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A/N: Hello to everybody! I've reposted the prologue, because it was disgustingly full of mistakes (I have no doubt, some stayed:) Before reading, I need to warn you, that this is an AU with some OC heroes as well, also it is Shounen-Ai, YAOI, YURI fic. There is going to be a bit of Violence. And the main pairings are Kun/Zoi (Zoi is male), Nef/Djed, Neptune/Uranus, Endimion/Serenity, Pluto/OC. I hope, I didn't scare you too much:P Enjoy reading, and if it isn't very hard for you, leave me a review. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


It was indeed the time, when everything was changed forever. Life lines of those, who were destined to rule, were cut. Hopes and wishes replaced. Fears all of a sudden became a reality.

The night, when destiny chose the other path, was calm and beautiful. Like a silence before a storm. The Moon Palace, the center of the Silver Millenium, stood proudly in all its glory, walls reflecting the moonlight, trees with the white and violet foliage surrounding it. The king and queen, sleeping peacefully in their large bed, unaware of a tradegy to come. Their children and their guardians, seeing the sweetest dreams in the world. Nothing seemed to be wrong. Nothing should have gone wrong. But as it usually happens, the danger was overlooked.

The young one lady with long blue hair, trembling from fear and cold, stood in the darkest and deepest hall of a Moon Palace. The reason, why Tetis was here, made her trained body stiffen. But the reward of what she was going to do was priceless for her. For love sometimes blinds us.

Carefully she took a key and opened the door in front of her. As fast as she could, fighting with her own fears, she entered the room and began drowing the magic circle on the floor. For several months she had been learning this spell, and now she wasn't going to let the plan be crushed because of her. When everything was ready, she whispered princess' and prince' names and quickly left the room. Her quite steps were not heard by a soul.

At that moment, several floors higher, in their apartments a boy and a girl suddenly woke up with a strange feeling of an upcoming danger. Not a word they managed to say before the darkness fell on them.

When they opened their eyes, they found themselves in a field near the forest full of plants they've never seen. Everything around was green and brown - the colours rare in the Moonlight Kingdom.

Both clinged to each other whithout a slighest thought what to do. The boy, who was only seventeen at the moment, suddenly felt the great responsibility was put on his shoulders. For he was in an unknown place with his fourteen year old sister to take care of. He looked at Serenity and suddenly saw the sign on her forehead was gone. He asked her about his. The answer hit him like a blow. The only identity of their belonging to a royal family disappeared.

They were alone in a world, where the one could easily find himself being a prey.