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Chapter 13- Breaking Out


Will came to a halt as soon as she was sure they were out of danger. Her friends stopped right behind her, and the Titans after them.

"Okay", Cyborg said, "That was weird"

"That was close is more like it!" Irma said, "Nice going brainiac!"

"Don't start a fight", Robin said, "Lets' just, you know, get out of here, or try anyways…"

The kids walked on, still not sure of what they were looking for, besides a way to escape.

"This is hopeless!" Cyborg said, "This is one hundred percent hopeless! How are we supposed to get out of here?"

"It's like a maze", Robin said thoughtfully, "It's like one big maze"

"So we need a way to track ourselves", Raven said, looking around.

"To what?" Beast Boy asked.

"We need a way to figure out if we're going in circles or not", Taranee said, quickly catching on, "Only question is, how?"


"Got it", Irma said, snapping her fingers, "Cornelia, break off as big a hunk of rock as we can carry, and then break off another smaller but noticeable piece"

Cornelia did all this, and Irma put the smaller piece on the ground. "We just keep putting down pieces of rock, and just turn in the opposite direction if we see a piece of rock. What do you think?"

They agreed to the idea, and started off. They broke the rock every now and then and dropped a piece, turning away whenever they ran into a piece. "I'll give you credit Irma", Cornelia said, "This is actually a good idea. It had to happens sometime, I suppose"

"Oh very funnyCorny"

"Don't fight, please", Will groaned, "Lets just get out of here, all right?"

"Speaking of getting out", Hay Lin said, pointing, "I see an exit! Lets get out of this funhouse already"

"You know, it's weird", Irma said as she pulled the door open, "I'm surprised Phobos hasn't found us yet. I mean, it's his castle, so you'd think he knew everything that went on it, wouldn't you?"

The door opened all the way and they saw a pair of castle guards standing in the entrance. "Apparently he does". Taranee said, taking a step backwards, "Fight or run?"

"There's only two of them", Will pointed out. That was all it took. They took on the castle guards easy and as soon as they were sure the guards were out cold and tied up, they took off outside.

"Yes!" Beast Boy yelled, "Take that evil dude!"

"Oh yeah, that's brilliant", Irma said sarcastically, "Let the guy know we escaped"

"Thank you Raven", Beast Boy shot back, aggravated.

"Lets just find a portal and get out of here", Will said.

"How and where are we going to find a portal?" Cornelia asked.

"We just fly up and—oh", she realized the flaw in her plan, "If we fly up Phobos might catch us"

"How quickly brilliance fades", Cornelia muttered, "This is way too much to walk, especially if we're not sure where we're going. We could end up lost or something"

"Lost or something", Irma repeated, "Talk about fading brilliance"

"Shut up Irma", Cornelia snapped.

"Lets just start walking", Hay Lin suggested, "Unless someone has a better idea…"

Of course, no one did. So they took off, hoping and praying they wouldn't be caught again.

"We're sitting ducks out here", Cyborg said, "Isn't there anyway to hide or something?"

"Um…oh!" Hay Lin snapped her fingers, "Will can't you use the Heart to make us invisible?"

"Oh yeah!" she held out her hand and the Heart appeared, "Good thinking"

A dome appeared around them. "As long as no one steps out of the dome", Will said, "We'll be safe"

It was hard, moving under the dome, but at least they were safe. Or as safe as they could be in another dimension with no way home.

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