A New EnemyA New Enemy
She was tired. It was almost 2 pm, the bar was empty and Tifa Lockheart was
convinced that she could fall asleep right now, even if she stood behind the
counter. She let out a loud yawn and continued to polish the wooden surface of
the counter. "Jesus, I wonder where Cloud is." she thought. Just the same moment
a weird sounding knock came from the front door. "Come in" Tifa called out, "we
are open!" Nothing. The door stayed shut. Tifa raised an eyebrow – Cloud always
had to chuckle when she did this – and walked slowly over to the door. "Is
someone out there?" she asked. When there was no reply, she muttered something
about that annoying kids that are allowed to stay out so long and go on adults
nerves and turned round to return to the counter. Before she could make the
first step, the sound came again. Tifa spun around and looked at the closed
door. She took one step towards it, grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door
Cloud Strife was on his way home to Seventh Heaven; since he was the new Police
Director in Midgar, he had been called to a case of murder, much to his
displeasure. Now he was tired, all wet from the rain that still fell from the
sky and – that's the fact that annoyed him the most – he hadn't been able to
stay with Tifa like he had promised her. "Friday night I'll be all yours,
honey." He remembered the promise he had given he the day before, when she had
been mad at him for being out on the streets and chasing murderers so often. And
now one sick dude had to decide that Friday night was a good night to rape and
kill a young woman. Cloud swore under his breath while he increased the speed of
his steps and glanced at his watch. "1:45 pm." he thought. "Great. Tifa will
kill me." He sighed and walked on, unaware of the dark figure behind him
readying it's gun.
The door slowly opened and revealed a familiar looking figure lying on the wet
street. Tifa thought that her heart would stop right now when she realised who
laid there. The blonde, spiky hair was unmistakable. "Cloud!" Tifa cried out.
She knelt down next to her lover and touched his shoulder. "Cloud, what
happened? Do you hear me?" Cloud moaned and raised his head to look at Tifa.
"Tifa...he....he shot me..." "What?" Tifa was shocked to hear this. "Who shot
you? Where?" She gently laid her hands on Clouds shoulders and turned him on his
back. The black trenchcoat she had given him at his 25th birthday was soaked
with sticky blood. Tifa gasped when she saw the bullet wound in Clouds stomach,
right between his navel and groin. "Oh my God." she whispered. "Cloud, stay
here...lie still, don't talk. I'll call an ambulance, okay? Hold on, okay? Don't
die on me!" She quickly stood up, hurried into the bar and called 911. "Hello?
This is Tifa Lockheart speaking...."
Tifa sat in the Midgar Hospital in front of the operating room and waited for
Cloud's doctor to come out. She had found her lover three hours ago, and since
then they operated him. After another 30 minutes, the door to the OR opened and
two male nurses rolled a bed out of it. Cloud lay in; his eyes were closed, and
his skin looked awfully pale. Cloud's doctor followed shortly afterwards the
bed, and he strolled over to Tifa. "Miss Lockheart?" "Yes." Tifa stood up, and
the doctor shook hands with her. "I'm Dr. Deacon Harris. Nice to meet you."
"How's Cloud?" Tifa asked concerned. "He'll make it." the doctor answered
smiling. Tifa gave him a very pleading, puppy-like look. "Can I see him?" "Of
course. Mister Strife's in room 157. Just go down the corridor, it's the third
door on the left side." "Thank you." Tifa smiled at the doctor and hurried to
Cloud's room.
She entered the room on her tiptoes, trying to be silent and not to wake Cloud.
"You don't have to be quiet." came Cloud's husky voice from the bed. "I'm
awake." Tifa smiled and took a seat next to the bed in one of those
uncomfortable orange plastic chairs. "How do you feel, Cloud?" she asked gently.
"I have already felt better." Cloud whispered. Tifa took his hand in hers, and
his thumb gently stroke her fingers. "Do you know who did this to you?" she
asked. Cloud shook his head. "I saw him, but he...whore a disguise or something
like that...I was on my way home when I suddenly...heard someone calling my
name. I turned round, and...there he stood, with the gun in his hand. I heard
the shot, and the next thing I remember is lying on the ground, with this
terrible pain filling my body." "Oh, poor Cloud." Tifa stroke his cheek with her
free hand and bent down to kiss him on the lips gently. Cloud weakly smiled at
her, then he yawned. "I'll let you get some sleep." Tifa whispered into his ear.
"I'll come again later, honey." "Okay." Cloud whispered, almost sleeping. Tifa
kissed him one last time and left the room.
At home, she turned the "Open" sign around, so it read "Closed" for the people
walking on the streets. Below the sign she attached another sign, reading
"Closed due to accident in family". Tifa was put the stools on the tables and
was ready to leave the bar, when a loud bang was heard from the door. Tifa spun
around in fear. "What the..." The big glass window in front of the bar shattered
with a loud crash as a big stone was thrown against it. "Oh my God!" Tifa
screamed when a dark clothed figure climbed in through the broken window and
aimed a gun at her. "Shut up, and I won't harm you." he threatened. Tifa forced
herself to stay silent as the burglar walked over to her and pressed the gun
against her cheek. "Good girl." the attacker smirked. "What...what do you want?"
Tifa asked, her voice trembling. The attacker slid his free hand down her body.
"Guess what I want, darling." he whispered into her ear. "No." Tifa pleaded, her
eyes filling with hot, salty tears. "Please...please don't..." "What do you
think I'll do, rape you?" the attacker said, sounding disgusted. "Stupid woman."
He raised the gun and hit her very hard on the head with the barrel. Tifa fell
to the floor unconscious, bleeding from a wound above her right eyebrow. Her
attacker tied her up and grabbed all the money that was in the cash desk.
Afterwards he wrote something on a sheet of paper and laid it down next to the
unconscious Tifa. "See you soon." he growled before leaving the bar.