Author's Note: Okay, after watching Troy and completely falling in love with the whole story (and Achilles of course LOL!) I've decided that I'm going to write a more modern version of the whole movie. The names, of course, will probably be changed. Not all of them, but many – as no one nowadays would be named Patroclus or Briseis. LOL. Pretty much it's going to be modern day gang wars. Everybody loves a good gang, right? Haha. So, if people actually like this, I'll write more. So reviews will equal more chapters.

Hector, Paris, Achilles & Helen's names will not be changed.

Briseis will now be Brie.

Agamemnon will now be

Menelaus will now be Marcus.

All other names will be noted further along, or you'll just know who they're supposed to be.

"What do you want, Helen?" Marcus asked without looking up from the huge television screen in front of him. He took a swig of his cold beer and concentrated on the football game on the set. "Make it quick, woman. I'm busy."

"You're always busy," Helen muttered under her breath. Noticing that Marcus was not paying much attention to her, she quickly whispered what she'd come to say to him. "I'm leaving you for Paris," she mumbled. And with that, she turned and walked out of their home – never wanting to return again.

"Okay," Marcus replied absent mindedly, not even having heard a word she had said – nor did he care very much at the time… but when the time came for him to realize what had happened, someone would have hell to pay.

"Hey, Love," Paris said as he answered the persistent knocking on his front door. Helen burst in with tears streaming down her cheeks, but a wide smile suddenly spreading across her face. Paris instantly beamed with happiness. "You did it! Oh, Helen!" he cried with joy as he scooped her up into his arms and swung her around in circles, planting light kisses on her face.

Helen ran her fingers through his hair and smiled. She took in every inch of his face, from his thick brown hair to his smooth skin, to the curve of his lips and right to the curve of his chin. "Yeah, baby. I finally did it," she cooed as she kissed him deeply. The two fell gently onto the couch as they kissed one another.

"Yo, Paris," Hector, Paris' older brother, called as he entered the room. "Oh shit, my fault. I didn't think I was interrupting anything."

Paris and Helen broke their kiss quickly, as Helen blushed at being interrupted at such a time. "What's up, bro?" Paris laughed as he looked up at Hector from his spot underneath Helen.

Hector stifled a laugh as Helen quickly sat up and away from Paris. "You guys are going to start some trouble for us yet," he mumbled. "Anyway, we've got business to handle. Word on the streets is Andrew's coming for our territory."

"He's got his own shit, why does he need ours?" Paris grumbled angrily as he stood up.

"Greed, but if you want to know so bad – why don't you go ask him?" Hector shrugged. "I don't care, but we have to handle this. And we have to handle it fast."

"I think I know why Andrew's comin' at you guys now…" Helen mumbled.

Hector looked at Helen and Paris. "You got to be shittin me," Hector growled as he shook his head. "You really left him? Are you kidding me?"

Helen shook her head as tears started to dribble down her cheeks again. "Hect, it was about time she left that tyrant of an asshole!" Paris yelled.

"She could've left him on her own," Hector screamed as he took a step into Paris' face. "Do you know what this means?" Paris nodded. "All the blood, Paris. All of it will be on your hands."