Title: Cardboard

Summery: Just a continuation of the last episode I just didn't really like how it ended that much.

Spoilers/Disclaimers: Since all the episodes were shown I don't think there is any spoilers but just in case you didn't see the last episode then of course threes spoilers

Notes: Just a short chapter for now im leaving tomorrow for Florida and I really should be packing ) So this story is just going to continue the ending of the show after the kiss and before Dan asking what Zoe will tell the kids.

On to the story...

"So, um … Dan where do we go from here?" Zoe asked looking up into his eyes still enjoying their hug.

"Well it is our honeymoon night." Dan stated simply with a smirk on his face.

Zoe playfully hit him as emotions ran through her. "Dan I have something to say and it can't wait. It's always been you Dan, so here's the deal I didn't want or plan to have feelings for you but it was hard not to. I've fallen for you Dan and I was always afraid that the feeling wouldn't be mutual, that I might think of this, whatever this is, as something it wasn't. A few days ago I was SO certain that I was just going to be nonchalant about my feelings for you like I always was. That this would just be another case no different from any other, and another day that i would hide my true feelings. I was just going to let my feelings flow but I don't know what to feel now. This is exactly what I told myself not to do... to have feelings for you. So now im stuck and I find myself thinking about you... often. Feeling weird when another girl calls you and I used to think to myself god what is wrong with me? I didn't want to get involved because that's where the drama begins. But I know what's wrong with me Dan im in love with you."

Dan didn't know what to say so he pulled her closer and their lips met. When the kiss broke he simply said "Zoe I love you too."

Zoe opened her eyes, "What? You love me too?"

"Zoe shut up you know I've always loved you, and you know you were right when you said I've always been attracted to you because I have."

"So back to my question ... where do we go from here?" Zoe still wanted an answer to her question.

"Well first we get a divorce."

"Oh." Zoe was surprisingly sad about this, she didn't know if she wanted a divorce from Dan.

"Then I guess we go back to normal."

"Normal ... so you don't want to be together!" Zoe exclaimed pulling away from Dan.

"No I do I mean we are going to be together but I mean normal like you go back to the kids and in work i guess we pretend that were not together and then .. "

Zoe cut him off "After work." She said smiling. "Im going to tell the kids though."

"What are you going to tell them?" Dan asked curiously.

"Well I guess it all started when Sally was murdered and then I found myself getting married. Ironically I was getting married to the man I love." Zoe said as she pulled Dan in for another kiss. When their kiss ended Zoe asked jokingly "So, do I kiss like cardboard too?"




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