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Could he really love me?


Mushra rubbed her back and looked at Kokomai. "We want you to run."

End of Replay

Kokomai gasped and looked at her father with wide eyes. "Run? You want me to run? Aren't you the ones who always told me to stand up for what I believe in!"

Mushra bowed his head. He had taught her to stand up for herself and fight for what she thought was right. He didn't want her to run but he knew she couldn't win if she fought. "Yes. You need to run. If you try to fight against Mushrambo, you'll die and I refuse to let that happen to you."

Kisa watched her friend argue with her father. She saw Kokomai's hands turn to fists. She tapped Tomatu on the shoulder and pointed it out to her. He nodded, understanding what she was trying to say. He walked over to Kokomai and put his hands on her shoulders. He gave them a little squeeze and pulled her closer to him. He whispered in her ears. "Please, calm down. No one here wants you to be taken away and we think this is a only way to save you."

Kokomai turned to look at him. She cared for him deeply but she also had her pride to think about. She glared at him, trying to tell him that she refused to give up. She looked back at her dad and growled. "I'm strong enough to fight him. Why are you trying to kill my fighting spirit?"

Mushra sighed. "We're not trying to kill your fighting spirit. We're trying to save you so you can still have your fighting spirit. I know you are a very strong girl but listen, you're not strong enough to take on Mushrambo."

"So you're saying that I can't win?" Kokomai couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her father's mouth. He had been so strong years before and he would have never backed down from a fight. It was like he was a totally different person than he used to be.

"As much as I hate to say it, yes. You're not strong enough. If you fight against Mushrambo, you'll lose before the fight begins. I refuse to let you lose."

"And I refuse to run away from him!" Kokomai yelled, breaking away from her friends and running out of her house.

She heard her friends and family yelling for her to come back but she didn't stop. She ran and ran. She didn't stop running until she was on the edge of the city and surrounded by a forest. She looked behind her and saw nothing but the cityscape. Kokomai sighed and leaned against a tree. She moved so she was sitting with her back against the tree. Pulling her legs to her chest. She rested her chin on her knees and closed her eyes.

"I'm only eighteen. Why does Mushrambo want me? What's so special about me?" Kokomai asked herself out loud, knowing that no one would answer.

"Because you are part human and that is so intriguing. Besides, you are quite beautiful." Mushrambo said, sitting on a branch above Kokomai.

Kokomai jumped to her feet and moving away from the tree, she looked up and glared at Mushrambo. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to check on you but then I saw you run. I thought it might be fun to follow you. Do you have a problem with that, my dear?"Mushrambo couldn't help but smirk at the angered expression on Kokomai's face.

"Yes I do and don't call me 'dear'. You have no right to come to my home and demand my hand in marriage! I don't like you so why do you think I'll marry you?" She knew she was lying but she would never let him know.

Mushrambo chuckled. "I am the Dark Lord Mushrambo. I can do whatever I wish." He rose to his feet and stood on the branch, glaring down at Kokomai.

Kokomai smirked and got in a defensive stance, not willing to take any chances. "Not with me. I'll fight back."

Those words both enraged and intrigued Mushrambo. He jumped down from the tree and walked closer to the girl. He circled her and looked at every aspect of her. She still had a defensive stance, never letting him get an opening to attack or touch her. "Strong shoulders, long neck, creamy skin, beautiful hair, instense eyes, and lushious lips. Such a perfect girl to be my bride. A fighter and lover put into one." He moved to stand infront of her with his arms crossed. He had a cocky smirk on his face and his eyes had a mischievious gleam in them.

"Are you deaf? Didn't you hear what I said? I'm not going to be your bride." Kokomai said, glaring and dropping her defensive stance. Her arms were by her side and her hands were in fists. She was getting very aggrivated that he continued to say that she was going to be his bride when she was refusing.

"And yet, earlier you were going to come to me willingly."

"That was because you were threatening my friends and family."

"But you never truly voiced your rejection at your party."

"Because I was shocked that you even appeared."

The two went back and forth with the comments, Mushrambo trying to get her riled up and Kokomai defending herself. They never broke eye contact, spiting out comment after comment. Eventually, Mushrambo trapped Kokomai in a corner.

"You have a strange attraction to me."

Kokomai's eyes widened and she gave on last retort. "You have no proof of that."

"You have yet to attack me despite all of your anger and you haven't said anything rude either. You could just be polite but looking at who your father is, I doubt it highly."

Kokomai opened her mouth to reply but she couldn't think of anything. Her mind was blank. Since she couldn't think of anything to say, she did what she wanted. She charged and punched him. Her fist collided with his jaw and he flew backwards.

They were both shocked. Mushrambo didn't think that she would be able to attack him with that much power and Kokomai didn't know she had that much strength. They were wide-eyed as they stared at each other. Both were silent until Mushrambo got up and charged at Kokomai, starting the battle between the two.

Kokomai dodged his attack and jumped into a tree. Mushrambo kicked the tree trunk, making it snap up the middle and shake Kokomai out of the tree. She fell and slammed against the ground. She was still for a moment then jumped up and struck a defensive pose. She wasn't going to let down on her attack. She just needed more power. "Hyper Flame!"

She was engulfed in a sphere of flames and when it disappeared, Kokomai had changed. She still had her long brown hair but it was pulled up in a high ponytail. She was covered in royal purple armor that was very similar to her father's and had a long sword strapped to her sides. Strapped to her forearms were two curved blades of fire.

Mushrambo stood and looked her up and down. He was very impressed. "So you can hyper-form even though you're only half- Enterran...Very impressive." He gave one more long gaze, seeing how the armor fit her body so well.

Kokomai narrowed her eyes and held back a growl. Even when she was being serious, he continued to taunt and tease her. She gripped the handle of her sword and her eyes flared with a stubborn fire. "How can you be so calm when you're about to get taken down!" She pulled her sword out of it's sheath and charged, blade facing Mushrambo.

She was ready to stab Mushrambo and be done with it. She was so close but just as her blade was ready to slice him, he moved and grabbed her wrist. He threw her in another direction and she slammed against a tree. She felt the tree fall under her force and then the tree next to it, causing a chain reaction of a few other trees. When the tree she hit fell to the ground, she didn't stop falling. The ground under the tree had collapsed, showing a cave underneath. Leaves, branches, and other things fell in the hole with her. She screamed in pain then fell silent as her world went black. She was falling and being buried under the trees.

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