Author: Yami Neferbre
Title: Crimson Trust
Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh, or CSI Miami, or Waste by Staind
Paring: SetoxYami
Rating: R (just to be safe with the content)
Warning: Violence, language, sexual content, rape, character death
Spoilers: None
Summary: Yami has always been lied to, always been betrayed and hurt. Working as a special agent for the CSI crime lab in Miami he finds peace while raising his younger siblings. But an old enemy has returned, and a wonderful man just entered his life. Can he trust a stranger, or will he simply give up on life all together.

Story idea came from the song Waste by Staind
Status: 11/32

A/N: Small thing I wanna point out, lol. When I started this fic, I had found the name Isolde, and had yet to see the movie Tristan and Isolde. So, for a small note, the pronunciation for the name is different than in the movie. Its Ih-soul-die, more Japanese in sound (or Egyptian/ Greek) than it is in the movie.

Anyway, onward…Sorry again about the lateness, been in Germany for three months, my grandmother (whom I was really close with) passed away, and I was busy getting ready for Germany before that and fixing my bloody computer and laptop. Hope you enjoy the chapter…it is a bit slow, but hopefully that's alright. R and R please


Your mother came up to me
She wanted answers only she should know
It wasn't easy to deal
With the tears that rolled down her face
I had no answers cause I didn't even know you

She could feel the heaving of his torso, slow and even in sleep, the rhythm stuttering only when he inhaled too sharply. Her fingers ran gently through his hair, parting golden bangs and dark ebony locks. Peering down at him she sighed, he lay curled up beside her, head upon her lap while he gripped her lose hand tightly against his chest. The beat of his heart pulsated through his flesh, the feel of it comforting to her racing nerves.

In the kitchen Mai and Joey silently cooked supper, the feel of their gazes glancing at her occasionally in concern evident. Bakura rested in the other couch, eyes peering absently at Yami as he slept in her lap. While Yugi sat on the floor before her, one of his hands entwined with Yami's, Sacha curled up against his side.

The silence was overwhelming. Heaving a sigh she shifted, Yami unconsciously adjusting his position and tightening his grip on her hand. Yugi turned to look at her, smiling at her warmly. She returned the gesture; glancing back at Mai and Joey in the kitchen she noticed the two taking food, dishes, and utensils to the table.

Bakura grunted, rising to his feet he knelt down beside Yugi, reaching out to gently shake Yami into alertness. Kalie frowned slightly at this, but remained silent when Yami stirred, his dark eyes opening to blearily stare up at her. Blinking a few times to allow his vision to adjust to the light, Yami peered up at her in bewilderment.

Yawning Yami stretched slightly, letting go of his sibling's hands before relaxing back into the warmth of the couch. Averting his gaze to Bakura he raised a questioning brow, "What is it?"

"Supper," Bakura answered, standing up. "Kalie, Yugi, may you please help set the table. I'll get sleepy to his feet." Reluctantly Yugi and Kalie moved into the kitchen, retrieving plates and glasses from the cupboards.

Reaching out Bakura hooked his arm underneath Yami's head, gently easing his friend into a sitting position. Yami groaned when his vision spun from the movement, the pounding in his skill returning. Taking a seat beside his friend Bakura held him steady, allowing him a moment to rest his head upon his shoulders and regain his equilibrium.

Massaging his temple Yami tried to lessen the agony, but all it seemed to do was worsen it. Scowling he closed his eyes, completely resting against Bakura, not willing to move any more no matter how hungry he was. But, Bakura was insistent, urging him to rise slowly to his feet, gripping him tightly as to stabilize him. Inhaling deeply he took another moment, vision trying to focus. Growling when his vision continued to spin, frustrated.

"Easy Yami," Bakura murmured, rubbing his arm gently, trying to be a comfort. "Take your time, there's no rush."

"Why does he seem to be obsessed with hitting my head?" Yami snarled.

Crocking a brow Bakura merely shook his head, "Probably because he knows that it causes more damage."

"Comforting," Yami retorted, taking a breath before starting to walk towards the table. Thankful that Bakura was there as his vision continued to spin and his constant loss of his footing.

Finally reaching the table he sat down, silently worshiping the table as he leaned back in his chair, finally able to focus his gaze and straighten it out. Kalie immediately sat beside him, gently rubbing his shoulder; turning his head he placed a small kiss on her hand in thanks. She smiled at him, kissing his cheek before sitting straight in her chair. Everyone else rapidly joined them around the table, small smiles passing between them before Joey began to pass the bowls of food around.

Taking a small amount of salad and rice, Yami absently began to eat, his attention was more focused on the warning that he had received earlier that day.

"Never let him touch you like that again. You are mine, no one else's, got that."

"Yami," Mai said, gaining his attention, gaze lifting to her questionly. "Are you alright?"

Blinking he nodded, regretting it instantly as his headache increased from the action. Resting his elbows upon the table he covered his face with his hands, a frustrated groan emitting from his throat. Glancing at each other, the other occupants of the table remained silent, not wanting to aggravate him.

Tears welled up in his eyes as images of that black body bag flashed before him, of the gun fight the night before, and the expressions of terror upon both Mokuba's and Seto's faces. Chocking back sobs he pushed his seat back from the table, preparing to stand up only for Yugi to dash over to him, wrapping his arms around his torso, forcing him to remain seated. "Yugi, let go, I need to be alone," he pleaded, holding back his tears.

"The instant you are on your own, will be the moment that you will have an attack," Yugi snapped, peering up into his brother's eyes, his desperation apparent. "The last thing you need right now is to be alone!"

"Yugi, let go…please!"

A sudden knock upon the door startled everyone, making them jump in their seats and Sacha barking. Dashing to the door Bakura opened it, peering at the man upon the door step in shock. Cerulean eyes stared back at him in fret, one rimmed in black, while his clothing was sullied and his hair muddled. Taking a step back he stuttered, "Seto…what the hell happened to you."

"Where's Yami," Seto demanded, his voice shaking with worry. "I need to see him."

Stepping aside Bakura allowed him in, watching the man stumble in and toss his shoes and jacket onto the floor, "Of course," he murmured.

Seeing Yami standing up from the table Seto exhaled sharply in relief, dashing forward before wrapping his arms around him, ignoring the stunned expression that Yami had given him upon seeing his appearance. "Thank God you're safe!" he blurted, pressing his lips against the CSI's brow.

Gripping the front of the brunette's shirt, Yami held him close, "What happened to you?"

Slackening his hold Seto stared down at Yami, his tears of mirth welling within his eyes, "Later, I'm just happy that you're safe."

Completely ignoring everyone else in the room Yami reached up and gently ran his fingertips over the blackened skin around one of Seto's eyes. The CEO winced, cringing under the touch. Heaving a shaky breath Yami cupped his face with his hands, "What the hell are you talking about? What happened Seto that has you like this!?"

"Looks like you got the shit beat out of you," Joey stated rather bluntly, snapping the couple out of their trances.

Returning his gaze to Yami Seto inhaled deeply, preparing for Yami's reaction. "They jumped me outside of the hotel…they said that they were going to kill you, or take you away."

"Who's they?" Yami demanded, eyes darkening.

"Santo, Lucien…some of their gang members," Seto murmured.

Jaw dropping in shock Yami stumbled back onto his chair, staring up at Seto in disbelief. Shaking hands reached out and pulled him forward before they began to frantically unbutton his dress shirt. Seto was barely able to do anything as Yami was able to open his shirt, the bruises from the fight standing out boldly. Yami bit his lip, head shaking slightly as he tentatively reached out and tenderly ran his fingers over the abrasions. A chocked sob escaped his throat before he retracted his hand and covered his mouth, shaking visibly, his eyes wide in shock.

"My God," Yami stammered, voice barely audible as he stared up at Seto, eyes pleading. "I'm sorry, I should have known that he would do this, I'm so sorry Seto."

Kneeling down Seto reached out, slowly taking hold of Yami's hand and pulling it away from him mouth, arms circling the young man's waist. Cerulean eyes narrowed in confusion, "Why are you saying sorry?"

"Because," Yami sobbed, resisting Seto's hold, afraid that any more contact between the two of them may cause more harm. "He knows about us Seto…he knows everything. He attacked Gabe, Kalie, Yugi, and I at the school, he threatened to kill someone if I don't stop seeing you. He was being possessive…I should have know that he was going to do something drastic like this. This is the reason why I never wanted to be with someone!"

Feeling his face fall Seto felt his lip tremble in both fear and worry, "He attacked you…why didn't you tell me! I would have come here if I had known!"

"I didn't want you to worry," Yami choked out, tears coursing down his cheeks. "I didn't want to be a burden to you, you don't need that."

"You are not a burden Yami," Seto murmured, pulling him close, satisfied when Yami clung to him, tears dampening his shoulder. "I already told you that."

A growl resounded in the room, gaining Seto's attention. Lifting his head he spotted the fury in Bakura's eyes, his fists clenched till the knuckles were white. The man snarled, his breath shaking with anger, "I am really getting sick of that fucking prick destroying everything. If he confronts you one more time I swear I will hunt him down he beat him into the fucking ground!"

Gripping Bakura's arms Joey held him firm, "Calm down, everyone!" he bellowed. "Just go sit down in the living room and mellow out. This is what Lucien is probably expecting, for one of us to completely lose our tempers and storm out of the house in a blind rage. He's probably waiting out there somewhere for that to happen. So calm down and start thinking rationally!"

Wrenching himself out of Joey's grasp Bakura stormed into the living room, non-chantingly collapsing onto one of the couches, arms crossed as he tried to slow his breathing. Taking a breath Joey ushered Mai, Yugi, and Kalie towards the couches, forcing them to sit down before glancing back at Yami and Seto. Relief washing over him as Seto helped Yami to his feet, holding him as if he was a porcelain doll. Sitting down upon the floor he watched Seto lead Yami slowly into the living room, the CSI's shaking form unsteady.

Easing down onto the love seat Seto pulled Yami into his lap, holding him the same way he had on the beach that morning. Yami rested his head against his broad shoulder, hands clinging to his shirt, fisting in the soft material with his convulsions. Tenderly he began to caress Yami's back and cheek, soothing him and slowly reducing the tremors in his body.

Taking a breath Kalie averted her gaze towards everyone in the group, "Why can't he just leave us alone? What did we ever do to deserve such treatment from him…he's our father."

Yami glanced at her, "You two have done nothing," he murmured, snuggling into Seto's warmth. "I have…unknowingly at the time, but I did."

"But you couldn't stop that Yami," Yugi insisted, hands fidgeting in his lap. "If you really want to get technical, that was his fault, he created the problem."

"Yes," Yami retorted, closing his eyes, relaxing. "But he still blames me for it…and my mother. Thus, he takes his anger out on me."

Pressing a kiss to Yami's brow, Seto inquired, "May I know what that is, I feel rather lost."

Yami took a breath, easing his nerves before speaking. "This all started before I was even born. At the time, my Mother was in grade twelve and had been dating a man named Nick Labrynth for three years. Lucien was well known as a drug addict. At parties he had been caught on many occasions drugging people of both genders. So, at the after grad, he got bold and drugged my mother and took advantage of her while Nick was off elsewhere.

"After that, he had to run. My mother was not stupid, she told the police the next day, and there was a warrant out for his arrest. A month later, my mother found out that she was pregnant…her and Nick had never been intimate, so she knew who the father was."

Blinking Seto took one of Yami's hands in his, squeezing it gently, "He blames you for that?"

Bakura chuckled, "Yes, and for what happened there afterward."


"Mind if I carry on Yami," Bakura questioned, receiving a small nod of consent he continued. "Lucien's mom, Lucia, found out about the pregnancy and got completely involved. She was there for Isolde and Nick through the entire process. What infuriated Lucien even more as we later found out, Lucia and her husband wanted to pay entirely for Yami's medical bills and bought a really nice house for the three of them to live in. Both owned multi-billion dollar corporations and wanted to help their first grandchild in whatever way they could. So, because Lucien refused to be involved with Yami's life, Lucia and her husband completely cut him out of their lives…and their funding."

"Since Yami was born both premature, with severely underdeveloped lungs, and bronchitis, he was in the hospital for…um…"

"Three months," Yami cut in. "On top of that, my Mother and Nick were on a small trip to Egypt at the time. So I was born there, then had to be transported to the children's hospital in Miami when I was stable enough."

Taken aback Seto rested back entirely against the loveseat, holding Yami loosely as he absorbed the information. Coughing slightly he shifted, "Wow."

Joey wrapped an arm around Mai's shoulder, holding her close, "That's not even all of it. Yami was in and out of the hospital constantly until he was about eight. So, when Lucien came back into the picture when he was six, the man used Yami's health problems as a reason to deny parentage to him. But, he had other ideas.

"As you now probably know, Lucien has a taste for guys, Yami especially. So, when he realized what Yami was probably going to look like when he got older, the idea thrilled him, as did the vision of having Isolde and her money."

"That's when Nick disappeared," Yami murmured, violet eyes distant. "We all know what really happened to him, but my mother didn't until the end. Lucien wanted my mother and I so badly that he threatened to harm the two of us unless Nick faked death and left. He did, he left to keep the two of us safe, where he is now, I have no idea. But, thereafter Lucien wormed his way into my mother's heart, and they got married just after Kalie was born."

Scratching his neck Seto glanced at Kalie, running things over in his mind, "It didn't take him long to get into her heart then, you and Kalie are just over seven years apart aren't you."

Yami glanced up at him, "Who ever said that Kalie was Lucien's daughter."

Cerulean eyes widened in shock, disbelief washing over him before Kalie spoke up, "When Lucien and my mom got engaged, she was already eight months pregnant with me…they had only been a couple for four months."

Nodding Yami smiled slightly, peering at her, "That's where she get's her eyes from," he expounded, his sisters vibrant ice blue eyes holding his gaze. "Nick's eyes were like that…"

"So only you and Yugi are Lucien's," Seto questioned.

"Yep," Yugi answered from the floor, rubbing Sacha's belly absently. "He just tries to ignore the fact that Kalie and I exist. Only reason why he allowed me to be born was to keep Mom happy, she had wanted another kid."

Seeing the near brain dead expression that Seto was emitting Bakura chuckled, "I think that we just gave him a brain overload folks."

Blinking Seto directed his attention at Bakura, dumbfounded, "What?"

"Oh yeah, we confused him," said Mai, smiling in mirth.

"I'm not confused," Seto protested. "Just trying to absorb a lot of information."

"Right, believe what you will," Bakura teased, grinning at the CEO. "We all know the truth, you've gone brain dead."

Shifting impatiently upon the floor, Yugi glanced at Yami, "Can we finish eating now…I'm still hungry."

"Go ahead," Yami encouraged, massaging his throbbing temple. "I'm not hungry."

Happily Yugi dashed back to the table, Kalie slowly following. Bakura shook his head, glaring slightly at Yami, "You've barely eaten anything today, yesterday as well."

Averting his gaze slowly towards his friend Yami scowled, "Maria warned me that because of the painkillers I may have some problems keeping food down for a day or two. Besides, I have been drinking enough fluid to sustain me till tomorrow."

"Whatever," Bakura grumbled, rising to his feet and moving to the table, Mai and Joey joining him moments later.

Gently rubbing Yami's arm Seto murmured, "Tired?"

"Hmm," Yami responded, eyes closing. "Very."

"I'll take you to bed then," he said.

"Let me tend to your injuries first, then bed."

Knowing that arguing was futile Seto nodded in agreement. Sitting up fully in the chair, arms tightening around Yami as the man swayed from the sudden movement. He remained still until Yami murmured that he was fine. Standing up Seto turned towards the stairs, carrying the young man securely. Stopping at the bottom of the stairs he looked at the others, "Good night."

"Night," the group responded, smiles gracing their faces.

Yami waved at them briefly before Seto strode up the stairs.


Yami was silent as he worked, small but strong hands gently rubbing a cool cloth over every bruise upon the CEO's upper body. Violet eyes were so fixed upon what they were doing that Seto was surprised that his flesh had not been burned by the intensity of his gaze. He watched Yami work, rubbing him down with the cloth first before taking a jar of tiger balm and coating his darkened flesh with it. The man's touch was soft as a feather, yet concentrated and precise. Once finished Yami moved to hold the cold cloth over his now black eye, soothing away the pain.

"I'm sorry," Yami murmured, gaze finally turning to him for the first time in nearly fifteen minutes

Sighing Seto reached out, hand gently caressing Yami's cheek. "Don't be, its not you're fault. You didn't do this Yami, nor did you intend for it to happen."

Shaking his head Yami dropped his gaze again, focusing upon the flickering candles surrounding them in the bathroom. "He wants me, not you, he should never have touched you."

Taking Yami's hands Seto forced the young man to drop the cloth and look at him. Seeing the fear and guilt he whispered softly, "I would rather it be me than you. I don't care about what he says or does to me Yami, I am not leaving you and I will do everything in my power to protect you."

Wrenching away Yami retrieved the fallen cloth and tossed it into the sink. "The last person that said that, aside from Joey and Bakura, died. Almost everyone that has come between him and I he killed."

"Then I guess that I will have to brush up on my fighting skills, eh?"

Snapping back to him, vision spinning violently from the action, he growled, "You make it sound like this is child's play. He'll kill you for being with me. I belong to him, I'm his property, and you are a threat to his control and possession over me."

"Yami," Seto said forcefully, cerulean eyes locking with blazing violet, gripping Yami's shoulders. "You are not a possession, you are a human being!"

"Tell that to him," he snapped, shoving Seto's hands away. "That's all I am to him, a toy, a slave, born to give him what he wants. I have never been his son, he never wanted me, and I ruined him."

"Is that what you believe, do you agree with him?"

Stunned by the abruptness of the question Yami stared at him in shock, "No…" he stammered.

"Then why bow down to him," Seto insisted, hands rising to tenderly caress Yami's neck and face. Yami tried to look away from him, avoiding what he had said, smaller hands gripping his wrists and trying to pull them away. Having none of that Seto moved forward and wrapped his arms firmly around him, hands continuing to caress his neck and the back of his head. "Hmm, Yami…why give in to his wishes if you don't truly belong to him, why deprive yourself of what is good in life because of him?"

"Because," Yami muttered meekly, head resting against Seto's bare shoulder. "I'm terrified of him."

Pressing a soft kiss to Yami's brow Seto whispered, his voice endearing, "Then let me help you, let me try and protect you and lift that fear from you so that you can live without the knowledge that everything you do has to revolve around him."

"But," Yami protested. "He said that we would kill to get rid of you. That if we did not stop seeing each other that he would take another life. He wants you gone…or dead."

"I can handle myself well enough Yami," said Seto. "Don't worry."

"I can't help but worry Seto, I know what he is capable of," Yami murmured.

"We will handle him when we have to, until then, relax," Seto soothed, pulling back slightly before smiling down at Yami.

Sighing deeply Yami moved away from him, hand reaching into the sink. Retrieving the cloth from the frigid water he wrung it out and folding it placed it back over Seto's eye. "I'll try."

"Good," relaxing into the coolness of the cloth and Yami's touch, Seto closed his eyes. "We should go to bed soon, tomorrow's going to be a long day."

"How do you figure?"

"Funeral preparations."

Blinking in shock Yami peered at Seto, he had been so caught up in the incidents of the day that he had forgotten. "Dear Gods," he stammered, a single hand reaching up and cupping Seto's cheek forced the CEO to turn eyes nearly bursting with tears towards him. "I am so sorry, I've been so out of it that I nearly forgot. Is there anything I can do?"

Seto smiled at his again, appreciative of the concern, "Let me stay with you tonight?"

Hiding the uncertainty within him Yami nodded, "Of course."

Taking hold of Yami's hands Seto rose to his feet, pulling Yami with him. "It's late, we should go to bed."

Nodding in agreement Yami placed the cloth in the sink and pulled the plug, allowing the water to drain. Drying his hands he silently lead Seto into his room, turning off the lights and closing the bedroom door as he did so. Upon turning back to the CEO he found himself staring at said man as he stripped and clambered into his pj's, the lamp light his only guide. Blushing darkly he dropped his gaze, avoiding Seto's as the said Man turned to him.

"Did I make you uncomfortable?"

Giving a chaste nod Yami kept his gaze down, moving to retrieve his own pj's. Even though he felt childish he signaled for Seto to turn around while he changed. Finished he silently clambered into bed, inhaling sharply when Seto joined him, suddenly feeling his body go rigid in fear.

Sensing this Seto peered at him in the lamp light, "Are you alright with this Yami?"

Wrapping the covers tightly around himself Yami released a shaky breath, "I think so…give me a minute to adjust before you touch me. My body's just overeating."

"Am I rushing you?"

"I don't know," Yami murmured honestly. "I've never…been with anyone before."

Gently Seto ran the back of his fingers over Yami's cheeks, feeling the tremors lessen almost immediately from the soothing touch. Seeing Yami close his eyes he reached back and switched the light off leaving them in darkness, their only light was that from the moon outside. Slowly, and without persistence, Seto caressed Yami's arm, shoulder and side, trying to soothe his racing nerves.

After a few minutes Yami finally cuddled up to him, head resting against his shoulder and hands clinging to his shirt. Relieved he held Yami close, taking his own comfort from the young man's warmth and nearness.

"Thank you," Yami whispered somnolently. "For being patient."

"You're welcome," he said, pressing another kiss to Yami's brow. "Sleep, we both need to."

"Good night."

"Night Yami."


The sensation of shaking and muffled noises awoke him abruptly. Trying to gain some sort of coherent thought or movement he shifted before suddenly stiffening at the feeling of a warm body next to him. In an instant he remembered the events of the evening and glanced up at the man holding him, his breath stopping as he realized what the man was doing. Seto was crying.

Pulling Seto closer to him he gently ran his hand over said man's back in soothing circles, his other hand rubbing Seto's neck. "Shhh…its alright."

"They are gone," Seto rasped out, his voice quiet, arms tightening around Yami. "My God…"

Suppressing his own tears Yami held Seto, continuing to caress and soothe him in the only way he knew. He whispered to him softly, the words passing from him clearly calming the CEO.

Minutes passed, long minutes, until Seto finally released an immense sigh in exhaustion, his sobbing done even though tears were still upon his face. Brushing aside the tears Yami shifted up in the bed till he was able to rest Seto's head upon his shoulder, reversing their roles.

"Thank you," Seto muttered.

"You're welcome."


Two vibrant yellow roses were placed upon the freshly disturbed soil, their luminousness a bright contrast to the black marble stones that they were placed before. A light wind gently toyed with the petals of the flowers, making them dance loosely and mirroring the souls of those below them. The sun was setting low in the sky; orange, crimson, pink and violet streaking the sky above the harbor. The beauty and simplicity surrounding the two figures that stood over the two graves.

Yami remained silent and listened to Seto speak softly, not to him but to those that were laid to rest before them. He remained beside him, holding one of his hands gently, comfortingly. Soft lavender eye's watched the man beside him, Seto was smiling as he spoke of memorable moments, blissful moments. The CEO's beaming expression faded as his heart filled again with the pain of loss. Yami felt this and immediately moved closer to him, wrapping an arm around his waist and holding him closely allowing Seto to rest his head atop his own.

"This hurts," Seto murmured absently, his one arm snaking around Yami's shoulder's. "A lot more than I thought it would."

Tenderly Yami used his free hand to caress the hand that was draped over his one should, "It takes a long time Seto…believe me…even now I still have my hard days without her…"

"I know."

"Come," Yami said gently, moving back slightly and peering up into mournful cerulean eyes. "Let's go home, you need to rest and relax."

"Alright," Seto sighed, chancing one last look at the two graves before allowing Yami to lead him back towards the car. His heart ached, he did not want to leave them alone even though he knew that they were no longer truly there. They were at his side and in his heart, forever there and forever smiling.

A/N: Sorry again for this taking so long. I would have had it update a week ago, but this last scene was rather difficult to write, my Grandmother's funeral is still clear in my mind. So, I incorporated her into the scene in my own little way. Her favourite follower was the yellow rose. Anyway, I hope all of you liked this chapter and that you will forgive me for my slowness (those that had the patience to wait for this chapter). Thanks to all of you that are still reading this, its greatly appreciated.