An Inuyasha Short

Summary Kagome prays that Sesshoumaru will finish what he started. continuing after One Big Kiss Kagome x Sesshoumaru

Rated G

Pairings Kag/Sess

Disclaimer Keiko owns nothing



a voice rang out, pulling the tall silver haired bishonen, Sesshoumaru out of his concentration.

"Kagome? Did you hear something?" The stoic, sexy voice of Sesshoumaru asked the miko. "Mhm…no." Kagome said with a smirk, praying that her Sesshy would finish what he started already.

Sesshoumaru looked back at the blue eyed girl, staring at her. How could she not hear such a loud voice he wondered to himself. She was smirking at him. "Miko, I haven't given up.. I will win this!" he hissed angrily at her. Kagome's face faulted. Stubborn… she thought.

She looked back down at the Go! Board, waiting for Sesshoumaru to move.

With an elegant flick of his wrist he placed another white stone down.

The game continued, with no defined winner so far… till..

"HA! TAKE THAT LORD PUFFY PANTS! I WIN!" Kagome Higurashi wooted, doing a small victory dance. Sesshoumaru stared impassively at the girl, "It was a minor victory, miko, no need to embarrass yourself in front of the readers…" Sesshoumaru curtly said. "It's not as though you beat this Sesshoumaru with true talent."

"Are you saying you let me win!" Kagome stopped her victory dace, and went into a rage. "HOW DARE YOU!" she ranted. "I WANNA REMATCH!"

"Do as you please, wench, this one has all the time in the world." to spend with you

He watched as the human girl cleared the Go! Board, "You ready?" She asked, he saw the fire dancing in her blue pools.

"As I ever will be, onna."


after the last one shot I decided to add a 'sequel', for Sess and Kags! R&R Finished Sunday, July 17, 2005 1:52 PM Nashville, TN