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Summary: In 7th year: Draco's girlfriend, Hermione Granger, has been turned into 5 year old because of a potion accident. Harry and Draco must take care of her. Draco/Hermione/Harry Love triangle

Pairings: Harry/Hermione


Genres: Romance/Angst

Hermione- The 5 Year Old Witch

Chapter 1

Draco hugs his girlfriend, Hermione Granger, still amazed that this prefect girl, more like young woman, was his and had been for a 1 year. Hermione had been the first to believe him when he had said he had changed, fighting on the good side in the war. It was their last year at Hogwarts; the war had ended with Harry defeating Lord Voldemort in their 6th year. Most of the Death Eaters killed though some stray ones lived.

Speaking of the Boy-Who-Lived, he was behind Hermione walking up to the hugging couple with a smirk. Everyone had grown up like it or not. Harry had a tall muscular body from the war and Quidditch, sparkling emerald eyes and silky messy (some things just didn't change) black hair.

Draco had a little bit more muscle than Harry, stormy blue gray eyes and shiny white-blonde hair. Each had an equally large fan club because of their looks and what they did in the war. Harry, of course, had been the one killed Voldemort, but Draco had played a large part in the war risking his life as a spy next to Severus Snape whose name had been cleared.

Hermione had discovered a spell that could remove their dark mark off their arms. She had also grown into a beautiful young lady with loose wavy curls that color of chocolate, gleaming coffee eyes that light up when she learn something new, and a beautiful figure that a model would die for. She had many boys and even men chasing after her though she didn't notice any of them. Draco was protective of her because of her innocence of the world of "hot-blooded men".

The war had left marks on everyone, even those who didn't fight. Ron Weasley had been killed, protecting Harry. Molly and Ginny Weasley had both died of a Cruciatus Curse at a raid in Diagon Ally. They lived 3 days after being hit and under the spell for 2 hours. Everyone who had died on the Light side had a picture hung up on a wall in the Great Hall.

Many of the Slytherin were dead, along them were Pansy Parkinkins, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, and Millicent Bulstrode. Cho Chang and Penelope Clearwater were discovered as Death Eaters much to the surprise of many people.

"Hey Mia, Harry! Did you remember to study for that test for Potion?" questioned Draco. Hermione just gave him a look that said "are you seriously asking me that?" and Harry laughed and replying "You are turning into another Hermione."

"Come on! I want to get to Potions early." said Hermione, dragging her boyfriend and best friend. She and Snape were neutral friends after she helped clear his name and removed the dark mark off his arm. They got in the classroom and sat in the first row. As everyone else started walking in, Professor Snape glided in with his signature black robes blowing behind him.

"Silence! Today we will make a difficult potion that most of you will fail. It is a life-saving potion that is the shade of bright silver blue. Anyone here that knows the name of the potion?" shouted Snape, lips curling into a sneer. Hermione, still the bookworm, quickly raised her hand. "Once a know-it-all, always a know-it-all. Yes, Miss Granger?" This earned him a glare from his godson who listened in her ear that she was his cute lil know-it-all in a loving tone.

"It is the Viscera Potion which stops heart attacks and heals cardiac tissues." said Hermione in a knowing tone.

"Thank you Miss Granger. Get started!" barked Snape sitting down at his desk. Hermione, without even reading the board, walked up to get the ingredients.

20 minutes of Potion brewing and Snape insults

"Times up!" said Snape with a gleeful look on his face. He scanned though the room looking for unfinished potions, Neville Longbottom was the unfortunate boy who caught his gaze." Mr. Longbottom." said Snape walking up to him, Hermione who stood near him gave him a pity look. The frighten boy jumped and accidentally dropped too many fly wings in his already ruined puke green potion. A large explosion was heard and smelly puke green smoke filled the room. As the smoke finally cleared, Snape looked around the room making sure everyone wasn't badly hurt.

"Is everyone alright?" asked Snape. A chorus of yes was heard but then a no rang out from his godson. Snape looked at him. Draco was holding up a small child, around the age of 4 or 5. She had long curls of dark brown hair framing a heart- shaped face. With rosy red lips curled up in a confused smile and big hazel eyes, she melted everyone in the classroom's hearts, even the cold-heart Severus Snape. In robes so big that they looked like they would fall off, a Gryffindor's badge was sewed into it. Surprisingly Hermione Granger was the cutest 5 years old in the world.

"Hi! Where is mommy?" asked the adorable girl.

"Hermione?" questioned Draco looking at his 5 year old girlfriend.

"Who are you? No one calls me Hermione unless I'm in big trouble. I'm Mia." said Hermione in a little child's voice.

"Draco and Potter take Miss Granger to Dumbledore right now." shouted Snape making Hermione clutch Draco's robes and bury her face in them. Harry and Draco, carrying Hermione, stood up and walked to Dumbledore's Office. Standing in front of the statue of the gargoyle, they tried guessing candy names.

"Cherry Cat's Tongue"


"Chocolate Frogs"


"Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans"

Finally Hermione spoke, "Can I have some Hershey kisses since you're talking about candy? At least I think you are." The gargoyles turned and reveal the stairway to the office. They walked up.

"What is Hershey kisses?" asked Draco. Before Harry even opened his mouth, Hermione said, "They're the most kisses in the world! Chocolate ones!"

"Hello Harry, Draco, and who might you be?" said Dumbledore.

"I'm Hermione Athena Granger! " said Hermione proudly.

"Hello Hermione, would you like a lemon drop." asked Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye. He opened a wooden box with lemon drops.

"Thank you" replied Hermione politely. She took one piece of candy and popped it in her mouth.

"What are we going to do about her?" asked Draco who wanted his girlfriend back.

"I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do. We have to let the potion wear off. Since you two are very close to her, you both will take care of her. A room is being prepared for you right this moment. Everything you might need will be there. Dobby will lead you there." said Dumbledore with a twinkle. Dobby suddenly appeared.

"Follow me Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter and Miss Granger." said Dobby turning and headed out of the office. As they walked out the lavishly decorated room, Hermione spit out the lemon drop and handed it to Draco.

"Why did you take a lemon drop if you didn't like them?" questioned Draco.

"Because mommy and daddy said to be polite to my elders. I just thought it would be polite to take one." explained Hermione.

"Oh!" was all Draco and Harry could say before arguing who should take the offending object.

"You take it! Its not like you haven't had her spit on you before!" shouted Harry.

"You're just jealous that she only thinks you as a friend!" shouted Draco back. Dobby looked uneasily at the yelling boys said, "Dobby will take it." and took the lemon drop, snapping his fingers, made it disappear.

"Say Hermione, how old are you?" asked Harry.

"I'm 5 years old." piped Hermione.

"Wow, only 5 and can speak proper English so well! So smart!" Draco said amazed.

As they talked they were being led to a big room rivaling the Gryffindor common room in size with 3 doors leading to what might be the bedrooms. The larger room had a mini kitchen sectioned off and 2 big soft black leather couches. With a fireplace for warmth and 3 tall bookshelves filled with tons of books, the place was very comfortable.

"Dobby must go back to the kitchens." said Dobby basically running away but not with an admiring glaze at Harry and a fearful stare at Draco.

"Guess he's still scared of you." said Harry knowingly.

"Me? My father was the one who would order the house elves to torture themselves!" defended Draco leave him and Harry with a disgusted look on their faces.

"What are you doing?" asked Harry looking at Hermione who was lying on the floor, flat on her stomach. Her face was braced for pain. She whispered, "I'm getting ready for it."

"For what?" Questioned Draco.

"Mommy and Daddy always say torture before it." said Hermione softly.

"Hermione, what does your parents do to you?" asked Draco. The look on Hermione's face looked like one of his when he was small and his father was mad.

"They open the drawer and take out their toys." said Hermione in a voice that could barely be heard.

"Hermione, get up and go in those that door that has blue and pale pink glitter and stay in there. Go to sleep if you're tired, Harry and me will be in there in a minute." said Draco with an emotionless mask. Hermione did as he told quietly.

"That was strange." said Harry with a confused look. "Could you explain that to me."?
"I don't believe it. So that's why she was so scared." said Draco coldly.

"What are you talking about?" asked Harry.

"How can you be so dumb? Can't you see Hermione's been abused. She was raped seeing as how no matter how much she loved me, she couldn't have sex with me. At the last minute, she always got scared. She looked just like me when my bastard of a father wanted to have fun. " shouted Draco loudly but not too loud that Hermione could hear it. Harry stared at Draco with a look of disbelief.

"Oh my god." said Harry looking about to hurl.

"I know. Wonder why she didn't say anything about It." said Draco with a chilling cold face and tone. They looked at each other and started for the glittery door. Inside they found Hermione sleeping in the carriage- shaped bed. It looked like Cinderella's carriage in Hermione's favorite muggle movie that she made Draco watch. Draco looked at the cute sleeping Hermione who snuggled up to a small cuddly brown teddy bear. A small smile light it her face up. Harry tucked Hermione in with the sky blue blanket and with Draco walked out of the periwinkle blue room. The ceiling turned from white fluffy clouds and bright yellow sun to twinkling stars and a pale yellow crescent moon. They headed to their respected rooms, Draco's door Slytherin green and Harry Gryffindor red.

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