The Meaning of a Rose

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Chapter 7: The Pink Rose

Raven had done it, and she couldn't believe it. She had given Beast Boy a rose back. And it was pink too. Along with it was a note. Her mind raced with thoughts. Then she realized what the pink rose stood for. Raven's heart leaped with joy, as she held the sweetness, joyous, and gladness pink rose in the hand.

Beast Boy on the other hand was still confused. He just stood looking at the window in shock. He wondered if she really knew he was the mystery man. He wondered if the rose and note were from her. He wondered what the note said. He was wondering until it occurred to him to go over and read the note.

He gently picked it up and read it. In his mind he could hear Raven's voice saying the words.

Beast Boy,

When I first met you I thought you were annoying.

Even though the words were harsh, he appreciated her sincerity.

As I got to know you though I realized you were amusing.

Beast Boy was wondering if Raven had really wrote this.

And though I always had something sarcastic to say to you, I really do enjoy your jokes. I am glad you don't take them personally, because I find it very fun to tease you.

Yup, Raven wrote this he thought in sheer amazement.

When you were going through liking her, and being betrayed by her I tried my best to comfort you. It hurt me so much to see you in emotional turmoil.

Then when Malchior betrayed me, you came to my side. That is when it first really hit me.

After that, I noticed in battling, when I got hurt you'd always come to my side. The most touching was when you gave me the lucky penny. That is when it hit me again.

Now that is behind us, and our futures are unknown. We have our whole lives ahead. And I know I couldn't go on much longer keeping it in. Especially after all the beautiful roses you gave me. :)

Oh no! She knows I gave them to her! Beast Boy thought.

And thank you very much for the dinner, it was wonderful. That had to be one of the best nights ever. You amused me greatly by dressing up, but I wouldn't blame you for doing so. I understand, I probably would have too.

I have something important to tell you, and I was going to write it down, but I think I should tell you in person. So please meet me after dinner at 6 up on the roof.

He knew at 6 was when the sun went down.

Raven :)

Beast Boy was dumbfounded.

Raven was unsure about tonight. Love had caused her to write the note and invite him on the roof at sunset. But deep down, Raven really wanted to go. She wanted to see his face when she told him…

There was someone at the door. "I'll get it!" Robin called. He opened the door to find five people all holding bags of food. The eldest was a woman who was 20 or so, she had brown hair and bright blue eyes, her nametag had " Leigh" inscribed in it. She was holding a large orange bag marked " Jerry's Burgers", that was Cyborg's Dinner.

Next was a girl that looked 18, she had green eyes along with light brown hair, her nametag said "Brie". In her hands was a medium plastic bag that said " George's Mexican Food", that was for Starfire she had recently grown a liking to Mexican food. Following was a 17-year-old boy named Issac, he was tall and had brown hair and eyes. In his hands he carried a bag marked "Soup land", inside was many different soups for Raven. Towards the back was a girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes, she wore a nametag marked Emily, her bag was from Mother's Market. This was for BB, he had his tofu and his perfect strawberries (A/N: that's for you Master of Cows ) In the back were a tall blonde boy with the name Cameron, his eyes were crystal blue. And he was holding Robin's dinner from " Sango Sushi".

Robin took all the bags of food for each titan and paid the people. He walked in and set the bags on the table and yelled " DINNER!" Everyone rushed in, BB and Raven both grabbed their bags at the same time and accidentally got eye contact. BB grinned and Raven slightly smiled. Then both ran back to their rooms. The other Titans stood in shock, and then they sat down to many different meals.

The time had come. It was 5:55pm and it was going to be a beautiful sunset. The sun was ready to go under the horizon, and there was a warm breeze. Red, orange, and pink covered the sky. A lone figure appeared on the roof. She wore a blue cape that blew in the warm wind. In her hands was a vase that was filled with roses of many colors, all of which were thorn less. She set the vase down on the roof in front of her, then she went the edge and floated in mid air.

"Azerath Metrion Zenthos…." She was chanting.

"Remain calm." Knowledge told her.

"Give it to him!" Rude and Angry shouted together.

"Don't be afraid." Brave advised.

"You can do it!" Timid mumbled.

"Believe in yourself." Happy said.

"Tell him how you truly feel." Love commented.

"I will do it!" Raven told them. Her emotions became thrilled, even Sleepy was up.

Soon another figure appeared. This time, it was green. He wore a tight black and purple uniform. Quietly, he sat down on the ground while Raven continued floating. BB thought that Raven knew he was next to her, but he was proved otherwise when Raven opened her eyes and became startled by his company. She fell into his lap.

Never was a face so flushed with an embarrassment.

"Hey Raven!" he said jokingly with a grin as he helped her get seated.

"Hello Beast Boy." She replied, her hands were starting to sweat. "Why is this happening?" she thought quietly. Her emotions just laughed.

"So, uhhh…its a beautiful sunset…" he stammered.

"Yes." She replied quickly.

"Uhh.. how are your emotions doing?" Raven could tell he was trying to start a conversation because he was too afraid to ask her what she was going to tell him.

"They're doing fine. But the reason I wanted you to come up here was…" she stopped, BB was looking into her eyes…and her heart. He could somehow sense what she was going to say.

"I wanted to tell you something too." He interrupted. They both looked at the sunset hoping that they wouldn't have to say anything else. It was quiet for five minutes then Raven whispered, " I think I love you." BB looked at her with shock, then it quickly turned to a wide toothy grin.

"I know I love you." He said as he pulled out from behind him a bouquet of roses, all with different colors…all with different meanings.

…and they lived happily ever after:)

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