IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE YOU MUST READ FIRST: Hello. First TT fanfic, but not first fanfic EVER, especially romance. That being said, this story is overall a romance, with a cup of humor, and a tablespoon of drama. I don't claim to be an expert on the series, I've missed a FEW of the newer episodes, I didn't read the comics, and sometimes, people might get a LITTLE bit OOC. This plot is NOT the cliché you think it is! I SWEAR it's got a twist! I hope you enjoy, and let it be known that I do NOT own TT! .

This is not Chapter one, this is an Excerpt that will show up in a later chapter. Chapter one is coming SHORTLY:D

Beast Boy leaned back in the chair, and swiveled so the back of the chair was facing the table. "Let's just say my day wasn't so hot."

Raven reached around the chair, and massaged his shoulders. Her touch was definitely enjoyable, since his muscles had tensed and become as hard as the supposed muscles Raven adored so much. "Aw! Well, tell me about it. Maybe I can…make you feel better?"

He pretended to ignore her obvious innuendo. "I got in a fight with you…AGAIN, Cyborg whooped my tail in RaceX-20, and what's worse, I got even more whooped by a little guy who was the first kid to have 'crud,' as his first word."

"Life is so stressful isn't it?" Raven's arm's slid lower down his chest…lower…lower…did she crawl on the table or something?

"Uh…it can be."

Her hands were beginning to get a little too low for Beast Boy, so he grabbed them, and so he wouldn't offend her, gently kissed her fingers. "Tell me about your bad day," he said, his voice unusually high, yet understandable, given the uncomfortable situation.

"I was so alone today. It felt like…I don't know, everything was empty, all of it was a blur."

Beast Boy felt the stir of pity deep in his stomach. "I'm sorry. How come?"

Raven swiftly flew around so she was facing Beast Boy, and in the instance of a blink, Raven was straddling his lap on the chair. "I didn't have you."

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and was leaning in quite close, her reddish cape was enveloping his face as she tried to lean in for a kiss. He put a finger on her lips, knowing he didn't want this. Her eyes opened, and she leaned back, her eyes shining with disappointment…or was that tears?

"What's wrong Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy tried to think quickly. He should be able to do this! As a jokester, he had an instinctively quick wit, and it got even quicker when he was in battle since he had to think to transform. But now, his mind was boggled.

"Uh…Raven? This isn't about you, it's uh…" He looked down, trying to look at his lap, but instead, he saw Raven's smooth thighs, and in a bizarre way, a thought finally popped into his head. "It is you actually…you see…I can't kiss you, until I kiss you…morally it just doesn't seem right…get it?"

Raven smiled, and giggled as her hands slid down his chest, this time, thankfully, stopping at his pecs. "I get it sweetie. Just make sure you kiss me very soon."

She leaned in, this time, to his ear. "Because I can't wait much longer."

Beast Boy chuckled nervously. "Hehe…yeah…neither can I."

Suddenly, Raven disappeared, just as a wide door opened. "Beast Boy! Finally!"

He blushed, hoping his new guest saw only him. "Sorry Raven."

She looked around suspiciously, and a delicate purple brow rose. "I've been looking all over for you! And I thought I heard someone talking. Was one of my emotions in here?"

Blinking, Beast Boy's eyes rolled up. "No…I don't think so."

Raven looked skeptical, but she dropped it. "Look, I've told you over and over…stay OUT OF MY MIND!"

Raven quite mad at him now, and it was quite refreshing, since she'd been doing nothing but dote on him lately. "Now come on, before one of my other emotions end up visiting you."

Beast boy rose from the chair, irritated. "I already to you, I wasn't talking to an emotion! I was talking to myself."

Raven blinked. "You're more of a weirdo than I thought," she said, and made an abrupt about-face as she left.

Then again…

Beast Boy turned his head towards the shadow, where the other Raven was hiding. She smiled at him, and blew a kiss from her darkened position, and mouthed, "Soon!"

Maybe it wasn't so bad being doted on…

He blew her a kiss back, and winked before he left.

(I hope you like this! I'm new to this competitive field, so please go easy on me. All 'goof ups' are intentional, except for certain grammar and spelling.)