The Meaning of a Rose

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Chapter 1: The Yellow Rose

Beast Boy sat in his room thinking. The sun shone through his window and onto the messy floor. His scratched his head wondering about a single person. This person had been his toughest critic and also his understanding friend, well indirectly. She was somewhat quiet, but don't let that fool you, her powers were extraordinary. To him, she was a symbol of inner-strength and peace. Her name was Raven.

Ever since BB saw this mystical teen, he felt a connection to her, one of wanting to be loved and respected. He tried to impress her but she almost always ignored him or said a sarcastic remark. Then Terra came, and he noticed a difference in Raven's behavior, she seemed to be jealous. He never said anything about that to anyone.

He then realized he only cared for Terra as a friend now, nothing more. For his heart was already filled to the max with a love deeper than he'd ever know.

His problem was how to show her, but not completely give it away. For he kind of liked their funny relationship. Then it hit him.

Raven was out on the roof meditating. She loved the ocean air blowing through her hair, and the smell filling her lungs. She had to stop reading her book and had to come up to meditate because something was puzzling her. And that something was BB.

He had been acting strange all week, well stranger than usual. Maybe it was because he started off the week trying some of her herbal tea. Still it was odd. After 15 minutes, she decided to just go back to her room.

She flew back down into the common room, where Cyborg and Robin were playing their new video game and Star was cheering. BB was no where in sight. She caught herself almost asking them were was Beast Boy, but she decided to make it unobvious that she cared. She continued to fly to her room. As she was about to open the door she heard a slight laugh behind her, with her hands glowing black she turned around and faced no one. Carefully eying the hallway, she went to open the door.

As she entered her room, she noticed something laying on her bed it was a single yellow rose. She went to inspect it. Remembering from a website she visited once before, she knew the meanings of the yellow rose. It said something like the yellow rose stood for friendship, promise of a new beginning, "I care" and joy.

"Why would somebody give me a rose like this?" she thought. After a while of thinking, she decided just to ignore the question of why, but who would give it to her.

Raven then exited her room, and went back to the common room.

"Who is playing a mean joke?" Raven asked.

"What joke?" Robin replied.

"Yes friend Raven what joke are you talking about. For we would never play a mean joke on you." Starfire added.

"If you guys didn't that leaves one person." Raven said as she ran back down the hall. She stopped in front of BB's room.

"Alright Beast Boy, open your door now. We need to talk." She said angry. No answer.

"Fine if this is how it has to be." She said as she moved the door open with her powers.

She walked inside. No one was in the room. And it was clean too. "Did he change rooms?" she thought aloud. Then she turned to walk out when she noticed another rose with a note. This rose was white.

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