By: Sokai

Disclaimer: As we all know, the great manga/anime that is Sailormoon is owned by the even more great Takeuchi Naoko, not I, Sokai. Nor do I own the very adorable anime-styled American cartoon, Totally Spies, which is owned by the cool people of TF1-Marathon Animation. However, the storyline, the character Princess Lenia and any other minor characters and/or attacks I will put into here (and anything else) IS owned by me (though obviously inspired by each series). So, please...REMEMBER that.

Note: This should be an interesting "experiment" of mine, to see if the plot idea I have in mind for this Sailormoon/Totally Spies crossover series will work. :) Should be a fun trip! On that note, enjoy the prologue of my SM/TS crossover series fic!

This episode/prologue as well as series was written/created in October 2004.

"'Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers . . .'"

Tim Scam had just managed to successfully fall asleep when he'd heard it. An eerie, yet soothing female voice was wafting through the air in his single's cell on the fifth floor of WOOHP headquarters. Besides a dozing guards in the far corner of the room near the outside of his cell, there was no one else present in or outside of Scam's cell, beside himself, he deducted as he sat upright upon his cot.

Finally deciding that he'd just imagined or perhaps even dreamed it all, Scam reclined back onto his makeshift bed and once again closed his eyes, trying to regain the sleep momentum he'd only just claimed but a few moments before.

"'Never doubt the dreams of innocent children . . .'"

This time, Scam had awoken far quicker and less groggier when he'd first heard the mysterious voice sounding through the atmosphere again.

"Who's there? What do you want?" Scam called out lightly yet forcefully into the cell room as he looked around, careful not to arouse the snoozing guard whose head now tilted to the side slightly as he sank lower into his seat.

As if in response, the distinctly female's voice reverberated within the tiny cell for a third time, this time sounding a bit louder and closer as if rapidly approaching from some unknown vicinity.

"'Never doubt your worst nightmare . . .'"

Quickly becoming annoyed, amazed his patience had lasted this long at all, Scam abruptly stood up from his cot, turning wildly in every direction to find the culprit who carelessly chose to disrupt his sleep.

"What're you talking about? If this is just some stupid WOOHP trick, I gotta say it's a fine way to treat one of your former agents, now rehabilitated captives the night before being released!"

"This is no trick . . . no dream or nightmare, mind . . . though I am well aware of the nightmare that plagues your mind and heart . . . it is your worst fear . . . Tim Scam . . ."

Feeling his heart jerk involuntarily at the voice's mention of knowing his worst fear, let alone knowing his name in addition to, Scam felt no more desire to continue on with the conversation, dream or not.

In the past, before the extensive rehabilitation sessions he had undergone when still in his evil mind set, he might have been more inclined to humor the impalpable being. However, now that he was less than six hours away from being let back out into the world to start a new life, he really didn't want to tempt fate . . . still, the prospect of his worst, or former fear, rather, being known by this mysterious unknown was rather intriguing to his naturally curious mind. And so . . .

"So . . . you, whomever you are, believe that you know my deepest, darkest fear, do you?" Scam started as he looked about the room at nothing in particular, his voice riddled with mock fear.

"I feel bad that you went through such extensive lengths just to see me, since I'm sure you're aware that visiting hours have well been over . . . but, I'm feeling generous. Why don't you come out of hiding already so that I may congratulate you on such a bang up hoax?"

Scam waited for a few moments for whomever the voice belonged to to reveal herself, however no one appeared to him. Instead, the voice spoke up once more for a final time, still sounding just as calm in its eerie sort of manner in addition to very close by, though now having a hint of amusement in her tone.

"You'd be very wise not to mock one with great power such as myself, Timothy, my dear . . . power I could easily use against you, and have you begging for mercy before you could even blink . . . however, given the current circumstances as they now are, I find myself having no choice but to utilize your assistance with my plans if they are to succeed . . .

For you see, Tim Scam, your worst fear is the same as my own, I will admit: not being able to take over and rightfully rule this world . . . save, coupling my immense power with your vast technical intellect, you and I will be able to shun this pesky fear away in no time flat . . .

Come to me . . . join me, and you will never have to worry about failure ever again . . . 'never doubt the power of innocent dreamers . . . never doubt the dreams of innocent children . . . never doubt your worst nightmare . . .'"

Before he even had time to process everything that had just been revealed to him, including his confirmed fear, Tim Scam found himself back upon his cot with only one solitary thing in his mind before he'd finally dozed back off to sleep:

I can't let my worst fear come true . . . and it almost had . . . I won't . . . Because . . . I will never doubt the power of innocent dreamers. I will never doubt the dreams of innocent children . . . and . . . I will never doubt my worst nightmare . . .

(A.N. Oooh . . . creepy for a prologue, huh:Dances: You know you liked it I know I always loved that "mantra . . ." Though, not to say I'm evil or whatever . . . I just always liked it HeHe :) REVIEWS, PLEASE!)