Episode 1: A New Morning... Again / Where It All Began

One ring to rule them all...
One ring to find them...
One ring to bring them all...
And in the darkness, bind them.

Fithos... lusec... wecos... winosec...

Hello Garci...

Hiroyuki: After remembering the memories, it's time to move on.

Akari: We must not confine to just one country to progress ourselves.

Multi: Every human creature, whether human or robot, must have its fair share of life.

John: Loveteams may be made for popularity, but true loveteams persist after showbiz.

Heart: I may have been separated due to a disagreement, but I must move on.

Hero: Heroes of love must not abuse love itself.

Sandara: Foreigners must be treated equally like locals. Cultural relativism is good.

Haru ga mau namikidou, monogatari wa mawaridasu.
As spring dances in the road of trees, a story revolves.
Habang sumasayaw ang tagsibol sa daanan ng mga puno, isang kuwento ang umiikot.

One day, after their high school graduation, Hiroyuki and Akari are chatting inside, thinking of what to do for college.

Hiroyuki: Haaaahhhhh... (relaxed) There's nothing like graduation. Now I can sleep all day, just like what Jason Mraz sings.

Akari: Hiroyuki-chan, don't think that way. We still have college, remember?

Hiroyuki: I won't go into that crap. High school's already hard for me. What more of college?

Akari: You mean, you won't be together with--- Suddenly, the friendly neighborhood robot Multi enters Hiroyuki's house.

Multi: Good day, everyone!

Akari: Oh, it's Multi!

Multi: I have some important news for you!

Hiroyuki: What is it?

Multi: The president of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, has invited us, plus our other friends, to study in her country! Wow, I can't wait study in some of the most respectable universities and colleges there!
Hiroyuki: WHAT? Oh man, another guaranteed pain in the neck!

Akari: Can't you just turn down the offer of a head of state?

Hiroyuki: (pause) For Pete's sake, I'm giving in. (sigh)

Multi: Good! I've already informed the others, so in a few days; I'll be expecting your chosen courses! See you then! Bye! (leaves)

Akari: For my course, it's Hotel and Restaurant Management! What's yours, Hiroyuki-chan?

Hiroyuki: Whatever course that's popular. I'd prefer a 2-year one so that I can go back to Japan immediately and sleep.

Akari: You're always talking about sleeping! Why don't you cut it out?

While Hiroyuki and the others prepare for a Philippine adventure, two Filipino pairs are about to get involved in their quest. Let us first visit a former showbiz loveteam, John Pratts and Heart Evangelista. They are currently talking over the phone.

John: What? After you dumped me for Geoff Eigenmann, you'll become an airport security guard? What's gotten into you?
Heart: Sorry, but I have to do this. To amicably settle our legal issues, we need money. Being a star isn't enough.

John: Okay. As long as my sis Camille doesn't hide any grudges against you, I agree.

Heart: Agreed. I'll start my job on Monday. Never, ever, find me. Or else, we might never see each other again.

What does Heart mean by "we may never see each other again"? Will it be a bad omen? The second pair to be involved is composed of Hero Angeles and Sandara Park. Unlike John and Heart, they are an existing loveteam.

Sandara: We have finished our first movie and now it's enjoying box-office records. So what?

Hero: I know that we won't rest on our laurels yet. We're more popular than ever, but we have to show the people what we're made of.

Sandara: And we must remember that overexposure is a no-no. (gasps) What's this thing that I'm sensing? (shivers) Danger... I sense danger...

Hero: Sandy? What in the world is this?

The danger that Sandara perceives is created by a government official, more specifically, the chairman of the Commission on Higher Education. What's in his mind, anyway?

"That pesky Land of the Rising Sun is about to start World War III! She will have to send her citizens to learn our untainted culture and use them as weapons of mass destruction against us! There may be tension in Iraq and North Korea, but the number one threat is not America, but Japan! She never forgave her victims in the deadliest world war, and worse, her citizens are still bragging about their supposed-to-be glory! I will start a revolution that will totally annihilate anything and everything Japanese! President Arroyo may not favor me, but I'll manipulate her into performing my bidding! Remember, Japan, you will face not forgiveness, but wanton destruction! Gyahahahahaha!"

One week later, Hiroyuki and co. meet at Narita Airport. The main man proceeds over the attendance.

"Akari, check! Shiho, check! Masashi, check! Serika, check! Ayaka, check! Aoi, check! Kotone, check! Lemmy, check! Rio, check! Tomoko, check! Multi, check! Serio, check! And, of course, me, check!"

Akari then proceeds. "Now, before we leave, have you all decided on your courses?"

The group agrees. One by one, they state their preferred courses.

Masashi: Marine Engineering.

Serika: Accountancy.

Ayaka: Occupational Therapy.

Aoi: Exercise Physiology.

Kotone: Psychology.

Lemmy: Foreign Studies, Major in American Affairs!

Rio: Journalism.

Tomoko: Secondary Education.

Hiroyuki interrupts, "Oh, wait a minute! Will the Philippine government accept robots as students?"

Shiho replies, "Don't worry, Hiro. I can sweet-talk to President Arroyo into accepting Multi and Serio with my charm!"

"That's not the way you should treat a head of state!"

"Shut your pot-hole, trash-talker!"

Akari stops the argument with a "Please stop it! We're wasting time with this nonsense!"

"OK, fine. Whatever," Hiroyuki and Shiho sigh.

Akari then proceeds. "So, Multi and Serio, what are the courses that you prefer?"

"We thought of it for a long time, and we have no regrets for the choice. What's more, both of us'll take it," Multi replies.

"The course that we will take... is Nuclear Technology," Serio continues.

"Gah! Do you think that a developing country offers a course like this?" Hiroyuki gasps.

"Let's see..." Masashi flips the pages of 'The Guide to Philippine Education for Foreign Students'. "It says here that only the University of the Philippines carries the Nuclear Technology course."

"Well that's good. For me, it's Computer Science, Major in Electronic Entertainment," Hiroyuki declares.

"Lastly, it's Hotel and Restaurant Management for me," Akari follows. "Seems we all take different courses. But then, they're unique in every way."

"Hey? What about me?" Shiho exclaims.

The airport's audio system releases an announcement just when Shiho finishes her sentence. "All passengers of Flight 312 bound for Manila, please proceed to the departure area immediately. Repeat, all passengers of Flight 312 bound for Manila, please proceed to the departure area immediately. Thank you."

"It's time to go, everyone! We mustn't miss the flight!" Hiroyuki shouts. Everyone except Shiho proceeds to the departure area.

"Just to let you know," she shouts to them while catching up, "my course is Mass Communication so that I can easily become a pop superstar! Why aren't you listening to me? Guys!"

Thankfully, the whole group boards the plane. Sayonara, Nippon! Maligayang pagdating, Pilipinas!