When Worlds Collide

Chapter 1-The Portal

Titans Tower

"Uuuummm…Robin? You might wanna take a look at this" that was Cyborg. He was working at one of the computers, and getting some strange readings indeed.

"What?" asked Robin, looking up from his work. He walked over to where Cyborg was, and looked at the readings.

"What do they mean?" he asked Cyborg.

"I have no idea", he answered.

"Maybe we should check it out", said a voice from behind them. They turned around to see who it was. Beast Boy was standing there. He had been listening to the conversation.

"I've gotten this readings before", said Cyborg. "But they've always been short-lived"

"Then we should definitely check it out!" said Beast Boy excitedly.

" I dunno", said Raven doubtfully.

"You're paranoid", said Beast Boy.

"Maybe we should check it out", said Robin.


"Will, would you just shut the portal already? We're late", said Cornelia impatiently.

"Chill out would you? I'm going", said Will snappishly. She pulled an amulet out of her bag, and held it up to the portal. The Heart of Candracar.

"Hurry up", said Cornelia as the portal shut.

"All right, let's go", said Will, sticking the crystal back in her bag.

"That's the fourth portal this week", Taranee said as they were running. Cornelia was right, they were late.

"I know", Will said. She looked at her watch. "Oh great! Five minutes until school starts!"

"Hurry! We've been late two times already!" said Irma. "One more and it's detention!"

"Uuuhhh, no thanks. We do not need detention!" yelled Hay Lin.

"Gee no kidding!" cried Will. She looked at her watch again. "Three minutes!" The school came into sight just as Will said that.

"I am so out of shape!" cried Cornelia. "This is what happens when you spend to much time flying!"

"Yell a little louder Corny!" yelled Irma. "They didn't here you in Europe!" The girls finally made it to the school, and ran through the doors at top speed. Right as the bell rang.

"No!" groaned Taranee.

"I don't believe it!" cried Will.

"See you guys later!' cried Irma as she and Hay Lin ran for class. The rest of the girls split up and ran for their own classes.

"I can't believe I'm late again! Thought Will as she ran for history. Collins is gonna have me in detention for the rest of my life!

"Nice of you to join us Ms. Vandom", said Mr. Collins as she walked in. "I know you have a really good excuse for being late"

"Uuummm.." of course she didn't! What was she supposed to say? "Sorry I'm late Mr. Collins, but I had to close a portal that leads to another dimension." Yea, that would go over well.

"Take a seat Ms. Vandom", he said, gesturing to the back of the room.

"Yes sir", she said quietly, moving toward an empty seat. Late again, she thought, pulling out her book. Collins is more than likely to mention that at the next parent-teacher conference.

Hay Lin and Irma blew through the door of their science class about a minute after the bell rang.

"Hay Lin, Irma, how nice of you to join us today", said the teacher as they walked in.

"Always a pleasure to be here", said Irma smiling.

"Just find a seat, and be happy you don't get detention", he said.

"Yes sir", they muttered, moving toward the back of the class.

The teacher went back to his lesson, and Hay Lin whispered to Irma, "You know, Taranee was right about something"

"What's that?" asked Irma, not really interested.

"That was the fourth portal this week. What is going on?" Hay Lin obviously wasn't going to let Irma be, so Irma just said, "Yea good point", even though she really could have cared less.

"Four portals in one week', said Taranee. "What is going on?"

It was later that day, and the girls were at Wills place. Her mom was working, so they it was guaranteed they would have privacy.

"Good question", said Will. "What is going on?"

"Well until we figure it out, do you guys wanna go get some ice cream? My trreat", Hay Lin of course.

"Ice cream? You're kidding right?" that was what Taranee started to say nayway. But Will cut her off, saying, "We could use a break. Lets do it" Cornelia and Irma happily agreed, and Taranee agreed reluctantly, so Will left her mom a note saying where she was, and the girls left together