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"Sorry I waited for the rain…" Austin was looking into Sam's eyes, searching for a sign that she had forgiven him. He knew that he had messed up and that he didn't deserver her. He just hoped she could forgive him.

"It's okay." She whispered, still starring into his eyes. This being a good enough sign, he brought his lips to hers once again.

Sam could barley breathe. She hadn't been this happy in a very long time. Every inch of her was tingling. As Austin kissed her she pulled him closer, not wanting him to stop. She didn't care that everyone was starring or that she was being soaked. For once, she was only thinking about how she felt, and that was more fulfilling then anything she had ever felt. Suddenly, the loudspeaker interrupted her thoughts.

"They've done it! The Fighting Frogs have done it! They've won the game!" Sam and Austin both pulled away and looked at the field. They really had done it. Thankful for the diversion of everyone's attention, Austin and Sam turned back to each other. As Austin looked into Sam's eyes, he knew that this girl was so much more than he had ever known. As she kissed him again, he wrapped his arms around her, taking in the moment.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Sam pulled away and let her head rest on Austin's chest. People had started clearing out of the stands by now and only a few people remained. Closing her eyes she shut everyone else out, she just wanted it to be her and Austin.

"Sam, you're going to get sick…" Austin titled her head towards him and kissed her forehead. "I think we should go inside." Entwining her fingers with his, Sam let him guide her through stands towards the coward walkway behind the field.

Feeling Sam's hand in his, Austin finally felt like himself. He knew that Sam liked him for him, not for his popularity or football talents. Heading towards the awning, he saw his father talking rather animatedly with two men, dressed in USC attire. He knew that they were the scouts that had come to see him play. His father was probably trying to convince them that he should still get a scholarship. Finally reaching the walkway, Austin steered Sam towards the doors that led to the locker room.

"Austin! Come here now!" Austin closed his eyes at his father's voice. He was going to have to face him eventually. Why not now?

"Um, I'm just going to…." Sam nodded knowingly and released his hand.

Walking up to his father, Austin somehow felt small and hopeless again.

"Austin, these gentlemen have agreed to give you the scholarship anyway! Because you're playing in the game was so good…" Austin turned his head to the side in frustration and just stared out into the rain. "Son, don't you have something to say?"

"Yeah," Austin's voice suddenly grew in volume and he was starring at the three men, "You can keep your scholarship," he paused for a second and looked at Sam who smiled slightly at him, "I'm not going."

His Dad's eyes grew to the size of oranges. "What! You can't stay just because of some girl! You are throwing everything away!" The scouts were now getting restless and kept looking at their watches.

"Sam dad, Sam! That's her name! And if you knew anything about me you would know that I want to be a writer! And that I got into Princeton!" With that Austin turned around and walked into the locker room without looking back.


Sam was sitting outside the locker room doors trying to wring the water out from her jacket when Austin finally came out, fully dry.

"Hey, sorry about that whole thing." He cast an uncertain glance at the ground.

Sam reached up and cupped his face in her hands, and caught his gaze. "I'm really proud of you." She softly kissed him and then grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the parking lot of the school.

Looking at her as they walked to her car, or his, he didn't really know where she was leading him, he finally just took her in. She was only wearing a bright blue tank- top now, her jacket dangling around her waist. The dry tee-shirt he had offered her slung over her shoulder. She was so naturally beautiful, it was refreshing.

"You're so beautiful…" Austin had stopped her and was now pushing aside a wet strand of hair that had fallen in front of her face. Even in the dark he saw her blush.

"What were you thinking when you ran out of that game?" Sam was now looking straight into his eyes. The moonlight was bouncing of her porcelain skin.

Taking a deep breath, Austin squeezed her hand. "I was thinking, as I watched you making your way out of the stands, that you might be leaving forever, and that I probably wouldn't get another chance. I mean, after that talking you gave to me…." He trailed of into a smirk. Sam playfully smacked his arm.

"It worked didn't it?" She smiled up and him and he nodded.

"Yes it did."

Locking hands once more, the pair headed off into the night.

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