By: Lady Isis

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Mirror of Contrast

Chapter 1

Serena Linton silently cursed as she crawled through an abandoned shaft of Lunarius Mansion. The Nocturnal Defence Society had sent her on a very risky mission, right into the Werewolf heart. Serena warily moved, trying her best to keep noise at an absolute minimum, werewolves were know for their punishment of invaders. She just hoped the rest of the team were safe, despite hating them at the present moment for sending her down the dirty shaft. Tearing through the curtain like cobwebs, she winced as she felt the clingy substance stick to her delicate skin. It was so unfair! How come she always got stuck with the shit jobs? Sometimes it really sucked to be short.

Wiping her brow Serena paused, panting slightly. Her knees were beginning to hurt from the crawling, and the thick dust coated her black pants and top, making them a yellowish grey.

"When I get back to headquarters I'm gonna demand a bonus," she muttered, swiping at the irritating hair coming loose from its braid.

Almost crawling into a dead end, Serena smiled with genuine happiness. Never had she been so happy to almost hit a wall – even if it was in a werewolf mansion. Quickly referring to the map of the ancient mansion, Serena made sure it was in correspondence with the correct room. Apparently the house was full of secret shafts, like this one, which were used in the past by captured fairy creatures forced into enslavement.

Flicking open her tool bag, Serena sifted through the equipment and removed a long knife. Using her muscles, she pushed the knife against the wall until the super sharp blade penetrated the thick board. Serena silently praised the blacksmith goblins – despite their standoffish nature – for creating the efficient (and incredible) blade. Sawing the knife through the wood, Serena created a crude circle big enough for her to slide through. Levering the wood square towards her, Serena gracefully climbed from the hole.

As soon as her feet touched the wooden floors, the office lights flicked on. Serena jumped in shock, her heart thundering within her chest – she'd been caught.

"Turn around," A criminally sensuous voice instructed.

"And don't do anything stupid," he added.

Spinning slowly, Serena saw four of the most dangerous men she had been warned about: Zen Beaumont, Maxemus Logan, Jed Theodoric and Nathan Lucius. Serena quivered, a sickening feeling forming within her throat. She was a dead woman.

Serena gulped as Jed Theodoric disarmed her, taking her SIG Sauer P220 and tools.

"So the NDS thought they could try to infiltrate my home and steal information," The owner of the deep voice said, stepping from the shadows.

Serena's eyes widened at the man before her, he had to be the most exquisite man she had ever seen. Spectacular! Was the only word to describe him. He was tall, as most werewolves were, towering over her diminutive 5'4 frame (her head barely tickled his shoulders). His face held a dark dangerous beauty, haunting, alluring and utterly desirable.

She'd never seen him before, but she knew from reputation that he was Darien Shields, Alpha male of the most infamous, deceptive werewolf pack ever. He was a genius at what he did, executing everything with perfection – a criminal mastermind. That's why the NDS sent her – to try scrape some dirt and finally lock him away.

She was so screwed.

"Did you think we would not find you?" He asked in his teasing tone, the light rippling on his inky black hair.

Despite how terrified she was Serena stood her ground, bravely peering into the Werewolf kings startling, icy eyes.

He chucked, "So the little fairy has a back bone."

"Pixie!" She spat, silently groaning her blurt out.

Being called a fairy was a sensitive issue for her. She hated it, and automatically contradicted anyone who didn't get the distinction.

"Pixie, fairy all the same," He purred.

"Well then, get on the floor you dog and bark like a good boy," Serena retorted angrily.

Adrenaline pumped through her body; if she was going to die she might as well go down with an impression.

Darien cocked an arrogant grin, "Well see who's on the floor."

Serena felt her body go cold, what did he mean by that? She didn't have long to contemplate it before he interrupted.

"Was there anyone with you?" He asked.

"No!" Serena said a little too forcefully.

"Liar," He stated touching her face with his fingertips, "Bring them in," he commanded.

Two of the men left the room and re-entered with the other three, bound and gagged members of her team. They stumbled in, falling to their knees; Serena scowled at the dark expressions of defeat upon their faces.

"Don't lie to me," He said calmly, "So you're a pixie, explains your shortness."

Serena bristled at that comment, "Screw you," she muttered.

"No wonder you're practically extinct, their wicked mouths got them in trouble."

Serena lurched at him – his comment had hurt more than she anticipated. She didn't get far as Jed Theodoric moved behind her and held her back.

"Did I hit a chord, little pixie?" Darien taunted, moving forward and once again touching her face.

She cringed and wriggled in a ditch effort to avoid them.

"What's your name?" He asked softly, his eyes roaming over her face.

"Go to hell you bastard," she hissed.

The blond man released her and Darien grabbed Serena by the front of her shirt, pulling her against him. Dipping his head he whispered so softly only she could hear, "I'm already there."

Letting go Serena fell to the ground, landing hard on her backside. Wincing she stood up, glaring at the werewolves.

"Take them to the forest," Darien commanded, his burning eyes focused solely on her.

The blond wolf once against gripped her, this time by the arm, but Serena jerked from his grasp, "I can walk by my self!" She hissed.

Picking up her battered pride she stalked past, nose high in the air. The other werewolves scoffed at her, grabbing the disabled members of her team. Following Darien, he led the group outside, Serena shivered as the cold wind sliced through her thin clothes. Wrapping her arms round her waist Serena rushed to her group members as the werewolves dropped them carelessly on the ground. Kneeling Serena pulled the gag from Allan's mouth.

"Are you okay?" She asked the sandy-haired elf.

"Yeah I'm fine, but how about you?" He asked, grabbing her shoulders.

"I'm okay, are you two fine?" She asked the other men. They grunted in response, rubbing their sore limbs.

"Get off her elf," Darien said, pulling Allan away by his collar.

Allan gagged and sprawled onto the ground, Serena glared heatedly at Darien, hate coursing through her. Gazing around, Serena went cold as she saw more wolves appear from the shadows, and she unconsciously shrunk away.

"Oh god," she heard Allan mutter.

"Here's the deal," Darien said in a loud, taunting voice, "You have two minutes to get away."

Serena wasn't sure what this meant, but she had some idea, and the blood drained from her face.

"Your time starts," Darien antagonized, looking down at his watch, "NOW!"

Serena sprung to her feet and ran like the devil was on her heels. She refused to be…ripped to shreds by a werewolf. Tears prickled in her eyes – she was scared, terrified, she didn't want to die. Sprinting, Serena put all her remaining energy into escaping.

Getting through the woods was a struggle; it was like the world was determined to stop her. The gnarled tree roots threatened to trip her and the branches reached and ripped at her clothes. Serena's lungs burned with exertion and her legs ached. Tripping she rolled down a steep hill, her body severely hitting trees and she cried out in pain – but she had to get away.

Darien rejoiced as he transformed into his wolf side, now he was going to chase the pixie. He had already warned his pack they could have anyone, except her – she was his. Gliding easily through the wood he followed her delicious scent. He was surprised at how far she had run; he didn't expect that of her little body, she was defiantly a challenge.

Increasing his speed Darien's body soured over the ground, he felt exhilarated; finally he was getting what he so badly wanted. Gliding like a speeding bullet he stopped momentarily, breathing in the icy air. He was catching up to her – Darien could feel it. Passing through trees he saw her silvery blonde hair shining under the moonlight, that woman certainly had some legs on her. As he gained she heard his advance and squeaked, ducking between the shrubs, her breath laboured.

Tripping over a root Serena hit the ground hard. Sobbing, desperation clawing at her, she forced herself to her feet and continued to sprint.

"Oh please Selene, protect me," she muttered hoarsely.

Suddenly she couldn't hear Darien chasing her, reducing her speed Serena warily peered through the darkness. If she couldn't see or hear him she was in huge trouble, he had the advantage and could attack at any moment. Serena knew he was there, she could feel it in her bones, it was worse him waiting to pounce then him chasing her. Just as she broke into a clearing, she saw a blur of black and something slammed into her, knocking the wind from her lungs. Serena landed on the ground so forcefully spots danced in her vision and the wind was knocked from her lungs. Breathless, she gasped frantically for air, sucking in the precious oxygen.

When her blurry surroundings focused, her body froze with fear. She was lying between the legs of the Werewolf King, who stood victoriously above her.

Darien glanced down at the pixie, despite being in pain and covered in dirt her ethereal beauty still shone through. He could now defiantly see she was no fairy, too small and fragile, who'd have thought the lovely creature beneath him had such a sharp tongue. He could feel her fear but her sapphire eyes were glaring with hate, her chest heaving as she drew in her breath.

Throwing his head up Darien howled to the moon, he was alive!

Serena shuddered as the lone howl sliced through her and resounded into the night. She refused to show defeat even though she was in agony, every muscle in her body screamed with pain and the air burned down her throat. Her heart rate increased as the wolf made eye contact, there was no mistaking those chilling eyes and Serena silently cringed. Dipping his shaggy head, he softly sniffed her neck and down her breasts, slowly travelling back up to her face. Serena blushed, her eyes shooting sparks at the wolf.

Returning to her neck he intimately nuzzled her, Serena whimpered. Was he going to kill her now? Rip her throat out?

Suddenly his sharp teeth nipped the side of her neck, Serena gasped, tears involuntarily prickling within her eyes. Seconds later the pain subsided as he comfortingly licked the bleeding wound.

Before she knew it he was gone melting within the shadows of the night. Serena lay panting on the ground trying to comprehend what had just happened, was he going to come back and kill her? Not wanting to contemplate it, she wobbly got to her feet and stumbled shakily through into the forest, thoroughly distressed.

Darien watched her leave from the shadows, as he lost sight of her he turned and trotted back to the mansion feeling new sensations he had never experienced.

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