Appendix II

Author's notes:

Sometimes my mind goes off in naughty directions. Not smut, but probably as close to it as I'll come. Here's a 100-word outtake from Chapter 11 ("Hogwarts Revisited). And by outtake, I mean a comedic OOC scene. Starts immediately after Hermione summons the draught.


The nefarious potion hit her sleeve and began absorbing quickly through the material.

"Take it off!" he barked.

Trembling, Hermione hastened to obey his orders. When her shaking fingers proved to be too slow, he growled and stepped forward, ripping the shirt open and sending buttons flying. She looked up at him, now clad above the waist in only her bra. She was scared, and it showed as her young bosoms heaved with each quickened breath, straining against the delicate white lace.

Severus looked down, pleased with what he saw.

"Better," he remarked and turned back to the white tomb.