Author: Yami Neferbre
Title: Crimson Trust
Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh, or CSI Miami
Paring: SetoxYami
Rating: R (just to be safe with the content)
Warning: Violence, language, sexual content, mention of rape (it's not really noticeable yet)
Spoilers: None
Summary: Yami has always been lied to, always been betrayed and hurt. Working as a special agent for the CSI crime lab in Miami he finds peace while raising his younger siblings. But an old enemy has returned, and a wonderful man just entered his life. Can he trust a stranger, or will he simply give up on life all together.
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Trust was a rare thing for him to give. He had been betrayed, broken, used, and manipulated so many times that his trust in others was thin. There was only a select few that had gained that precious trust, and that wonderful bond with him, and those that had that honour cherished it like gold and the rarest gems.

At the rip age of sixteen he had what little good remained in his world come crashing down upon him and his younger siblings. Their mother, their sweet precious mother had been murdered before his very eyes. The reason, she had finally realized why her son was so afraid, so frail, so bruised, and so quiet. Lucien, her life long partner, had beaten her to death when she found out what he had been doing to their eldest child for the past eight years.

He had tried to stop Lucien from hurting her, killing her; but all he received was a beating and a gunshot wound to his underdeveloped lung. From there he was forced to watch him beat her, once she pretended that she was dead Lucien moved back to him, beating him hard enough that when he closed his eyes a while later he fell into a coma. From there Lucien had left, never to be seen again for another two years.

Before he had fallen to that deep dark oblivion of silent unconsciousness where you could hear and feel nothing she came to him, crawling as best as her once strong body could. She held him firmly, apologizing for being so blind to the truth and not stopping it sooner, she spoke soft words to him assuring him that everything would be alright, but he was not so sure. She stroked his cheek, lulling him to sleep with a lullaby that he used to so love.

The sleep that he fell into kept him in its clutches; it never wanted to let him go, it never wanted him to wake and return to his family, it wanted him to stay with it. If the sleep had emotions, he would have described them as a mirror reflection of himself.

For the better part of six years he had been technically raising his two siblings Akalia and Yugi. They had stayed in a foster home for two years, until Lucien returned and had his fun with his son one last time before killing the foster parents and leaving. At that time he had just begun to love his foster parents, and was becoming thankful to them for taking them in.

From there he took them away to Miami, gained his Bachelor of Science degree and his forensic science courses needed to gain him a decent job with the Miami CSI. He took full responsibility and custody of Akalia and Yugi, rapidly becoming their legal guardians once he turned nineteen. Joey Wheeler, his life long friend and the only person that had known about the scars that he had gained from Lucien lived with him as well, both paying the bills to afford their rather large and comfortable home.

Joey, as he remembered, was the one who insisted on taking pictures and keeping files on the injuries that Lucien had inflicted upon his young body. Those records would become practical in later events as he would soon find out.

But now the two of them, Yugi twelve and Akalia fifteen, went to a decent private school and were able to come home to well cooked meals, their brother's open arms, and Joey's helping hands.


Hanging up the phone after saying a brief good-bye to Frank Gabriel, his boss, he pulled on a navy blue wind breaker, "Yugi, Kalie," he called. Kneeling down in front of the door he pulled on a pair of sneakers and began to tie them while he called out again, "Yugi, Kalie, come down here please".

"Yugi's outside somewhere," said Joey as he came towards his friend from the kitchen, "K-ster is around here somewhere with Amy".

Narrowing his eyes Yami Hanata went to the bottom of the stairs beside him leading to the next floor, "Akalia come down here please," he yelled up. Immediately the sound of music being turned down and a door opening reached his ears. A young raven haired girl dashed down the stairs, her ice blue eyes laughing, and her smooth tanned skin glistening with lotion and sweat. Yami crocked an elegant brow at her, his violet eyes questioning.

"What," she said with a giggle as her red haired friend Amy came bounding down the stairs, "we were doing our homework".

"Right," he said sarcastically being met by giggles from the two girls, glancing back at Joey he smiled when his friend rolled his eyes sky ward before turning back to his younger sister, "I need you to run the vacuum through, and tell Yugi to tidy up the house, I don't have time to do it now".

Kalie's face grew serious, the warm glow diminishing, "another case I take it," she asked, he nodded simply, reaching forward she hugged him briefly before giving him a kiss on the cheek, "come home before midnight, you have to go tot the doctors in the morning remember".

"I know," he said before giving her a small encouraging peck on the brow, "I'll be home hopefully, I cannot make any guarantees".

"Just come home," she said before dashing back up the stairs.

With a sigh Yami turned back to the entry way and opening the door stepped out into the hot Miami sun. A slight breeze began to ripple through his hair, grunting he wiped his his wild crimson, ebony, and golden hair into a ponytail and pulled a hat over top, on the front of it in white letters was C.S.I.

Clambering into the silver Volvo he shoved the key into the ignition and backing out of the drive way sped off to the beach, tonight was going to be a long night he could tell.

Pulling into the parking lot he smoothly turned into a slot and come to a halt, glancing out the window he narrowed his eyes, the familiar yellow tape was set up to section off the crime scene on the busy white sand beaches of south Miami. The wind lightly played with the thick leaves of the palm trees around him and increased the pounding of the waves against the shores. White caps could be seen on the crystal clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The familiar sweet yet crisp smell of the sea filled his nostrils, but it never once caught his attention.

Pedestrians that protested loudly demanding to see what was transpiring had been pushed to the side and now ere being controlled by several police officers. Scowling slightly he slipped out of the car carrying his leather bag with him. Stepping under the yellow tape he was immediately confronted by an officer, flashing his badge briefly he watched the man inspect it before politely apologizing and stepping aside. Rolling his eyes slightly with a grunt he strode towards where his team stood taking pictures if something upon the sandy ground under the shade of a tall tree.

One of them turned to him; a man with deep brown hair, and emerald eyes, he smiled, "finally Mr. Hanata has decided to show up," he teased.

Crocking an elegant brow Yami placed his bag upon the ground as the others turned to him, snapping open the clips and prying the bag open he reached inside, "sorry, Gabe just called me a few minutes ago," he apologized before turning his attention to the body in front of him. It was a young woman, early twenty by the seem of things, blond haired, thin faces, wide and open blue eyes, and covered in a thick layer of crusted blood.

The stench was abhorrent; obviously she had been out in the sun for a couple of hours untouched. Snapping on a pair of rubber gloves Yami did not bother to glance up at his friends before he began to carefully peel away the blood crusted clothing from her torso, "who found her".

Elijah Abel, the first man who spoke crossed his arms, "two pedestrians, thirteen-year-old girls, they are being tended to right now".

Yami glanced back at him before covering the woman's mutilated torso with her shredded clothing; apparently who ever did this was not satisfied with one blow.

"Two gun shot wounds," began Cora Thadine, a dark haired coroner with an eye for detail, "execution style". Grunting Yami ran his digits over the metal wire around the woman's wrists, they had begun to bruise before she died from lack of circulation.

Reaching into his bag he pulled put a pair of clippers and carefully placing the now open blade over the wire snipped it cleanly, no fraying occurred from his experience with scissors, "time of death," he asked as Elijah took the wire carefully from him and placed it into a plastic bag, quickly labelling it with his neat writing.

Cora gently ran her digits over the woman's bloodstained hair, "nine yesterday evening, possibly ten. Apparently the executioners thought that just the gun shots to her back and head were not enough. They stabbed her ten times, five between the two shots, and five more afterwards. The first two had to have hit her lungs, so she was more than likely dead before the headshot. I would assume that it is gang related but that is not my department".

"It might be," agreed Taita, the half Egyptian knelt down beside Yami and peered at his two friends with deep blue eyes, "but we cannot make any assumptions yet. Let's get the body back to the lab so that you can do a full scale autopsy".

Nodding Cora rose to her feet and dusted her jeans off, "I can live with that, talking to the dead is always more civilized than talking to the living. I am wearing the wrong type of clothes anyway to do it out here. You two go check out the other body with Elijah".

Yami glanced at her, "there's another body".

Smiling she winked at him, "yep, it's another woman, mid fifties with he same style of death. Gabe and Jason are looking around for another one with the others just in care there was another," she explained.

Grunting in understanding Yami rose to his feet, "alright then, we will meet you back at the lab, don't get too bored talking to your new dead friends," he said before leading Taita over to where Elijah was now kneeling with a forensics officer.

Squatting down Yami changed his gloves before carefully pulling the woman's grey-brown hair out of her face. She was very beautiful even at her estimated age. High cheek bones, pale skin, deep blue eyes glazed over with death. She stared up at him, her expression unafraid and awaiting her inevitable fate. Her appearance was familiar, from where he could not yet pinpoint.

Elijah heaved a sigh, "she must have been someone born or has lived in a high classed home. Look at her outfit, my wife has that dress; it's from Europe, three thousand dollars US".

"You allowed her to buy that," exclaimed Taita as he watched Yami carefully go through her purse and the leather jacket she wore.

"Her parents bought it for her twentieth birthday," he said scratching his neck, "she was born into a pretty wealthy family".

Yami crocked a brow as his hand found a chain around her neck, pulling it carefully out from within the folds of her dress he found that it was a rather large oval shaped locket. Gentle he opened it and stared at the two pictures within.

The first one was of a bright grey eyed boy with long raven hair and a wide luminous smile. He appeared to be relevantly the same age as Yugi, twelve or thirteen. The other was of a young man appearing to be in his early twenties. Handsome with slightly tanned skin, thick chestnut hair, and deep cerulean eyes filled with love, pride, freedom, and the wisdom of a man three times his age. Both were dressed in expensive black suits, a beautiful blue silk dress shirt, and a silver tie done to perfection.

He could tell by looking at them that they were her sons, both of them held her facial features, and the eldest boy inherited her eyes and hair as well.

"Lets get her back to the lab, we need to start some research," said Yami rising to his feet, pulling the plastic gloves off with a resounding snap, "we are not going to solve this case sitting on our asses on the beach".

"True," agreed Taita, "we'll hitch a ride with you, we came with the ballistics team first, and trust me they have no taste in music whatsoever. I died in the first five seconds of the ride". The three friends laughed heartily before clambering into Yami's SUV and driving off to the station, Linkin Park blaring through the speakers, windows down and hair flailing,

Cool conditioned air greeted them as they entered the CSI building. White sterile walls, stainless steel, clean grey tiles, and clear windows met them as they slowly weaved their way through the many hallways towards the forensics lab. Turning a corner the three friends spotted a man storming out of the morgue, Cora snapping at him angrily.

"This is not your case, back off Kent," she snapped before spying the three CSI's, "Yami I need you with me, I found something already that you might want to hear about".

Kent rounded on Yami, his deep brown eyes narrowed angrily, "this is my Case Hanata and you know it, day time cases are mine, not yours".

Crocking a brow Yami crossed his arms, face placid and eyes mocking, "Not if I am assigned to it, you are not qualified for a case of this magnitude obviously, or Colonel Gabriel would have allowed you to do it. Gabe assigned me to this case; he knew that you and your tendency to be incompetent would stall it. As well, he knew that my team will have it done twice as fast," his voice was calm yet mocking.

Growling Kent strode forward, stopping right before the smaller man hoping that his immense height and musculature would intimidate the smaller man. But Yami stared at him with an even and confident gaze, his face serene with a slight smirk. Scowling Kent leaned down so that their faces were centimetres apart, "watch what you say, Yami, don't mess with people that could easily pound you into the ground".

"I have fought against a man twice your size, and far stronger than you and won," Yami snapped, his eyes growing dark, "don't mess with me".

Kent gave out a small, cocky laugh, it was thick with disbelief and mockery, "who says that I would only be one person, and who said it was just you we were attacking".

"Hey Kent, that's pushing it," growled Elijah, pointing a finger at the ludicrous man. Before anyone could say a word Kent toppled to the hard cold ground with Yami on top of him, his eyes black and his face filled with fury.

"Touch them, just once, and I will hunt you down," Yami growled heatedly, "if you are going to attack anyone because of a childish rivalry, come after me. Do not involve Yugi and Akalia".

Smirking Kent sat up slightly, Yami's hands firmly grasping his trench coat, "oh trust me, I won't be doing the attacking, but I am can guarantee that you will get the blunt end of it".

"Bastard," hissed Yami as Taita pulled him to his feet firmly holding his elbows, "if you are going to make a threat, make sure that you can back it up, coward".

"Lucien would," chuckled Kent rising to his feet, smiling at the fear that flashed through Yami's violet eyes, "you know that he would".

"I know that he is not here," Yami protested, his voice unsure and shaky, "he said that he was leaving the country when he killed my foster parents, he is gone, don't mention him to me ever".

Turning Kent laughed, "don't be so sure that he's gone, remember I was the one who worked on your case all those years ago, I know all about you and Lucien. He may yet come back for more; he was always insatiable when it came to hear you scream beneath him".

Violet eyes stared at him, devoid of emotion as if a barrier had been placed over his emotions. His face was placid, unreadable, as Taita held him tightly keeping him on his feet. With a satisfied chuckle Kent left.

Immediately Yami pulled out of Taita's grasp and strode towards his office across the hall from the morgue, his steps unsteady, slamming the door he locked it making it clear that he did not want to be followed. The three of them glanced at each other, hatred for Kent shining clearly in their eyes.

"I am going to beat that guys face in if he mentions that… thing, that lunatic again," growled Elijah leaning against the wall, "he thinks he knows everything about Yami, he knows nothing".

"He knows that it gets to him," said Cora shoving her hands into the pockets of her lab coat, "he hates Yami, and Yami hates him. If I remember right Kent and his team had favoured Lucien because he paid them a lot of money. They did not believe a single thing that had happened, and apparently they were the ones that helped Lucien leave the country after his last visit a few years ago".

Heaving a sigh Taita ran his tanned digits through ebony locks, "lets get off this topic, we need to get this case started," he said tiredly.

"We will as soon as Yami is ready to come out, until then you two start some research, I'll try and identify the bodies," said Cora.

Nodding Elijah pushed himself away from the wall, "alright, we will come to you when Yami comes out," he stated before leading Taita away towards their own offices nearby. Cora watched them for a moment before she glanced at Yami's door, heaving a sigh she returned to the autopsy room, hopefully Yami would be alright.


Taking a deep breath Cora dropped down into a chair, she had finished her work. Both victims had died from a stab to the lung, rupturing the organ from the force of the blow, and causing them to bleed to death internally before the shot to the head. Having identified them she found that they were not related, but could be either friends or simply two people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thousands of possibilities and scenarios to why they now lay upon the two metal beds cascaded through her head, each scenario being considered but unable to be confirmed.

Closing her eyes she reached back and rubbed her sore neck and shoulders, she needed a massage. Groaning she opened her eyes and reached out towards the phone with a delicate hand, if Jason was in she would make him give her the rubbing down that she needed, this was only because Yami was still out of commission.

Before she had even lain her hand upon the cool plastic of the phone a pair of smooth but strong hands placed themselves upon her shoulders. The owner never made a noise; he or she simply began to knead at the stiff muscles, coaxing them into relaxing. Smiling knowingly Cora leaned back against the back of the chair, her brilliant green eyes gazing up into a pair of calm violet ones.

"Hmm, feeling better," she asked gently once spotting the red tear stains on the cheeks underneath those beautiful eyes.

"Yeah, I think so," Yami murmured as he continued to massage her shoulders, "damn, why do I always react like that to the mere mention of him, I know that he is not coming back".

"Because of what he did to you," stated Cora, "in the back of your mind the nagging idea of him returning surfaces and triggers that type of reaction. Along with your fear towards him, he traumatized you Yami, I'm sorry to say it but, it may be many years before you are normal again".

He smiled wryly, "I don't even remember what normal is," he admitted, "it's been so long".

Rising to her feet she gently pulled him into a comforting embrace; he froze and stiffed at first but soon melted and relaxed into her hold. Her warmth and the friendly love from her body comforting him, and soothing his nerves, something he desperately needed.

"You'll be fine, just have patience".

"I always do," he stated as they pulled apart. Reaching up he tightened the ponytail that kept his wild hair under control before straightening out, "now what did you want to show me".

She smiled with satisfaction, "right down to business, I love that part about you," she said before pulling on a pair of gloves and striding over to the two bodies.

"Victim number one," she said picking up the case file and standing beside the blonde, "twenty-three year- old Rosa Stiht. Her record is clean; she works at Kaiba Corp as a secretary.

"Victim number two is the one and only, Azucena Kaiba, mother and half president of Kaiba Corp. Her eldest son Seto Kaiba runs the other half".

Yami narrowed his eyes, now he knew where he had seen her and her two sons. Frank Gabriel, his senior officer, had taken him to a business party at the Kaiba mansion a few months ago. As well, the family was on the TV constantly, either on the news, or on a commercial to advertise the different types of products that came from their corporation. Politely he took the profile portfolio from Cora and read through them, Rosa was a recently married woman with a set of twins, and Azucena had a thirteen-year-old, and a twenty-three-year-old. That was one connection, but a larger more significant one was that they both were involved in some way with Kaiba Corps production line in the biotechnology section of the corporation. Azucena ran it, Rose kept the records.

"What killed them, exactly," he asked.

"Stab wound," said Cora, "their lungs ruptured from the heavy impact, and from the crystal meth and acid on the weapon. Azucena died on the second last one before she was shot, and Rose from the first stab she received after the first gun shot".

Narrowing his eyes thoughtfully Yami stared down at the two women, "If the killers murdered them because of this new product, we need to find out what the product was and send a protection crew over to the Kaiba mansion to personally watch over the two sons, mostly because they probably know what the product is, and Seto probably has the schematics saved for it somewhere. As well we need to find out what their rival companies are".

Cora smiled slyly, "damn you and your ability to think up exactly what I have in two hours, you doing it in mere minute's damages my fragile ego".

"Fragile my ass," grunted Yami, smirking at her playfully, "you have a bigger ego than anyone on our team, never mind in this building," he protested.

Laughing brightly she grasped his shoulder, "Yami you have a bigger pride and ego that I do, and besides Kent has an over inflated ego on his masculinity, he uses one head more than the other," she stated, Yami burst out laughing at that and had to force himself to sit down before he toppled over.

"Holy shit," he said, slowly regaining his breath, "we have a female clone of Joey standing beside dead bodies, talking to them even".

"Hey," she protested, pointing a finger at him, "I am not as dumb and hormonal as he is. He only knows how to think with his ground, he lost his other brain years ago".

Shaking his head Yami rose to his feet, "he is not that brain dead Cora, he just acts like it and you know it. Remember he does work with the top company in the film industry doing the special effects for the movies. You could not do that job if your life depended upon it".

"True enough," she agreed with a chuckle, "now back on topic, you need to go find Gabe, Taita, Jason, and Elijah to fill them in. They have been working like blind men for the past few hours, or they have not been working at all and are throwing paper balls at each other again".

Yami chuckled fondly at the memory, "It would not surprise me if they were".

Cora shook her head, "and then Dave would have them clean up after themselves again. Anyway, you go do that, I have more autopsies to perform".

Saluting her smartly Yami turned towards the door, "is there anything else that I can do for you Master Cora".

She smiled at him wickedly, "as a matter of fact you could be a nice boy and bring me some coffee with white rum".

Shaking his head Yami opened the door, "you have weird taste woman, not to mention the fact that you enjoy talking to dead people. I'll be back with you order in a minute".

"Thank you slave".

"Don't push it".


After retrieving two glasses of coffee, one with rum the other with cream and sugar, he delivered the one to Cora before making his way to the forensics lab, the files on the two victims under his arms. Juggling the files and coffee while trying to open the door he found to be more difficult than it originally sounded, he eventually gave up and gave the metal door a swift kick.

Hearing rushing footsteps and startled voices from within he crocked a brow, obviously they were doing everything but what they were supposed to be doing. Finally the door was opened and Taita stood flush faced in the door, "do I want to know what you all were doing," inquired Yami as he stepped into the room, spotting the scrunched up paper balls all over the room Yami crocked a brow and slowly weaved his way towards one of the tables. Taita and the others held back heavy laughter as they tired to clean up the mess around the desks and tables.

"Nothing," answered Elijah, "just wasting time".

Placing the files on one of the tables in the lab Yami chuckled, "I noticed, you better hope that Dave does not see this".

Jason, Elijah, Taita, and Frank all glanced at each other, they all held expressions of five-year-olds caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Immediately Yami burst out laughing and sat down as to make sure that he did not gall to the ground. Catching on the rest of them followed in suit, laughing boisterously.

Regaining their composure the four of them glanced at each other, shaking his head Yami opened the two files, "both of our victims were more than likely kidnapped, where that has yet to be confirmed. They were bound with metal wire, and then were stabbed five more times. The force from the stabs was enough to make their lungs rupture. The two victims are Rosa Stiht, and Azucena Kaiba".

"Type of knife," asked Frank Gabriel, crossing his arms, "and type of gun used".

Glancing over the autopsy reports Yami scowled, "hand gun, the bullets were send to the ballistics lab to be analyzed, while the knife was a Swiss army more than likely, again forensics are looking into it. But, Cora confirmed that it was covered in crystal meth, and sulphuric acid. That is probably what helped cause the lungs to rupture. As well, the wounds were slightly cauterized, so the blades were warm or hot at the time. But they were not hot enough to completely stop the bleeding".

Elijah tapped his chin in thought, "any type of connection between the two".

"Both worked for Kaiba Corporation," Yami expounded, averting his attention to his friends, "as you all know Azucena owns it along side her eldest son. She owns the biotechnology and cosmetics half of the company, while her son controls the gaming and medical research section.

"Rosa was the secretary for Azucena, she kept tabs and storied the files on the few product that they are making in the bio section. What the product is, I don't know".

Crossing his arms Taita leaned against one of the desks, "we should find that out," he said.

"Plus," Yami added, closing the folders, "we need to inform Seto and Mokuba Kaiba that their mother is dead, as well as Mr.Stiht. That is first priority".

Gabe nodded in agreement, "I will go to Mr.Stiht, Yami and Taita you go to the Kaiba's and question Seto. As of now he is one of the suspects until we rule him out. Jason and Elijah, you two do some research on the product and check on the evidence that the forensics team recovered. Move along people."

"Yes Gabe," they all said in unison before filing out of the room.

Yami was silent as they strode towards the parking lot, he could feel Taita and Gabe staring at him but he ignored it. Right now this case mattered more than his emotions. Clambering into the vehicle Yami drove off towards the famous Kaiba mansion with Taita in the passenger seat turning up the music volume as the Limp Bizket CD began to play.

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