1900—The Beacon Hill House

"Everythin' looks real good, Mama," Stephen announced after he finished examining her.

"You think so, Boo?" She smiled, eagerly reaching for his hand. Sully smiled, as her disposition seemed to slowly be returning to normal. Her grief over the girls was still acute, and both he and Stephen watched her closely, but Stephen seemed to believe that a relapse was improbable, since the source of her memory dilapidation began when she was a child, not as an adult.

Suddenly a persistent knock pelted the front door, and Sully rose to his feet. "I'll get it. You two finish up here."

Sully flung open the door, and quickly recognized Brian, but was taken back by the number of guests with him. "Brian, I—"

Then she stepped forward, freezing his words in the air. "Pa?" Katie's voice trembled.

Sully shook his head, as he looked at her, his hand going over his heart as it swelled with disbelief and relief and anger and joy all at once. "Kates? I must be losin' my mind—"

Katie rushed forward, taking his hands in hers. "No Pa! I'm here. I'm right here, Papa!"

Sully pulled her into his arms and hugged her fiercely. Gail and Kayla stood awkwardly in the doorway watching their mother. Gail looked up at Brian and tugged on his sleeve. "Is Mama gonna be happy now?"

Brian smiled at the little girl and observed Katie. He didn't know how to answer that at all.

Suddenly, Stephen and Michaela came out of the parlor upon hearing all of the commotion. Michaela stopped once she saw her grown daughter in her father's arms.

Katie looked up and peered at her mother. "Mama? Do you know me?" Katie's voice was close to desperate.

Michaela didn't say anything. She simply engulfed her daughter in her arms. It was as close to peace and calm as she had felt in years, as she held her little girl. Over time, Michaela finally let Katie go, and the rest of the party was let in the house, as stories and tales were swapped, acquaintances were made, and hearts were mended. Not everything was disclosed, but there was always more time for that. Some matters of the heart were best kept hidden.

He had been standing outside the house for three hours now, unsure of what to do. The address was right, he was sure of it, but those people were so different from him. Still, he couldn't let his mother down.

He swallowed and took a deep breath as he mounted the stairs. He wasn't tall enough to reach the door knocker, so he simply resorted to pounding on the door.

Stephen stood up and walked to the door, his heart full and light for once in his life. His mother, father and sister were all here and together again. Even Brian had a smile on his face that evening. He opened the door and looked out, seeing no one, but then the young boy cleared his throat.

"Um… Excuse me, sir," the boy swallowed, obviously shy.

Stephen bent down, trying to make the boy feel more comfortable. "Can I help you, son?"

"Um… I—I need to speak to the Doctor please." The boy twisted his feet on the ground awkwardly.

"There's two doctors here, Doctor Sully and Doctor Quinn. Do ya know which one you need?" Stephen asked patiently.

"Uh… Is there a Doc Boo?"

"Then ya want me," Stephen chuckled.

"My mother needs you, Doc Boo. She wants you to come with me right away."

The little boy grabbed his hand and began to pull Stephen out the doorway. "Whoa!" Stephen stopped him. "I don't even know where we're going, who your mother is or who you are, young man."

"We… we live down the street… um… and Mama says you know her. Come on!"

"What's your name?" Stephen asked, as he grabbed his coat and medical bag.

The little boy put his hand in Stephen's. "I'm David, sir."

1857—David's bedroom


His hand scribbled over the paper furiously, and he smiled, as he thought of her. She had been right. It felt good to write everything down. He only hoped this would help them in the future. David stopped and looked at the letter.

Dear Lina and Caroline,

If you are reading this, then you are alive and well. You will in inherent all my worldly good when I pass on, but more than that, as my daughters, there are privileges and secrets that only you are privy to upon your inheritance. But now, dear children, there is something very important that I must tell you, that will change everything for you. You must guard this secret with your life….


The Missing: Sequel to In Search of Lost Time—Coming Spring 2006

Timeline For In Search of Lost Time

1840—The Beach—A boy asks a girl to go sailing with him. She runs on the beach, trying to catch up to his sailboat, as he is high in the sky, on the mast. An accident. He falls. She runs into the ocean, trying to reach him, but can't. She almost drowns.

1850—Cambridge, Massachusetts—Suzanne's mother brings her to live with the Lewis'. David and Suzanne talk about love and loving someone you shouldn't. David teaches Suzanne how to read.

1852—Cambridge, Massachusetts—Suzanne returns from home and tells David that her stepfather did something bad to her; a few weeks later, they make love

1853—Cambridge, Massachusetts—The twins are born; David is in college at Harvard; Suzanne and the girls are living with him; Suzanne is sick and finally shows David; Frederick Ingle, Suzanne's stepfather, comes to the Lewis' home looking for Suzanne. Holland throws him out and Lina and Holland go to warn David. But they find Suzanne with him. They force him to give up the girls.

May 25, 1857—Michaela meets Rev. Holland Lewis; Suzanne is committed to the State Lunatic Asylum; Michaela has dinner with the Lewis' and David walks her home. She tells him to write his problems down.

September 15, 1857—orphanage—David gives Lina the pocket watch with Michaela's picture in it and promises to come get her one day.

1857—David writes Lina and Caroline a letter, leaving them an inheritance.

September 1858—Boston Hospital—Josef gives Mike a delicate case, a girl named Caroline. She has syphilis.

October 1858—Michaela asks her father about William Earl's anti-detersive essence as an experimental drug to use on Caroline

October 28, 1858—Michaela decides she's going to use the supplement (above) against her father's wishes; David and Michaela kiss and Suzanne watches; Suzanne hides under Caroline's bed as someone poisons Caroline. David comes back and holds Caroline as she dies in his arms.

May 1860—Mike and David come to CS; Abagail tells Sully she is pregnant; S&M "meet," Abagail has a diabetic attack, Michaela teaches Sully how to dance, M&S get caught out in the Cheyenne camp, David and Abby have questions

November 1860—David tries to seduce Michaela; Sully asks Michaela not to marry David.

December 20, 1860—The Sweetheart's Dance, David enlists in the war, Abby collapses and Michaela delivers her daughter; Abby dies; Sully walks out.

December 24, 1860—Christmas Eve—Michaela goes to Sully in the cave, Sully kisses Michaela for the first time, Michaela names Abby, Michaela leaves Sully and tells David she'll wait for him

January 1, 1863—Michaela receives a telegram from Boston; her and Abby pack; David is in Fredericksburg with Rose

January 2, 1863—Michaela and Abby leave for Boston to see Josef; they meet Robert E; Rose is curious of David's ramblings; Loren goes to Sully and tries to convince him to stop Michaela and Abby from leaving, Abby meets a stranger in the forest, Rose finds a picture of Michaela and a drawn, blonde woman in David's possessions.

January 3, 1863—Sully rescues Michaela, Abby, and Robert E from a war party; Abby questions who Sully is; it rains and they sleep under the wagon; Michaela tells Sully she killed someone; Sully believes David is responsible for Caroline's death; they share a blanket

January 4, 1863—Michaela and Sully wake up in each other's arms; David deserts the army; Abby asks a lot of awkward questions

January 8, 1863—The Battle of Springfield—Abby plays dead to get through the war lines

January 9, 1863—St. Louis, Missouri—The wagon crashes and the party has to walk to the train station; Sully has a concussion; Michaela kisses him to keep him awake—Richmond, VA—David gets a train ticket for Boston

January 10, 1863—Pittsburg—Abby gets lost on the train and meets David; Michaela almost misses the train; Abby locks Sully and Mike out when she catches them kissing. Sully proposes to Michaela. They say their vows on the back of a train. They hear David on the train. David goes to see Suzanne in the State Lunatic Hospital. S&M walk to her family home. Elizabeth meets Abby, Sully, and Robert E. Michaela and Josef reconcile. Michaela and Sully go with Martha to treat Rose in the middle of the night. Michaela "faints."

January 11, 1863—Breakfast with the Quinn's; Josef decides they are going to have a ball; Rose tells Michaela that David has syphilis; David plays with Abagail's mind

January 12, 1863—The Masquerade Ball; "the engagement ring;" Josef dies, Mike and Sully make love, Abagail is kidnapped by David

January 13, 1863—Michaela and Sully come home and realize Josef is dead and Abagail is gone; Michaela "collapses." Michaela and Sully go see Holland; they find out about Suzanne and go to the asylum; the shooting—Holland and Suzanne die; David falls into a coma after he promises to take the blame. They leave in the middle of the night.

February 1863—Sully and Michaela are on foot across the country, hiding from the authorities. They run into Miss Olive and Grace. One Eye attacks them. Everyone escapes but Sully and Michaela. Michaela is rescued by Cloud Dancing, and she realizes she is pregnant. He takes her back to the Cheyenne camp to hide out. Sully is alive; S&M argue about marriage; they have a Cheyenne wedding;

September 28, 1863Michaela promises Abagail she'll be with her when she has a baby; Katie is born; she breathes in Abagail's arms.

November 29, 1864—The Sand Creek Massacre—Chivington arrests Michaela; knocks out Sully.

September 1868—Katie meets No Harm while he's playing his flute.

November 27, 1868—Washita—Katie and No Harm are separated; Katie is allowed to live because she is white; she runs home to CS after Major Elliot threatens her.

1873—Abby and Brian go skinny dipping. Brian kisses Abby for the first time. She runs away from him. Colleen tries to comfort her with Michaela's bracelet. Katie climbs in bed with her and comforts her. Abby has a nightmare of the kidnapping, and Katie comforts her. Sully comes back to CS to take the girls to see their mother in jail. Michaela dreams in jail and hallucinates, seeing David. Michaela is reunited with Katie, Abby, and Sully. Inad allows Sully to come visit Michaela in the middle of the night. Michaela breaks down and believes that Sully is David; she remembers what happened the night of the shooting. Sully and Michaela make love—Stephen is conceived. Abby and Katie sneak out and go to the hospital. They get David to admit that Suzanne was responsible for the shootings as he is hallucinating. David dies.

1880—Abby is scared to tell Brian she loves him; No Harm returns and overwhelms Katie, but he is still in danger from Major Joel Elliot. Sully and Michaela agree to protect him for her. They have a dance at home. As Michaela is watching K&N, she is overwhelmed by sadness and misses Sully. Abby pouts and Sully agrees to take her to the dance. Abby sees Brian with Sarah. She and Sully talk about her mother. Brian and Abby argue, and he finally asks her to marry him. She eventually says yes.

November 5, 1883—Abby is pregnant while Brian is away; No Harm proposes to Katie; Sully takes Abby home and he feels the baby; she wants to name it Hanna; The Major comes to the clinic looking for Katie; He forces Michaela and Stephen to go back to the Homestead; Abby lies and says she's Katie, No Harm and Katie come home; No Harm runs; Katie is taken inside and beaten; the family is held hostage; Katie goes after No Harm; He is not there; she jumps over the waterfall; Abby goes into labor after S&M have left with Katie. Stephen is the only one there with her. Brian comes back and goes after S&M. He learns that Katie is dead; S&M rush home; Abby died in childbirth. Michaela breaks down and jumps out of her bedroom window.

1890—Heavy tension between Sully and Michaela as she can't remember him but remembers her father. He blows up and breaks her grandfather clock. Later that evening, she has a nightmare about running towards a boat and not reaching it, and she goes to Sully. They make up and make love.

1893—The New York Public Library—Two strangers meet. Lina and Stephen Sully. They enlist each other's help, are innately connected, Stephen tells Lina the story of his family. Lina trusts him, and she shows him her scars. They make love. Stephen sees her broken watch and sees a picture of his mother. They realize that Lina is David's daughter. Lina leaves Stephen.

1900—Boston—November 6—Brian is on a train to Boston. Two little girls interrupt his thoughts. He is startled when he recognizes their mother's voice. It is Katie. He convinces her to come back to Boston with him. Michaela is having dreams, but Sully is being distant. She tells him she wants to know everything. He's scared. He takes her to the beach and tells her everything. She has no emotional connection to anything. He is upset. She throws a picture of her in the fireplace. She has a breakthrough—a childhood memory is unrepressed—re:1840. Sully doesn't remember it. The disconnection is still there despite her recovery, but they are together. Katie is reunited with her parents and Stephen. A little boy named David comes looking for Dr. Sully.

Historical research:


Mercury, applied as an ointment to syphilitic lesions, is the earliest known chemical treatment for syphilis. As early as the late-fifteenth century, mercury was administered both topically and orally, and remained the treatment of choice for more than three centuries.

In the mid-nineteenth century, mercury was still widely used by trained physicians. At the same time, entrepreneurial "doctors" distributed misinformation about syphilis and marketed fantastic remedies for the disease. For example, in 1858 William Earl claimed that treatment with mercury could be replaced by his "new" method: an "ANTI DETERSIVE ESSENCE" that effected "a complete and radical cure" without the use of "deleterious drugs or chemicals." Such fantastic claims went unchallenged in part because in Victorian society, attitudes toward sexuality and the human body precluded open discussion of venereal disease. This is the treatment that Michaela tried to use on Caroline. In truth, the "medication" would have had absolutely no affect on Caroline, so there is no way Michaela could have been responsible for her death. In truth, with syphilis or any of STD in the 19th century, the mercury treatment, coming in the form of either pastes, pills, and sometimes liquid, would either cure the patient in the primary or secondary stage of syphilis (example is Lina), or the patient would further develop the disease (Tertiary syphilis), live, but lose mental capacities and often functioning organs (example is David, Frederick, Suzanne, and Caroline). Although if Caroline hadn't been poisoned, I believe she would have died from the disease since she was so young.

The reason why I had Lina complain about the medication was because of the severe affect it had on her body. Often the mercury was just as harmful as the disease, hence her scars on her chest later in life: mercury was rubbed on, applied to the body in plasters, and swallowed in pills. Since it is toxic to the bacteria Treponema, it was sometimes curative in the early stages of the disease. However, for use in later phases, the dose had to be so great that it was extremely toxic to human tissue as well. Side effects included profuse salivation, loosening of teeth, diarrhea, anemia, mental changes and kidney damage, which often led to death. These types of treatment prompted Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., well-known physician and author, to state, "I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica, as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind ó and all the worse for the fishes." (Address before the Massachusetts Medical Society, Boston, May 30, 1860).

The Sand Creek Massacre

I used John M. Chivington's deposition after the Massacre to define his character in this story. He sought political office in Colorado and saw ridding the Indian population as a way to give himself stature and clout. I then deducted that if he could be so callous about killing the Indians, bringing Michaela in for a murder she did not commit would simply be another notch on his belt, so to speak. The deposition is also full of lies to protect himself. A very interesting read.


Major Joel Elliot was actually at Washita, and most of the soldiers were part of his detachment. But he was killed at the battle. I decided to use him as a major foil for Katie in that sense, because this story deals with so many characters that died that could have lived longer if given more time. i.e. Charlotte, Abby (a.k.a. Hanna), No Harm, etc.

Michaela's Breakdown

It was caused by a repressed childhood memory. Often, when an event is repressed, it affects how one acts for the rest of one's life. I have marked certain events in the timeline showing her memory deterioration over time. The memory loss, when she thought Sully was David, etc. was caused by disassociation, as she is she too close to her repressed memory of not "reaching happiness."