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The questions of the night before start even before the door closes as they leave the Nara household, "Shika-kun (I don't know why woman insist on calling him that) told me what he thought you did. I want to know the whole situation." Naruto while looking like he got pulled from a train wreck made a valiant effort at appearing not so before beginning. "I was not able to complete the graduation test due to never being any good at the bunshin no jutsu -" Iziri feeling the need of input, "I still remember the time when all those stupid humans failed to notice that the bunshin they chased into the gorge didn't have a face, they were a distance away so I guess not much can be said." Noticing the expression on the Uzumaki's face she resumed to being the listener. "As I was saying they failed me and after we were released Mitsuke made a ridiculous statement that I could go above and beyond the test and pass a different way, I was grabbing at nothing and went along with it blindly." A look of stern anger comes to his face as he stops and continues, "that night I stole the scroll and went to a designated location and passed my time learning one of the jutsus. And by the time Mitsuke got there I had already mastered it; it wasn't far off from the jutsu I created to form your body. Before I was to give Mitsuke the scroll Iruka-sensei shows up and they have a row, the situation was clear so I used the jutsu I had just learned and cleaned Mitsuke's clock then Iruka passed me."

At this point we can all take notice to the utter silence surrounding the two. After the couple catch on to what we already know they start heading to a louder part of Konoha. They were reaching the shopping district when they greeted by someone from behind. "Congratulations Naruto-kun, good morning Iziri-sama." Iziri and I spin around toward the sound of the voice to find that it came from The Uchiha wearing his usual attire of black uniform and green jounin vest and customary null facial expression. Naruto suddenly finds himself touched that Itachi (the man of VERY few words) showed him honor in his serious appraisal. His left eye was beginning to tear up when something clicked in that strange head of his," hey Itachi-san could you help me with something?" The Uzumaki stays true to his title of most surprising nin and has Itachi's normally stolid expression change to one screaming extreme vigilance. Slowly he asks the question he wishes most not to ask, "what is it Naruto-kun?" "Could you help me with getting proper paper work for Iziri to be a nin of Konoha." Even before he finished the question he could see the look in Itachi's eyes, the message was a clear NO. Strangely enough Naruto didn't seem the least perturbed by this and just gave his friend a farewell and continued walking down the street.

If anyone noticed they would have seen The Uchiha's expression become manic for the smallest fraction of a second. (Though no one did)

The twilight hours have just finished as the couple start the 'tour'. They walk leisurely through the shopping district examining possible outfits and equipment (Iziri had to be shoved passed) and possible weapons (Naruto had to be dragged away). Just before they left Naruto left a kage bunshin with some cash. Passing the old residential district now a slum they go in memory of the past and respect for that it was the place he lived as he grew up into what Naruto is now.

Heading back to Ichiraku's ramen stand for lunch Iziri had to ask her previous container something, "Is what your going to do to Itachi-kun have something to do with the bunshin you left back there?" "Yep consider your paper work taken care of, he will probably be back in something close to 30 hours to brief you on 'you life story'." Iziri gives him a scoff, "cocky little blonde shit." Naruto just smiles.

"Oi Naruto-kun long time no see, I was beginning to think that you left town without saying good-bye." Ichiraku's voice was a not so pleasant reminder of his hunger. (Immediately ordering a few starting bowls of pork ramen.) The duo took their seats and were going to continue the conversation but were butted into by the chef's assistant, "Oh my god Naruto-kun you won't believe what just happened! It was Itachi-sama! He talked to me; he actually spoke to me, it was amazing." A huge sigh of being overwhelmed with emotion finished her small outburst.

Naruto, was now confused as hell considering The Uchiha was a man of VERY few words, especially to fan girls(Iziri while not confused, seemed quite calm though for some unknown reason everyone around the stand started backing away). Trying to assuage his worries he questioned, "so what did he say?" Ayame suddenly got a concerned look on her face before answering, "oh gosh what was it that he said, ummmmmmm something about being back tomorrow nightish and needing to meet you or was it someone else… yeah that was what he said."

Naruto was opening his mouth when he felt Iziri's hand on his shoulder, nearly breaking the bone saying, "not a word Naruto." Getting the hint rather quickly Naruto shut his mouth doing his best to squelch the smile that was engulfing his face. After a quick 6 bowls of ramen they paid and left in the direction of the forest lining the east side of Konoha (it was silently agreed upon that the tour of inside Konoha wasn't nearly as entertaining or worthwhile as training.

So just for the fun of it and having nothing better to do the two did hand to hand combat for the next 26 hours (they took breaks). Once done Naruto is still bouncing wanting more while Iziri is a mass of bruises cursing her now human body, still getting accustomed to such a weak shell. With a lot of help from her x-container, Iziri was put to bed back in the Nara household. Meanwhile our favorite blonde was making his way toward the same tree he first spoke to Itachi, assuming that would be location of meeting.

Once he stood at the aforementioned place Naruto proceeded to remove lucky strikes from their pack and smoke them one by one until (3 hours later) Itachi showed up silent as death in the shadows. While stepping out in front of Naruto one could here a soft sound coming from inside a small satchel at Itachi's side. Lifting the lid off the satchel The Uchiha took out a folder of Iziri's identity information. Before closing the lid a pair of tiny paws reached over the lip and a tiny black kitten's head slowly came over and stair at Naruto giving a small high pitched meow.

Naruto took the folder and began turning around and head back to Iziri when he heard Itachi speak, "Thank you Naruto-san." Naruto starts walking away answering over his shoulder, "It was nothing Itachi-san." With the level and profound voice Itachi knew that the Uzumaki understood the significance of changing the suffix used with his name.

(And having Itachi say he respects you is something not taken lightly/praised yet again; on a roll Naruto is) After Naruto's outline in the night vanished into the rest of the darkness Itachi followed suit after gently pushing his new pet's head and paws back in the satchel.

The walk took little time for Naruto to traverse from the forest outskirts to the Nara residence. Though the walk gave him time to think about his current course of action. Having Iziri join Konoha' nin with a quickly made identity (though fairly reliable) as a small village girl. The task would be hard to get by the Hokage; in fact the only thing that would hold it together was if The Third trusted Naruto and Iziri on their word. It was just something that the two would have to hope on. Though it seems that our young blonde genin is confident that he will say the right words.

It just so happened to be at these moments that the Hokage was watching over his village through his ball of scrying. Everything that night was seen by his eyes. And considering how Itachi had kept up a constant upkeep on the youth and reported periodically about his safety and actions it did not take much to piece things together. Now he had to make his second encounter with his most respected adversary. The old man began putting the device away when The Uchiha entered noiselessly from the window and stood waiting greeting from his Hokage.

"Hello Itachi-san what can I do for you." Though the words were spoken lightly they were not taken or given so. Itachi gave is standard straight forward and serious report, "I have created through gentle words and careful research an identity for the Kyuubi alias Iziri to be a nin of Konoha." The Hokage didn't seem angry and such an outrageous action, on the contrary he laughed heartily. "It amazes me that she could ever want to be a nin for Konoha." The old man's face soon grew serious and calculative, "but I know that a demon's word is one made from the spirit not from just an easily said phrase, if she gives me her promise of working toward the benefit of this village then she will be a nin." The statement was said with such finality that Itachi only bowed his head and left, a small mew exiting with him.


Going back, our young blonde is now entering the home of his best friend Shikamaru. After passing the threshold Naruto was instinctively aware of Iziri's presence on the second floor. After opening the door to his room he took note of her form, in a new change of Naruto's white shirt and jeans, glowing an aura of gold lying on his bed. After shutting the door the glow faded fast and her small form uncurled and her eyes opened wide. A strange look came to her eyes as her form shot out like an uncoiling spring, tackling Naruto and straddling him to the floor. Naruto was in no small meaning of the word, unprepared.

Naruto was doing his best to keep his blushing under control and his breathing slow and regular. He failed miserably. Iziri's face slowly, ever so slowly lowered itself to meet his in what was quite clearing to be deep and long kiss. However as proven time and time again Shinobu has a knack for knowing what goes on in her household, "I swear to all that it precious if you do that in my house I will beat the shit out of the both of you so bad you will never do a thing but suck your food through a straw the rest of your natural lives!!"

The demon's expression now was one boarding killer intent. After getting off of the prone and relieved Uzumaki she was on him again but for a different intent. "So I take it you got the identification from Itachi-kun." Giving his confirmation he remove the envelope from underneath his still prone form and lifted it high. She made quick work of signing all sections needed and familiarizing herself with everything else. While she was memorizing her new birth date, parents, and other misc background Naruto was getting up and making his way to the only bed in the small room. Some might have forgotten his not being able to sleep for some time, it being 0400 hours, and needing to be at the school at 0830 for his newly assigned instructor and team.

His room 'mate' was still reading when he awoke 3 hours later. It still amazes the young nin how fast he can recover from an ordeal such as the previous day in so little time. After finishing the tasking objective of getting out of bed he made his way to the only shower in the house after grabbing a black shirt and loose fitting blue jeans.

10 minutes later

Shikamaru, Naruto, and Iziri are now making their way to the academy with little haste. Naruto was finally coming down off his cigarette craving of the past 40 some odd hours. He wasn't able to have one since his sense of smell went through the roof along with his hearing and sight.

After the morning of the test he has grown to a height of 5' 3" only a few inches shorter then the tall and lean Shikamaru. He lost nearly all fat in his body up to the point of being painful if not eating enough and lastly his hair grew to near shoulder length. All these new features had everyone's eyes on him, and not in hate but curiosity. Like they were seeing a ghost. Some dropped what they were holding, some ran, and some just starred. We were only half way to the schoolhouse when Itachi in one of the henge's we were familiar with, walks up along side us.

The new appearance had no apparent affect on the Uchiha as he related his message, "Iziri-sama, the Hokage wishes to have your word that you will not harm a citizen of Konoha unless being assaulted with a life or death situation." He gaze was level and penetrating but Iziri didn't back down, "your Hokage has my word that I will do no harm to any one of Konoha unless given good reason." His answer came just as swift as hers, "very well, have good day Iziri-sama, Naruto-san, Nara-kun" As he left he slipped a new hai-ate into Iziri's pocket. The whole account took less then 30 seconds and was noticed by no one but the one's involved.

Iziri seemed to have gotten a slight bit festive by the encounter with the Uchiha. Or it was just that the trio happened to be passing a very popular weapons store. She couldn't resist a look at the deadly and expertly made blades, not to mention how she needed a set now she would be a nin. They still had some time to spend before being at the academy so they thought why not, at least she thought so and the other two didn't seem to want to argue. They entered Jack's Deadly Blades and found the weapons surprisingly well crafted, the quality could be judged as the work of a master craftsmen.

Iziri went around browsing the ninjatos with more then a little interest and the other Shikamaru just looked board, while Naruto went over to the only sword in a case at the front desk.

The blade that was taking up most of the Uzumaki's mind was of a very unique design that didn't seem to be any type of blade he had ever seen. The blade itself was pitch black, double edged, and had a dual angled tip and seemed to absorb the light around it. Its hilt had no hand guard and was wrapped in what appeared to be simple dark grey cloth. The entire sword was 2 inches wide and 2.5 feet long, 3.5 with the hilt. As he continued to stare at the blade a hand came from above his head and lifted it down. Spinning around he took out a dagger from his waist and held it at the ready.

A man of six foot looked down at him with a very calm and patient look as he towered over him. 'there is something very strange about him' , Naruto thinks to himself.

He was a sight. The man had one dark red and one dark blue eye, black hair, and a tanned body covered in a leather apron, pants, and boots. He walked with a grace that seemed fitting for a god's ball, and muscles toned into rocks. He lowered the sword hilt first into Naruto's free hand; the moment he had a grip on it the shopkeeper removed the sheath and backed away.

Naruto now holding a dagger in his right hand and the sword in his left took a little more care in reading the plaque on the case; "FREE FOR ANY WHO CAN HOLD IT FOR LONGER THEN 5 SECONDS" Noticing afterward that everyone was looking at him it had been over 10 seconds. He looked toward the tall man and gave the eyebrow of questioning.

The man gives a relieved sigh and says, "you look kinda puny to be wielding such a sword but what the hell at least I am rid of it." He finishes with a turn to Iziri, "May I be of any service to you ma'am?" She stare shifts slightly from Naruto to the shopkeeper but she holds it toward the older man, "I need dark battle dress, two daggers and a ninjato." He goes around and starts picking stuff from racks and in under a minute has it all ready and wrapped in a bundle. She starts pulling out money from her pockets (Naruto and Shikamaru are both looking at each other in boggle but neither seem to be able to answer how Iziri got the money) and hands it over to the man who takes it giving back her change. The two trail behind Iziri as she leaves the store.

Naruto was the only one seeming flustered by the whole event and when he noticed that the two next to him, whom he thought of as very smart nins, didn't seem to be worried he dropped the whole thing and strapped the sheath to his back and slid the blade back in. Onward they made they restarted there trip to the academy.

It was just reaching 0828 when they strolled in to meet the rest of the graduates all sporting their new hai-ate(exception of Naruto's). The class had to be brought back down to a low roar when many became 'slightly' angered that Naruto passed even though he failed the exam, Iruka-sensei fixed the raucous nice and quick. By this time it was 830 and the classroom was quickly hushed so the teams could be divided.

As the names were called off Naruto, Shikamaru, and Iziri became aware from the way Iruka looked there way when he looked up after calling each set of three names that they were a team. And that belief held true for they were made team 7. They were the final team and would be getting their instructor along with everyone else in about an hour. So they waited.

The instructors came and went with their respective teams one at a time. All teams were gathered and gone except team 7 a half hour after the first instructor showed up. Though it was mighty boring none of the three moved until another 3 hours passed at which Iziri made a comment, "Something is coming." Shikamaru at the statement got out of his prone position and sat next to the door, Naruto seemed in his own little world practicing with his new sword.

A minute passes

Another minute passes

The next minute nearly passed without incident however, team 7's instructor Anko Mitarashi made it quite clear that she was there to pick them up. The door exploded inward having Naruto make a mad dash to dodge the debris. She waltzed in taking in her new charge and gave a disappointed huff. "Follow me" with that the three genin were forced to sprint after the jounin's form, the only thing keeping them from losing her was the constant running they did over the years. They met up 2 miles in the training sector commonly known as the 'forest of death'.

The three were in a triangle formation centering on their newest sensei.

Anko smiled, "lets see if you really earned those hai-ate or not."

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