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Pairings: Kun/Zoi, Nef/Djed, Neptune/Uranus, Endimion/Serenity, Pluto/OC.

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Chapter 5

The smooth surface of a river was a pure opposite to the storm, raging in her soul. A storm of pain and loneliness. Penetrating her essence, it was slowly draining away all her powers. And even the usual work couldn't help.

Mercury loved her post, loved the calmness, brought by sequence of her actions. Her friends would always complain about boring tasks, monotonous days of hanging around Serenity and lack of free time. Mercury didn't complain, she simply couldn't. Work was her second ego. It wasn't surprising, though. Before getting the rank of "inner" she had no friends and no family. Mother would rarely visit her, for her fear of the daughter's secret birth was much stronger than her love towards her own blood.

When tears ended, Mercury finally got used to living alone and found her own place. She accepted her fate and tried to make best of it, despite constant loneliness and all the difficulties. She had good friends, good colleagues, but still... Family was something unreachable for her. And now, when her mother had died and Serenity had disappeared, it was twice harder.

A soft and kind voice interrupted her thoughts. Mercury turned around, only to find smiling Venus, dancing behind her back, showing her new shining dress, beautifully framing her body. Mercury leaped to her feat, furious, tears were ready to run down her cheeks.

- Venus! How... how can you... be so happy? Do not you think... This... is... disgusting...

Immediately, the warrior of love stopped, the expression of anger crossed the lines of her face. She jumped forward, right into the water, legs drowning in the sand, not caring about the long flap of her dress, and slapped Mercury's face.

- I. Am. Not. A traitor! Not only you care about Serenity! We all are worried sick about her! Brace yourself!

Mercury bit her lip and nodded.

- I do not understand why Queen Serena does nothing to find her children... It... It...

Venus laughed a little and laid her hands on Mercury's shoulders.

- Do not think about it! I have brought good news, calm yourself!

The two girls sat on the bank of the river, enjoying the beauty of lunar trees with white and silver foliage. The grass under their bodies was a strange mixture of creamy white and red.

- I have just got the task from the Queen! We are to arrive to Earth tomorrow.

Mercury's face brightened.

- Finally! What exactly did the Queen say?

Venus obviously strained.

- Err... You see... It isn't the Queen who wants to send both of us to Earth... To tell the truth... It's Pluto...


Lord Skai, the lord of the South, the main ecclesiastic of the Earth Kingdom, and despite of it, the person who had always been hunted for by numerous unmarried ladies, paced around the hall like a madman. Some priests observed such behaviour with disapproval. They too were aware of the difficulties, which seemed to have captured the country since Queen Victoria's death, but tried to present an air of calmness anyway. Which their head was perfectly ruining with every step and nervious turn. The mumbled words were flowing from his mouth, making some of the older staff clench their fists and raise their eyebrows.

Lord Skai was in his forties, an age, meaning that every person should be full of wisdom and should watch his behaviour carefully. Of course, he was aware of the looks, piercing him from every side of the Royal Temple. He paid no attention.

They all may go to hell!

The thoughts, which captured his mind, were important ones. Lord Skai was not blind. The children's disappearence, complete change of Kuntan - his good friend in past, Beryll's borders under attack... The thieves's recent mysterious actions, the soon arrival of lunar messengers, and what was more important - silence from Kunzite. Enough to piss him off, he thought.

It seemed the destiny was ready to make him suffer for his happy and loose youth. In such moments lord Skai always remembered his past. He cursed the day, when Lady Griffon's parents made her marry Kuntan. It was the only pain, the only blow, which still lived in his heart. He loved Griffon. But he was a coward. He didn't... couldn't ask Kuntan, his best friend... to give him this woman back...

Stop it. She is not yours. Never will be...

Lord Skai, finally, hid himself in one of the dark corners of the hall. The priests relaxed and turned away from him, pondering why they had ever considered this man to be their head.

Lord Skai was very... very tired.

Where are you, Kunzite? Your mother must be worried sick... What the hell are you doing in that out-of-the-way place?


They say that blood is thicker than water. Do you believe in it? Lady Beryl certainly didn't. For sometimes... Sometimes it is much easier to forget who you once were. Past may carry pain, fear, disillusionments and... other sorts of feelings, which she despised. Greatly.

Lady Beryl wasn't a foolish woman, though. On the contrary, she was strong, powerful, ambitious, always on the alert. She admitted that saying her farewells to her past was some kind of a cowardness. Unfortanutely, the point didn't bother her at all. The rage, burning within her, was the rage of a wounded animal without any chance to survive. Slowly, rage turned into revenge, flourishing, printing into her heart and soul.

There was nothing left of what she had once been, except her title - the only thing her father had left her. Lady Beryl was the lady of the East, one of the chosen four, rightfully being the King's most trusted subordinates. If not for Kuntan's title of the archmage of the kingdom, she could have become the First Lady. However, that wasn't enough for her... Comparing to her sister's status, she was nothing. At least, she thought so.

Envy... was the real reason, why she had started everything in the first place. Envy was stifling her. Envy burned within her. But being watchful and cautious, she forced herself to be patient and to make every step carefully, in order not to attract undesirable enemies and unwelcome resistance. She had powerful allies, she had secret weapons, she had everything under control. Lady Beryl was ready.

Tetis slightly knocked on the door and entered her mistress' apartments. Beryl was sitting in front of a large mirror and combing her long waved deep-ruby hair. Tetis fell on her knee, looking sideways, noticing the third person, occupying a big comfortable armchair in the dark corner of the room.

- My Lady, I have finally established a contact with lord Hess.

Beryl nodded, smiling maliciously.

- Good.

Tetis stood up and bowed.

- My Lady, what about my reward?

Beryl turned to eye her toy, pondering about the time she'd have to get rid of the girl.

- Your reward? You're daring to ask me for reward after... after the children were lost somewhere? Tell me again, why they didn't appear in the castle?

Tetis immediately fell on her knees.

- My Lady! I swear, it wasn't my fault! The spell...

Beryl threw Tetis a look, full of disgust and scorn.

- You'll get your reward, when we will kill the children. Now get out from my sight! Find Hess and ask him whether he agrees to be our hound or not.

Beryl turned away, pleased with herself. The game was developing fast. King Adrian had already sent part of his army under her control. The deceitful maneuver with gnolls was successful. Beryl squinted her eyes.

I just need to brainwash all those people... I hope Metallia won't mind... the expenses...

Tetis hung her head, understanding that she'd have to wait more. She bowed to her mistress and turned to leave. The soft voice from the dark corner of the room caught her in the doorway.

- Aren't you afraid of vampires?

Tetis stiffened. Lord Hess was the oldest vampire of the Underground Clan.

- Beware, Tetis...

And Death, sitting in the armchair, giggled.