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Author's Note: This story is kind of based on 'Ume' ,a story by rikacreator. It starts out as a Kokomai/Mushrambo angst story but slowly evolves into a romance. There will most likely be some OOC-ness but please forgive me.

Could he really love me?

Kokomai walked out to the lake behind her house. She sat down at the edge of the lake, slipped off her shoes, and dipped her feet in the water. She kicked her feet around a little bit. She lived in Shinzo with her mother, Yakumo, and her father, Mushra. She had her mother's long brown hair and her father's sky blue eyes. She wore a purple blouse and a black skirt with a white-gem belt hanging loosely from her waist.

She watched as two swans landed on the water and swam alongside each other. This caused Kokomai to smile. The swans looked so beautiful together. She put her right hand over her heart and sighed. "They're so beautiful. I wish I had someone to be close to."

"Kokomai, What are you doing out here?" Her father asked, sitting down next to her. She looked over at her father and grinned. She had always been a daddy's girl.

"I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet. I want to relax before my party. It's a big thing. I wouldn't want to be tired before it." Kokomai said, pulling her feet from the water and letting them dry in the sunlight. Today was very exciting. Kokomai was turning eighteen today.

Mushra nodded. "I see. Well, rest up. I'll come get you when the first guest arrives." Mushra hugged his daughter before getting to his feet and walking back to the house. Mushra had changed since he had first met Yakumo. He was now taller than Yakumo and had longer hair that went to her shoulders. He mostly kept it pulled back in a ponytail. Kokomai had seen pictures of her father before he married her mom. She could see the great difference. She always bugged her dad about how short he was in the photos.

Kokomai turned her attention back to the shimmering lake. She had always loved to sit by the lake. When she was little, her mother and father would bring her to the lake and they would have a picnic and play hundreds of games. Sometimes they invited their friends Sago and Kutal and their families. Sago had lost his wife when Kokomai was very little so she didn't know much about her but his son, Tomatu, was Kokomai's best friend. He was a year older than Kokomai. Kutal had a wife named Daisy and two children. He had a daughter named Kita and a son named Daimeru. They were twins and both Kokomai's age. Kokomai, Tomatu, and the twins were close friends. Whenever they were together, they always had a lot of fun. Sometimes Kokomai found herself watching Tomatu with some admiration. She sort of had a little crush on him.

She shook her head and came back to reality. She noticed that the swans were gone. She smiled and got up.She turned to walk towards the house but her foot got caught on a tree root. She closed her eyes as she felt herself fall."Ah!" She never felt herself hit the ground. Instead, she felt someone wrap their arms around her and pull her to her feet. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up. She found herself staring into dark violet eyes hidden behind light blue hair. She smiled up at her long-time friend, Tomatu. She blushed when she saw close they were.

"You've always been so graceful." Tomatu spoke, his voice dripping with friendly sarcasm. He set Kokomai on her feet and stepped back a few steps.

Kokomai rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair. "Haha. Very funny. I may not be the most graceful person in Shinzo but at least I know how to hyper form."

Tomatu frowned and gave her a gentle glare. He had always hated the fact that she could hyper form before him. "So what? I can still beat you in normal form."

"Yeah? I'd love to see you try." Kokomai said, giving him a silent challenge.

Tomatu took no time to hesitate. He heard the challenge and took it. He ran towards her and tackled her to the ground. They rolled around and fought for power. Kokomai had Tomatu's wrists in her hands and her knees against his stomach. Tomatu was putting all his weight into his upper body. His face was getting closer and closer to Kokomai's with every passing moment.

When Kokomai noticed how close they were, she loosened her grip on his wrists. This caused him to move closer because the weight he was putting on her arms forced her arms closer to her body. Kokomai's eyes wandered and surveyed their situation. She was on her back with Tomatu leaning over her. Their faces were only inches apart. She blushed a light red. Tomatu noticed her blush and then he surveyed their position. Seeing them so close, he also blushed. "Well, this is..."

"Yeah...um...maybe we should...ummm.." Kokomai stumbled over her words.

"Should we leave you two alone?" Someone asked. Laughter was heard soon after.

The two looked up to find Sago and Mushra. Both were laughing and looking down at their children. Tomatu and Kokomai blushed deeper and quickly moved away from each other. This caused the two fathers to laugh even harder. Mushra looked at his daughter, his smile growing. "Well, I came to tell you that your guests were here but I guess Tomatu already made that clear. Come on. Your mother wants to show you off to more people."

Kokomai let out a groan of displeasure. Her mother always loved to show her off. She was proud of having the only half-human, half-Enterran child. The fact that she could Hyper form made her even more proud. Kokomai had learned that she had enough Enterran blood in her to Hyoer form when she was only nine years old. She had the same powers as her father but didn't change much when she hyper formed. "Does she have to?"

Mushra chuckled and nodded. "She's very proud of you. She wants to show you off."

As Kokomai rose to her feet and walked to her father's side, she groaned once more. "But she does it every time someone is around. I grow very weary of it."

Sago, Mushra, and Tomatu laughed. Tomatu walked on the other side of her. He put his hand on her shoulder. "With the way you speak, I'm suprised. You speak so different."

"It's what makes me special. I like the way I place my words." Kokomai held her head high as she spoke. She was a very unique speaker among her friends and family.

Soon, they all reached the house. They could hear a lot of voices. They walked into the backyard and Kokomai saw all of her friends.She saw Kita and Daimeru near their father and mother. "Kita! Daimeru!" She exclaimed as she ran to them.

The twins turned around when they heard their names being called out. When they spotted Kokomai, they held out their arms and hugged her when she reached them. The three friends hugged and laughed. When they pulled away, they began speaking in such a speed that only they could understand.

Sago and Mushra walked over to stand next to Kutal and Daisy while Tomatu went to join in the talk with Kokomai, Kita, and Daimeru.They talked for thirty minutes. Soon, Yakumo came over and hugged Kokomai."Happy Birthday sweetie."

Kokomai smiled and hugged her mother back. "Thanks mom. I still can't believe I'm eighteen."

"Well believe it. You're eighteen and as beautiful as can be."Yakumo said. The corners of her mouth curled up in a big smile.

Kokomai smiled in return. Soon music began to play and everyone danced. When Yakumo brought out the cake, everyone crowded around it to watch Kokomai blow out the candles. They sang while Mushra lit the candles. Kokomai listened to them and blushed. She felt like the center of attention and was kind of embarrassed. When the singing stopped, she took in a deep breath and blew out the candles. the flames lingered but soon went out. Smoke rose from the candles in small curving lines. Kokomai ran her fingers through the smoke, creating a beautiful picture. Everyone clapped and smiled.

Tomatu walked to her side and gave her pat on the back. "So what did you wish for?"

Kokomai looked at him. "I'm not going to tell you. If I do, it won't come true."

Kisa walked to Kokomai's other side and wrapped an arm around her friend. "So what are you going to do now that you're eighteen?"

"She's going to come with me and become my bride." A loud voice said. Everyone looked around and tried to find this strange voice. Yakumo moved into Mushra's arms. Kisa and Kokomai moved close in fright. Sago, Kutal, Tomatu, and Daimmeru stood around the group in defensive stances. Someone yelled out "Over there!" and pointed towards the lake.

Everyone turned and saw a figure standing underneath a tree. Kutal, Sago, Tomatu, and Daimeru moved towards the stranger. Mushra quickly joined them. He wasn't going to let anyone harm the people here, especially Yakumo or Kokomai. "Show yourself!" Mushra demanded to know.

Kokomai moved closer to the front of the group with Kisa to get a good look at this strange person. Yakumo and Daisy also moved close and stood with the two girls.

From under the tree walked a tall young man. He wore a samurai's armor and walked with a light step. Kokomai could see slightly noticable muscles from under his armor.She looked from his toes on upward. She saw a sword hanging from the person's waist. As she got to the shoulders, she saw a long ponytail of purple hair. The intruder's skin was slightly pale and his eyes were a deep red. When she looked at the person's whole face, a look of horror came to her face. Everyone's face turned to one of horror.

Kokomai tried to find her voice. She was shaking with fear. "That's...that's..."

Tomatu glared at the person and spoke through gritted teeth. "Dark Lord Mushrambo."