getter were you
But a hero must do what a hero must do
So he's off with his friends and he's left you behind
Will you ever be foremost of what's on his mind?