The Final Fight

The Final Fight

Kevin dropped the unconscious Tifa on the mattress and reached for his gun, while Yuffie yelled commandos to Cid and Barret. "Cid, get Tifa out of here! Barret, you go looking for Marlene!" The two men obeyed her (much to their surprise) and Barret ran off. Cid knelt down next to Tifa, picked her up and quickly hurried away. Yuffie attacked the man who had caused them all so much pain and fear, the man who had been about to rape her best friend: Kevin Dexter. She dashed towards him, while he tried to ready his gun. "Take this, asshole!" Yuffie screamed, kicked the gun out of Kevin's hand and hit him in the face with her fist. Kevin groaned and tried to punch Yuffie, but she avoided him easily. "Can't beat up people if they aren't tied up, huh?" she taunted him before kicking him in the nads. Kevin fell to the floor moaning, grabbing his private parts, his face turning all red. Yuffie quickly took his gun and aimed at his head. "I should kill you right now!" she yelled. "For what you did to Cloud and Marlene, and for what you tried to do to Tifa!" Yuffie took a big breath. "But I won't." she added. "Because that would make me as low as you already are. Get up." Kevin slowly got to his feet, looking at Yuffie very angry. "Don't try anything." Yuffie warned. Kevin nodded, took one step towards her – and suddenly jumped at the ninja. Yuffie tried to bring the gun up, but failed, and Kevin tackled her to the floor. They were wrestling on the ground for a few minutes, and suddenly the shot rang.

Yuffie laid under a still Kevin, shocked. Finally she got up, and her moving turned Kevin on his back. The bullet had torn through his throat, leaving it in a bloody mass. And yet he was still alive. Yuffie looked at him, searching for any feeling in his eyes, but all she saw was pure hate. "It's...not...over...yet." he whispered. "Believe's...not..." Before he could finish the sentence, his head fell backwards. Kevin Dexter was dead.

Cid, Barret, Tifa and Marlene sat outside the house in the grass, Cid comforting a sobbing Tifa and Barret playing with his daughter when Yuffie went out. "Hey Yuff." Cid said. "Finished him off?" "Yeah, he's dead." Yuffie knelt down next to Tifa. "Hey." she said gently. "You okay?" Tifa nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Yes.'s just...I was so afraid. He wanted me to..." Tifa didn't finish, but the look in her eyes told Yuffie everything she needed to know. "That bastard." she growled. "We better hurry off before Cloud starts to worry." Barret suggested. "Yeah you're right." Cid agreed. "Wanna take the car?" Yuffie asked, pointing to the car Kevin had stolen to kidnap Tifa. "Yeah, why not." the others agreed. The group climbed into the car, and Cid drove off.

"Party time!" Cloud yelled while grabbing a new bottle of beer. Tifa sat on his lap, grinning from ear to ear; she had her fifth beer that night, and that would give her a terrible hangover the next morning, but right now she didn't care about that. Cloud took a swallow from his beer and kissed Tifas neck, while Cid was busy with smoking cigarettes. The whole gang had decided to have a party after they defeated Kevin, and much to Shera's displeasure Cid had offered his house for it. Now a bunch of drunk people were lying or sitting around in the living room; Yuffie had fun with hanging from the ceiling, and only God knew how she made it up there. Cid stood up, singing a song only he knew and walked over to Cloud and Tifa, who were tongue-wrestling. "Hey you two! When's the marriage?" the pilot yelled. "When you died." Cloud answered angrily, before continuing his "fight" with Tifa. Cid chuckled and walked away, leaving the two love-birds alone.

The END!!!