This is a story/poetry. I have been told that is doesnt count as a poem because it is free verse. (Whatever!) Warning: This story contains suicide and character death!
When I go to bed,

After I have finished my work,

Before my head hits the pillow,

As I hop into the shower,

A sigh of contentment escapes my lips at the thought of you.

In my dreams,

Before my heart is broken forever,

After a long night's sleep,

As I turn to look at you,

I sigh that I had but a short time to spend with you.

When I think about the time,

That was cut short by the hands of fate,

And when I see the love in your eyes,

I would rather take your place,

Than let you die for people that can't love.

Your eyes flutter and you smile,

Because you are dreaming your last dream,

Before they come to take you away from me,

As you dream I sit and think of all the times that will never be ours,

May be because they were never meant to be ours.

Our time is almost finished,

However I will always love you,

When you think of me,

Think of the short yet sweet times we shared,

Remember me as I will remember you: the one who hold the key to my heart.

Love has a large price, it always does,

People want love and when they get it they want freedom,

People have no clue to what they want, need, or care about,

The ones who find what they want and can see that for what it is are the lucky ones,

You and I were lucky enough to find each other once, may be we can do it again.

The sun rises as the sky turns blood red,

They know, the gods always know,

You wake and say good morning with a kiss,

I start to cry and you comfort me,

"We can die together." You say with tears in your eyes,

Nothing can comfort me not even the one I cry for.

Everyone knew that this was going to happen,

They all told me to stay away,

Even you pushed everyone out of your life knowing this day would come,

But I can't be told to stay away from the ones I love,

Even if it means dying with you.

Everyone tells me that there is a lesson in death and dying,

However the only lesson I see is heartbreak,

Many people die of sorrow and heartbreak,

May be the lesson they speak of is to never love.

They think love leads to life which leads to death: but they are wrong.

I am sure whoever is reading this really doesn't care,

About the ranting of a nobody about her love,

I'm sure they would rather hear about the famous Harry Potter from a famous writer,

However they wouldn't get the whole truth,

That truth can only come from him or me, Ginny Weasley.

My one true love died that fateful night,

And now, the night after, I make a decision,

The decision is on of pure intensions, and undying love,

He said to not cry and to go on,

However I can't go on and I hope to see him in the afterlife.

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