Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness. Bertrand Russell

They had taken things slowly – not because it was Dee's natural inclination, and certainly not because it was Billy's. From the first time she had kissed him, Billy could think of little else when Dee was around but how much he wanted her. Conversely, the first time she had kissed him was what made Dee so cautious.

Dee wasn't normally so tentative in matters of the heart, because her heart had never before been truly at risk. She had had relationships, and for the most part, they had been casual and had ended amicably. She wasn't the kind of girl who thought sex meant love, or who saw forever in every romantic gesture.

But things with Billy were different, or at least, she thought they could be. She needed to know that the reason she was with him was because of him, and not because of what he represented. She would never forget that moment, the first time she kissed him, and she would always wonder if the joy she felt was because Billy was alive, or because his being alive was proof that something beyond the Galactica still existed. For some reason, the distinction mattered to her.

Then the President went against the Commander, and everything changed. A strike team boarded Colonial One. Dee frantically whispered Billy's name into her headset, but he had disconnected, no doubt to take his place at President Roslin's side. For five long minutes she waited, alone in her fear. The Commander was tense, concerned, and the feeling spread through CIC, but none of them had the personal stake in what was happening on Colonial One that Dee had. Finally, Colonel Tigh reported in, and Dee could barely contain the relief in her voice when she told Commander Adama that President Roslin had been taken into custody without bloodshed.

No, the bloodshed came later. Dee couldn't believe the amount of blood. It seemed as though the whole room was covered in it, in the Commander's blood. She was certainly covered in it. As she held his hand and prayed to the Lords to save him, his blood managed to get on her uniform, her hands, her face. She wondered briefly, irrationally, if her silent prayers for Billy had somehow brought this on – a life for a life.

As the Commander was rushed to sickbay, Dee realized how precious human life was. Not precious in the ways philosophers and priests had contemplated for centuries, but precious in a whole new way. The Cylons were out to destroy them, to extinguish the life of each and every human in existence. They had nearly succeeded already, and if they could get to the Commander, they could get to anyone. The human race was now a rarity, headed towards extinction. They were living on borrowed time, and while she had that time, Dee intended to use it.

She wondered who she'd have to bribe to get Billy brought aboard Galactica before all Hades broke loose in the fleet. She assumed Colonel Tigh wouldn't allow any of the President's supporters to move around freely. Bringing him over was a risk, one that could land her in hack or worse, but for Dee, it was time to throw caution to the wind.