Just a little rhyming thing I got going ;)

NOTE!!! This is an old story, but I just wanted to show you allt hat I was totally right! Bayhauhauhau! 3 SS!!! - almost totally right. There's that little things about his continueing existance in the living world...

Dear reader; I shall tell you a story

About hatred and love in all its glory

We have our hero; cruel and cold

But behind that there's a heart of pure gold


Our story takes place

In the wars wild race

And moves through the years

And end with lots of cheers


Our hero had chosen two masters

And he knew it would end in disasters

But turning back was far too late

And he now had to live with the weight


All hell broke loose for Severus Snape

The night he was forced take on the DEs cape

He made an act of universal wrongness

And had to flee from the mess


In truth the match had been set

Our hero, you see, had made a bet.

A vow of the unbreakable art

So he had to do it despite the pang in his heart


Dumbledore, the Headmaster, had known the vow and the sum

And had told Snape to proceed to kill him should the time ever come

Despite Snape's protest, and saying that he did not want to be in it anymore,

There was nothing to change the Headmaster's mind; it was all for the war


And now, you see, before Snape could ever explain

He was sentenced by the Order and it had all been in vain

How could he make them see the truth of his actions?

When their hatred was their only reactions


But one lucky day

Despite it being cold and grey

An enemy crossed lines

And told the Order about the signs


And then one day the War ended

And luckily it turned out as everyone intended

But despite words from former enemy and Dumbledore's picture

Were the Ministry of Magic unwilling to loose their structure


Poor Severus Snape had to once again flee

Since the Order and Ministry could never agree

He entered a new world and made a new life

But things had been hard and he never got a wife


But one thing is sure

Severus Snape's heart is pure

And he'll be out in the world doing deeds

Putting everyone else in front of his own needs


And he hates it and glares

But it's his way to show that he cares

So why don't you do the same

Do some good instead giving others the blame

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